Goodbye, Matpat

Thank you for all the years of theories!

Add to the over 1172 goodbyes!



Thanks for being part of my creative journey, you took me along a ride I could not imagine before, what we created for the shows was pure love for the project, exactly as you explained in your last GT video.

Every single note I wrote for those themes and side projects was written with <3 for the project and the echos it created are still comin in years after. The fact that Phase Shift (the film theory theme's original song name) STILL gets so much <3 in 2024 really warms my heart. I received so many messages people telling me it's nostalgic to them or inspired them are the best things a creator can get.

What I did might be just a dot on the i when it comes to everything you created but I am proud that I am the warm welcome of a show, the part where people get hyped of what is coming up, the theme song of something that so many people worldwide have been watching. Thanks to you my music has been able to travel the world, and that my friend, is not a theory.

Last January I did a jam every single day of the month and prompt 17 was "use an old idea"

It was the day I found out about your departure from the channel and it inspired me to revisit the good ol original Phase Shift File (probably called MatHouseAlmostDone33SeriuoslyForRealThisTime.flp) and try to translate my feelings into audio, I think it worked out the way it was supposed to be.

This one is for you my friend.

Greetings from Amstersquare, maybe our creative paths will cross in the future <3




I spent a while thinking about what I wanted to say, but most of it really just comes down to being grateful that I had you in my life for so long, Matpat. I've been watching Game Theory since the first few theories, and I've been watching ever since then. It's really crazy to look back and think that I started watching you when I was such a young kid, and now I'm a full grown adult. So much of my life has changed and so many huge events have happened, but somehow, I always had Game Theory in some way along my journey. Most importantly, though, was becoming part of the Game Theory community back in 2018 right around when the ARG started. I joined the Discord server in hopes of finding a team to solve the gates with and get caught up on everything, and after 5 years, I still have some of my closest friends that I met all the way back then. I look back on these 5 years that I've been in the server, and I always think about how lucky I got to be a part of it all. I mostly stayed within my team for the first year or so, but once I started branching out, so much more came all because of you and the community. I remember I was always scared to talk to people in the server since I was young and they had been there for far longer than me, but those same people are now some of my closest friends that I annoy everyday. I spend more of my time talking to friends there than anywhere else, and I'm so grateful that I've been able to meet them because of this community. I ended up becoming a theorist myself because of you and my friends, and I've written around 10 long theories just because I'm a nerd like you. I've always been so inspired by you and my friends in this way. Shoutouts to all you guys in GTD that have always had my back and been there just to have a fun time. I appreciate all of you and the time and memories that we've formed together. I hope that our friendships can continue as far as we can think of. All of this has come from being a part of the Game Theory community, but even more has come for me personally. I met my girlfriend, Sophia, also 5 years ago because of the ARG since we were leaders of two different teams. A bunch of different things happening brought us together, and that led to us finally getting together back in 2020. We've been going strong for over 3 1/2 years now, and I don't think it's ever going to stop. I was visiting her in Florida when the goodbye announcement came out, and we both cried together since you've been a part of our life for so long. Both of us have years worth of GT merch and the ARG pin from way back, and both of us are so grateful that we've gotten to be a part of this community for so long. I know I sound like a broken record, but I just want to say thank you, MatPat. For bringing me the love of my life and friends and memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life, I'm so grateful for everything that you've done and been a part of over the last 13 years. I'm so proud to be called a Theorist, and I always will be. Thank you so much Matpat, we'll miss you dearly. - Clair



MatPat, the whole Team Theorist as well as everyone I met through all the places in this community mean a lot to me. If I knew that watching a Film Theory about Hercules and Ariel being related suggested by a friend when I was in high school would have this big of an impact on me eventually, she wouldn't believe me. I learned of Game and Film Theory in 2017 as a very casual viewer, and fell off of watching for a while until in 2019, I discovered GTLive when you and Steph have played Just Shapes and Beats. I didn't watch much gameplay content or streamers before this but how different GTLive was from other content creators made it enjoyable for me. I loved the witty banter with anyone who is there, the dumb inside jokes, to the short-lived GTeaLive podcast and live-tweeting on #GTLive and being ignored on there as usual lol. Living in a different country from the streams has been an interesting thing to experience with timezones from watching it discreetly at school during the first period to staying awake for a whole day to be on the 2020 charity livestream as an audience member and watch the full 9 hours.

I sound like an insane person, yes but the streams were a bright spot in my life and helped me get through the transition between high school and college plus the pandemic at the time and just with how life went during that time. This community is one of the best online spheres I have had the pleasure of being a part of with everyone from the Official GT Discord Server and becoming a GTLive subreddit mod, to the GTLiver Discord server, and all of the friends I got to make on Twitter from the live stream tweeting there. All of the friends I made along the way are some of the best people I have met online truly. I can't thank you enough for the good impact and inspiration you and Stephanie have had on me truly. Words can't describe how I feel about all of this but I am very excited to see what comes next in the future of the channels and your endeavors. All the best to you and everyone! - Scarlet



Goodbye Matpat! I remember watching your videos in middle school, trying to decipher the FNAF lore alongside you and your team. I actually discovered GTLive my freshman year of college, which provided me with some of my happiest memories in that tiny dorm room. I would eagerly await 6 PM CST, pop some popcorn in my roommate's microwave, boil some water for tea, grab my dark chocolate bar, and watch Matt and Mirror Matt/Ash game on the couch. Although I fell out of watching GTLive over the course of my sophomore year, I got to join the Official GTD Server, and met the most wonderful folks. They helped me realize parts of myself that I couldn't express, and I could not be more thankful and grateful for them and for you, for showing me the way there. I hope you and your family get to spend more time together, and I hope the entire cast and crew of Game Theory continue making wonderful videos for the internet to see. Thank you Matt!!!! Sincerely, Freeziac



Thank you Matpat for all the years of insane and funny theories. Watching Game Theory and Food Theory has been a good pick-me-up for years. I have deeply enjoyed every moment that you have spent with us, even if it is just using a clothing dryer to cook food. Thank you for all of the hard work you have put into your videos and your community. Keep being an amazing little nerd.



I started watching MatPat when I was little and I was very quickly drawn in by a concept I had never seen before - looking at games and movies closer, either seeing if they make sense scientifically or figuring out what every little detail and Easter egg meant. Through Game Theory, Film Theory and, later, Food and Style Theory, I learned a lot of new things, both complicated and simple concepts, all presented through the lens of entertainment and day to day things. As if that was not enough, they also helped me find the discord server and meet a lot of wonderful people, many of which I call friends and who, following the trend of the channels, also taught me a lot of new things. Through his channels, MatPat has not just created theories and videos, he has also helped create a community. For that and for the fact that he has become over the years such an important element of YouTube, I am very thankful and saying goodbye with both a heavy heart and well wishes.



Thanks for creating Game Theory and all the other channels! I remember enjoying GTLive, but kind of forgot / stopped watching for a while - I rediscovered you and your channels thanks to a college friend discovering you and the GT ARG (around 2018, which is also when I was introduced to Discord), and thought to look and see if there was a Game Theory Discord. I found the server and made some great friends thanks to that - I owe it all to Game Theory and that friend discovering you and the GTARG!

So thanks for everything, Matt! Hope you enjoy retirement! - Rae



Hello Mr Matthew Patrick, I've been following your youtube journey for a while now, it's probably been about 10 years by now and it's through your videos, or should I say lazy reuploads of your videos with french subtitles that would definitely be striked by today's youtube standards, that I began to learn this very helpful language. But other than that, I really have to thank you, Matrick Patthew, for what your content really did to my life, your Gateway ARG introduced me to a community of dedicated theorist and wonderful people that I very sincerely appreciate and care for. In the end I didn't even try the ARG, I just watched as things unfolded and I talked, I bonded with people and I made friends, that are still there 4 years after that initial spark you, Matrix Pathology, ignited. This community means so much for me, it carried me through the worst times of my life and now I'm as happy as ever. I could never thank them, and you, Mathematic Pattern, enough.

And I kind of stopped watching the videos at some point, I don't know why or when, I mostly watched the chaos that was fnaf lore every now and then to laugh at the surreal length of Frederick Fazbear's lore. But I was only going through about one upload out of 10, but it was always a good time, sometimes leading to catching up a little bit on other game theories, but that was never because of an interest in the actual game covered but because they're good videos, and with you as the host, Matriarch Patriarch, it was never disappointing. And I'm sure the next hosts, and future content will be great.

So take the break you deserve more than anyone I follow on this god forsaken platform, Materialist Patchwork, I wish you and your family the best. You can be proud of the impact you've had on the internet as a whole. And again, thank you Matpat, for everything you did for all of us.

Sincerely, - Pal.



Well, I never expected you'd go before me Matty Patty. It's been a ride, from sociopathic plumbers to animatronic murderers. I've had a lot of fun in this community, and so I look forward to the next family reunion. Bye Matt o/



i can't say for sure, but i think the first theory i watched was the second fnaf theory. That was just after i got over how scared i was of the fnaf 1 menu screen, and i certainly blame Matpat for my obsession with fnaf since then (not that that's a bad thing). After that, i made my way through the episodes of Game Theory that i'd missed, and was hooked. So hooked even, that i joined the discord about 3 years later, possibly in light of the fortnite arg, though i'm not sure. It would take quite a while for me to get comfortable in the server, but i certainly did. This community has been my constant anchor point for nearly 6 years now, and though i'm sometimes weary of the responsibility of helping to maintain it, i can't say i'd have it any other way. So thank you Matpat, for providing the origin point of one of the most important social outlets i've ever had, and of course for creating game theory (and the other channels, obv) 💚💚💚 - Sokin



I've watched Game Theory and Film Theory for years granted only a few months before the FNAF content. Through adpocolypses and changes on the platform content was always made and then more and more as the brand grew with food and style Theory. The community built around the content you made changed my life for the better I can never thank those who have helped me grow as a person or you enough for creating educating and entertaining content that has brought so many together. Thank you for creating and continuing to create and enjoy doing your own thing and spending time with your family.



I started watch Matpat around 2015 mainly to learn about a certain indie game series I had been purposefully avoiding ... up until that point. This led to probably a slightly unhealth obsession with said game. Over time I started theorising myself. When the game theory ARG began I joined a little discord called the official game theorists where at this time I only went to for the ARG and after disappeared for a bit. However once I finished Uni I returned to that discord and started theorising more than ever and had amazing interactions with all the great people there, at a time when my interactions with others was pretty much non existent. I mostly staying in the fnaf theory channels until r/place 2022 where I had the great idea to create the GT logo there. This brought me to the general chats where I slowly came out of my shell. So yeah thank you Matpat for creating such a wonderful community of people from around the world. Enjoy your retirement! - Adam



I'm late but byeee Matthew, you've done so much for the community.



I don't watch you all the time, MatPat, but when I do, I watch with passion, interest, and suspense. I don't know when I first found you but I remember the FNaF theories and that made me make theories of my own with my friend. Thank you for being here and giving us theories to come back to. Goodbye MatPat, you're my favorite theorist, and enjoy your well-deserved vacation/retirement.



It is not a long thing like everyone else’s but thank you MatPat for helping me through hard times and getting me into philosophy, I now major in philosophy. Thank you for my career MatPat, after all it’s just a worlds theory a world game theory.



As I sit here, grappling with the news that MatPat, the legend of YouTube and gaming theory, is saying his goodbyes, it hits me right in the feels. I mean, seriously, I've been watching this guy since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. His videos have been like a security blanket, always there to make me laugh, think, and just chill.

And now, knowing he's leaving, it's like losing a piece of my childhood. But hey, it's not all gloom and doom. Because you know what? MatPat's stepping away to be there for his kid, to dive headfirst into that crazy adventure called parenting. And honestly, that's something to celebrate.

Sure, I'm gonna miss his wild theories and quirky humor. Who wouldn't? But seeing him prioritize family just makes my heart swell with respect and admiration. So, MatPat, if you're out there reading this, just know that while your departure stings a bit, we're all rooting for you, man. Thanks for the memories, the laughs, and the countless hours of entertainment. Here's to you, your family, and all the happiness life has to offer.



I just wanted to thank you, in my country (Poland) the education system isn't really good... especially when it comes to foreign languages. Just because I tried to understand your theories back in I think 2017 I got a lot better at English, you inspired me to do it and thanks to you I could get to a decent level. Thank you for all those fun memories. Enjoy your retirement! And please give everyone at team theory a big hug from me! I will miss you... but hey! Even though many say goodbyes are forever... luckily... THAT'S JUST A THEORY! A GAME THEORY! Thanks for all those years of happy memories!


Thank you for the amazing years you've spent doing all of the amazing theories, you are a legend MatPat you will always be a legend to all of us



I've watched MatPat since I was 12, I'm now 20. He has always been part of my life and it's sad to see him go.

Thanks MatPat for everything...



Thank you for making games, food, fashion, movies, and most importantly learning a thing to look forward to. You have forever changed the way I consume media. <3



Matthew, thank you. Thank you for being a constant in my life for 9 years now. Thank you for encouraging and sparking a creative joy and love of overanalysis that has evolved and changed my life in amazing ways. I found the theorists with the release of FNAF 2, and have loved to see you and the brand growing into the 5 channel juggernaut that it is now. Your impact on me cannot be spoken on enough. From the absolute bottom of my heart, thank you.

PS. I'll see you at Vidcon Anaheim :)



Hey there MatPat, I haven't interacted much in the comment section or the live chats, but I just wanted to say a quick thank you. I haven't really used the internet until the pandemic started, and as I started using it during that time period, I got to familiarize myself with the "✨wonderful things of the interwebs✨". As time went on, I started to find your channel popping into my FYP on YouTube, so I gave it a shot and started watching. I still remember, to this day, the first video I watched, which was the video about the characters from Disney Pixar's Cars are the bugs from Bugs Life. I was so into it because it made so much sense, and I grew up binge watching the movies of Cars and the Mater series over and over again. I continued to watch more and more and found a liking to indie analog horrors and just amazed at how much effort you put into these theories and the attention you have to detail. I think I said enough but just once again, it's just a quick thank you, an amazing thank you to an amazing creator on YouTube. Thank you, MatPat, for all the entertainment you've given us.



I remember seeing the "Game Theory: How Fast is Sonic the Hedgehog?" video popping up in my feed. [Posted 4-5 hours ago at the time] That was the first ever video i saw from you. I think was 8 or 9 years old back then, can't remember. After seeing that video, i scrolled through your channel for hours just watching and re-watching the content. I was so obsessed that, on multiple occasions, my parents had to cut the internet just so i would do anything else than just sit in front of the screen all day. Anyway, i'm just rambling at this point. I just want to say... Thank you. You shaped a big part of the person writing this letter into who he is today and i can't thank you enough for that.

again, Thank you for everything MatPat. Take care brother!

-Just another theorist on the internet.



Hey Matt! Truly thank you for the videos you've made up until this point. Most of my high school days were coming home from track practice and watching your videos while eating dinner and doing homework. As weird as it sounds, I will miss hearing your voice in the background while doing pre-calculus homework LOL. Getting a bit more personal, you were a bigger part of my struggle through high school and helped me overcome some of my darker times, so for that, I'm forever grateful to you :) <3 I will miss you dearly, I hope you get everything life offers your way (especially the breaks, take them my friend! You deserve it!). Thank you so much for the memories and the nostalgia I will get when thinking about you, I LOVE YOU. :)

Ali :-)


Hey MatPat! Idk if you're ever going to see this but I wanted to thank you for the amazing years you gave me. Returning from school excited knowing that I would watch your videos made the day fly by! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be who I am today. You gave me the ability to be curious and passionate about the things that I like. I felt welcomed in a community that you created, where people would accept me. I'm not as old of a fan as some other people on this website but I still love you and your content with all my heart. You raised a new generation of theorists. I'm looking forward to what the new hosts have for us. You said you'll also be active on GTLive and I'm so happy about that. Happy retirement!

But hey... that's just a theory, A GAME THEORY! Thank you. Thank you for everything. -Andriana



Dear MatPat,

I wanted to take a moment to say goodbye and thank you for all the amazing content you have created over the years. Your dedication to exploring the intricacies of game theory has been both entertaining and enlightening, and I have always admired your ability to make complex concepts accessible to everyone.

Your passion for what you do is truly inspiring, and I have no doubt that your impact on the gaming community will be felt for years to come. While I am sad to see you go, I can't wait to see what amazing things you will accomplish in the future.

Thank you again for all that you have done, and best of luck on your next adventure.


Hey MatPat. Hey guys. I wont write a whole paragraph but i still will say my proper goodbye. I started watching GTLive about 6 years ago, maybe 7. Ever since then MatPat and the game theory squad have made me overanalyze every single game the channel posted about. I loved doing it and i will keep doing it with Tom's videos. Mat made a big part of my childhood better and I'll miss seeing him on the channel so often. To many more theories and lore discoveries. Goodbye MatPat. I hope we see you again soon. And remember... its just a theory.. A GAME THEORY!



Thanks for everything mat for all the theories you've brought us and all the memes too I'm glad to have had your videos in my life and your inspiration too



Thank you, so so much. For 10 years, you helped me expand the horizons of what was possible and to always keep questioning, keep my curiousity burning. I'm a sophmore in college now, studying Biology, and I carry the same love for this show and for everyone on it as I did back in elementary school, where the biggest mystery in my life was whether or not FNaF 4 was a dream. Thank you, a million times over



Goodbye Matpat, I will always take the lessons you taught me growing up into my life just as I do now, I've been watching you since I was a little kid and now being an adult I am so happy to see how far your channel has come. I wish nothing but the best for your family. Thank you so much for everything. <3



You guys have existed since before I was born, but I still felt like I was there from the beginning. You guys have taught me about physics, geometry, and so much more. I feel that with Matpat’s retirement a part of all of us has been retired. We all found joy in watching a PNG of a random guy telling us how Sans is Ness, or the MANY Fnaf theories. He has, and always will, hold a dedicated spot in my heart. He inspired me to start my own channel on YouTube. I can’t explain with words from any language how much Matpat means to me and the rest of the theorist community. He got me through Covid, sadness, and everything else that may trouble me. I will always miss looking at my YouTube page, and clicking only to hear, ”Hello Internet!” Thank you so much Matpat. Thanks for watching…



I'm not crying, you're crying. Goodbye Matpat and thanks for the many theories. I have loved your content since I was a 5 year old. I wish I could have met you in person - maybe going to a Vidcon or anything. This is so emotional for me to see my role model retire, but i think you deserve it after about twelve years - after all, THATS JUST A THEORY!

A game theory :.(



I have the feeling this may not reach you, considering I am writing this after the final theory video, but I am going to write this nonetheless.

You and so many others, from the well known, like Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and Tom Scott), to the lesser known (Kikoskia, Dilandau3000 and gotchagary27,) to the many others who have fallen into controversy or infamy (feels like too many to count), have helped to form my own (and many other peoples) childhoods. If I recall correctly, the first theory I watched of yours was the Minecraft video on how creepers explode and spread like Peat. It was either that, or learning how to survive the hunger games.

On the FNAF side of things, I did not really watch them while they released (me being not good with horror in general being why.) Over the lockdown years, however, I began to watch your theories, of people playing the games and the songs, and the animations they inspired. I became a fan, watching your videos to look for the lore (and, when the movie released, I watched it 5 times over the course of 5 days in theater. Will just say that, on the first day, the theater, which had been filled with chatting and theorising, went dead silent when the very end of the credits.)

I will wrap things up now, for I get the feeling that this site will soon be archived and many others (and your own videos) have explained your legacy and impact far better then I ever can. All I will say is this:

Thank you MatPat. Thank you for making so many people's childhoods. Godspeed and best of luck to you, to your family, and to the mark you have left on internet history...



Hey MatPat, don't know if you'll ever see this. There are so many goodbyes! I've been watching for around 8 or 9 years now, and you were always my favorite youtuber. It's crazy how time flies! I was in middle school then, and now I'm in college! Thank you for always being a great role model. I didn't really have a lot of those growing up. Watching the finale, I realized why I loved the Theory Channels so much. You have fostered my love of learning and showed me that it's okay to be a silly person even as an adult. Life is hard, but thanks for always showing me to think and feel with a passion for others. Also, thank you for showing that you can do what you love in your own way and make a career out of it, even when it's never been done before. I know you'll go forward to live your best life, and thank you so much for giving me a blueprint on how I can live mine! - a fellow Goofball and Game Theorist


Matpat our journey began long ago when you posted your first fnaf theory and since then I’ve been hooked on your theories may it be duck season Five nights at candy’s the joy of creation and so on so on. You went from a YouTuber theorising about a game to starring in a movie FROM SAID GAME and when most of us saw you we probably all said that’s just a theory. Thank you so so much for starting the channel and all the theories you gave us during your time as host you’ve helped me bother all of my friends about fnaf lore and the lot so thank you for everything you’ve done and all the laughs you given us. So for one last time that’s just a theory, A GAME THEORY! Thank you Matt for everything. - Jessica



Hey MatPat, it’s me, Kayla, you don’t know me but I know you. As much as I am sad to see one of the many creators who helped me through my rough childhood find a smile and something positive to keep me going leave.. I am so happy and proud of you. I will always watch whatever you are going to do whether it be on GTLive or somewhere else I will never not support it. You got me through so much. I was only 12 when you started Game theory and I’m now 25 years old. I used your silly videos to tune out my parents arguing and to help me through a lot of sad things in life. I couldn’t be more thankful to have gotten to experience these incredible theories with you over the years.



Thank you for all the years of content, you add to lives all around in ways people don't realise. I only recently found out my dad watches food theory so your leaving would affect me and others in my family and many people of the world. Thank you for the theories and legacy you leave. Thank you for everything you did for us. It's all game theory in the end.



Matpat, you've been such a large part of my life because of your content shaping the games I play and what I do online, my only youtuber merch I've never had regrets of buying has been yours because of how much of an impact you've made not just on my life, but on such a large amount of people. I've been watching game theory since 2nd grade and it was one of the best parts of my childhood, thanks for everything! o7



Matpat, You got me into ARGs and kept me coming back to your videos when there weren't much of many videos on the topics I wanted to see. You are the reason I used things like base-16 and Cesar Cypher decoders regularly to solve theories on my own. You are the reason why I like ARGs so much like Walten Files, Mandela Catalog, Crow 64, Local 58, Man in the Suit, and even the Courage the Cowardly Dog ARG! You gave me so, so much to like and keep with me. You gave me the skills to solve lore in the first place! It's sad to see you go. We will see you later, MatPat.

Best regards, Charlie❤️‍🔥



thanks for the memories :D



Goodbye MatPat and thank you for all the wonderful content that entertained me when I was supposed to be working. I know that everyone will do a great job in your stead and I am excited to see what they come up with. It was so incredibly sad to see you go but of course it's not a forever goodbye. Thank you again for everything you've done and all the good times.



Goodbye MatPat thanks for everything and all the videos that brighten my day, it was hard to hold back the tears in your final video and to that I say thanks, especially for all the great theories in general, there is no other youtuber I liked watching while eating dinner than you. J.G



We'll miss you matpat.



See ya later MatPat!! I’ve enjoyed watching your stuff for years. I even showed your Style Theory and Food Theory stuff to my uncle and he enjoyed them too. You got me to be a theorist with your videos. And then I eventually started making some theory videos on my YouTube channel thanks to the inspiration you gave me. Honestly there’s been three things that have been hard about the end: Saying goodbye, writing my goodbye song to you, and writing this message. I’ve choked up and even cried a bit doing these things but I’m glad I did. I’m glad you were here. Thank you. Best Wishes, From Lugiamasterbrony.


I remember watching GT live streams during covid I remember getting shit scared by the bendy and the ink machine's Game Theory. I remember seeing the Gravity Falls Arg for the first time on Film Theory. I remember the Waffle House episode and how it's America's Way of seeing how bad a disaster has hit on food Theory. I remember Style Theory coming after the first time and everyone theorizing what it was going to be. But most of all I remember the smiles, the laughs, the things you talked about in your final theory of spreading joy and positivity because we all gain something from Game Theory. so thank you <3



I started watching you as an elementary schooler. I was like 8 or so, and FNAF was a thing, and I was scared of the robots. I'd been off-and-on watching your videos, and at some point I started watching your FNAF videos. It was through those videos that I became way less scared of the game, and it was through your videos that I learned things I never would have known about had I never sat down and watched those vids. You inspired my passion for learning, my passion for video games, and my ability to be courageous in spite of my fear, and for that I thank you wholeheartedly. I'm sad that I'll never get to hear your voice again in the new videos, but I can't wait to see where the channels head next and I can't wait to see what you do next. Thank you for being a teacher and an entertainer, and thank you for doing what you do.



I remember the first time I ever came across a Game Theory episode because it was the catalyst of my passion for videogames. I remember being in middle school and coming back home excited to watch the newest theory because it always made things better. I remember staying up until 3AM just to watch Matpat play Security Breach when it came out (nobody played it like he did). I remember my heart sinking as I read "Goodbye Internet" on my screen.

Matpat, you have had an undeniable impact on my life. You were the face of comfort for a lonely teenager and a source of hope and positivity for a struggling college student, you were an inspiration when I chose to follow a career in the gaming industry. Thank you for all the great memories, the wacky theories and the countless hours spent on making amazing content for your audience. Your videos touched so many people and changed so many lives,

Now, selfishly, I am sad to see you go. Change is rarely easy, but along with sadness, I feel excitement for the future. I love the new hosts and I'm excited to see how their personal touch will influence their respective channels. I'm also very hyped about your future projects, I have no doubt they will be absolutely impressive pieces of work (slayyyyyy). I wish you nothing but happiness and peace in this new chapter of your life and I look forward to any eventual features you might have on the channels. Until then, I still have GTLive to watch (it was my favorite anyway :P)

Goodbye, Matpat! :)



Thank you Matpat for being the person I could watch everyday after school, for creating outlandish theories that helped me connect to people I never would’ve spoken to on my own, and for furthering my love of science. It’s sad to see you go, but happy you’ve moving onto the next phase so you can be there for your family and enjoy life. Good luck out there, We will all miss you. -a loyal fan



Bye matpat!!! You will be missed, but we know you're onto bigger and better things. Thanks for all the fun years and the memories you made. Come back whenever. There's always a place for you here.



MatPat, you are up there with my favourite youtubers. You have been there my whole life, you don't know how sad I am that you're leaving. Thank you so much man! I wished I could've been up there with you. Hell, I wanted to make a video with you! We will all miss you, and we always will. Well I guess this it, Goodbye MatPat!



You will be missed by a lot of people, because you did a great job making our days Goodbye Lad o7



Thank you MatPat, for all the years of theories, your videos have helped me to dive deeper into the games that I've loved for years.



Hi Matpat, I've been watching game theory since 2012 when I was 13 years old. I would always rush back home after school to watch the latest game theory. I even got my sister to watch them with me to spend some time with her. We watched some GTLives together every so often (we're actually watching your final game theory together as it premieres). Your videos had a big impact on my life and are what helped me connect my interest in video games to the sciences. You had a big influence in my decision to pursue my degree and career path. I want to thank both you and Stephanie for everything you've done on your channels, the inspiration the two of you have been for me, and wish you the very best on your next adventure!

And remember, keep on theorizing!



Thank you for everything you've done. I remember when you were on ScrewAttack and checking back every so often to see if there were any new episodes; and now you've retiring after starting 4 other channels.

You've been a great part of my internet life and I wish you a happy retirement.



I don't think you'll ever understand the impact you've had on everyone's lives. You've created a place that we can take time out of our day to relax and laugh. It's because of you that the theory channels are here, and it's because of you that they'll stay. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Ironic as it is you didn't ruin my childhood, but ended up as a huge comfort during difficult times. There is so much I could say, but in the end it all just boils down to thank you. I'll see you around.



MatPat, Thank you for the years of entertainment, we will miss you but understand. We support you and will always be here if you need us. Thank you for ruining, and making our childhoods since 2011. But hey, did you really ruin our childhoods or is that just a theory, A Goodbye theory! Thanks for reading!



Such a bittersweet end! So excited to see the next steps for the channels, and so incredibly excited to see whatever you’re going to do next. Thank you for all of the laughs, knowledge, and entertainment through the years. I’ve loved watching, and enjoy sharing, the videos with others, including the next generation. Good luck to you and yours. Goodbye to you in this chapter, and hello to the next!



Thank you so much for taking up an insane amount of my childhood, since I'm a minor, you're technically still in my childhood but you know what I mean. I can't find words that will get my point across just right but I can say thank you. Thank you so much for entertaining me for so long and making me laugh and smile even during my worst or darkest times. You inspired me to start making content, which then moved into music and drawing because videos weren't really working. I still rewatch/watch your old videos (and new ones) because they just make me remember how it felt like to be a young kid. Thank you so so soooo very much Matpat. Enjoy your retirement <3 - StuckzOo



Goodbye MatPat!! Literally watching the channels has been such a big part of my life since I was a kid. I used to watch Game Theory videos on my 3DS. I'd come home from school and binge videos over again. Honestly I wouldn't be me without MatPat indirectly guiding my childhood. Not even sure if I'd be here today without it. Watching these theories has taught me to keep my brain thinking and to stay curious. Super excited for the future of these channels and the future of MatPat. Hoping he has a happy retirement with his family. Wishing everyone taking over the channels a fun experience to shape the next gen theorists! Remember it's just a theory ✨️✨️



Farewell and thank you for giving us interesting theories since 2011. o7



Hey Matt, Steph and the whole theorist team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cannot express how much you guys have changed my life. On that fateful day in 2012, 6 year old me scrolling through youtube, trying to find new minecraft videos, I happened to stumble upon a game theory video about how much diamond armor was worth. Once I watched it, I was hooked. Back then I couldn't speak English and even though I didn't understand a single word, I just loved it. Ever since then, you guys and game theory were always a part of my life. Coming home to watch game theory was some of the best times I've had. You guys were there for me through thick and thin. You guys were the reason I chose to get a STEM education. It's because of you guys I met some of my closest friends. We would all collectively watch the new game theory video that came out at the time, and actively discuss it. You guys were the reason I learned English. And now, 11 years later, I'm 17 now and I'm finally old enough to understand that all good things must come to an end. I know that I will never be able to experience these past 11 years of me watching you guys consistently again, but that's okay. You guys are my childhood and will always be my childhood. I'm going to savor these last few months of you on GTLive. And once again, I cannot express this enough, thank you. Thank you for changing my life. Thank you for everything.



Goodbye Matpat. You were the best to ever make game theories. You were the person who introduced me to fnaf. Without you, I would have never known it existed. Thank you Matpat for all the theories you have made.



Hey Matpat, You might never see this but I just had to say how much you’ve affected my life. I’ve unfortunately never had the chance to meet you as much as I wish I could have but you’ve been my hero for my entire childhood, I may have not subscribed at the very beginning but I have grown up alongside the channel, starting from when I was in 3rd grade all the way through high school and into my first year of college I’ve been here watching the channels grow. You taught me to try new foods and made me think of things in new and interesting (and sometimes funny) ways. You made me interested in game development so that I could hide lore in games I make to make others think in interesting ways. I remember the gummy vs real challenge sprinkler time, and had an amazing time figuring out the ARG. You’ve shaped who I am and have made me my bestest friends. I can never repay you for the amount of happiness you’ve given me, you have gotten me though some of the darkest times in my life and I have been one of your biggest fans. All of this is to say thank you, thank you for everything for the past 13 years. I can’t wait to see what’s next - AGameTheorist



Goodbye MatPat.



Goodbye matthew patrick. your content and theories, they are incredibly great. your retirement is sad and bitter. but we all understand it and respect it. you leaving, is like a part of me leaving me. some say, that you ruined their childhood. but you only created mine. thank you. thank you for eveything. i wish you the best and greatest time of your life matpat. i love you, goodbye. never gonna give you up. "but thats just a theory, a GAME THEORY!"



I've always thought about how the Youtube creators I've grown to love would retire at some point, but actually seeing the retirement of one of my favorite creators of all time was not something I expected in 2024! But Matpat, you truly did raise me, and while I am still growing up, a huge part of my now fleeting childhood was you and your videos, which I still watch vigorously today (even more so with your final theories coming up). Your theories have always hooked me with their research, their passion, and their comfort. Your voice has truly become a staple within the online community, and your good deeds and your creations will never be forgotten. As for the future of the theorist channels, while sad to see you go, I am so excited for what our new hosts can bring to the table, and I am so excited to see them grow, and to grow along with them, just as I grew along with you, Steph, Jason, etc. I am also ecstatic for what new things you have in store for us!!!

Take your time, get some rest, and we'll always be here when you revisit <3.



Goodbye Matpat, your videos were so fun and I enjoyed all of them. I enjoyed the Sans is Ness memes, the deadlocks, the Kool-aid man theory, and your appearances on shows like Escape the Night and Game Lab. We will miss you. Farewell Matpat and i hope you have a good rest of your life.



I don't think anyone's ever going to read this, but if it means anything, MatPat and the Theorist channels have seriously changed my LIFE!! Little did I know that the fateful afternoon in which I clicked on another old wildly-thumbnailed video I would discover the most insane fellow out there but man am I glad that I did. week after week for the past few years of my life I've indulged in a little piece of what I am proud to say is internet history. I wish it didn't take me so long to find this gem of a channel and I wish I listened to my 4th grade friends back in 2018 to check the channel out. Though I'm not truly an OG fan I've been here long enough that GT has made a lasting mark on my childhood and adolescence and has (in part) shaped me to be the weird, goofy, cringe geek that I am today. Video games fucking rule!!!

Mr. Matthew Patthew, 13 years of running the channels later and you FINALLY get a break!! You’re THE most certifiably crazy, genuinely funny, super informative, and AWESOME theorist out there; thanks for everything. But of course, that's just a theory - A GAME THEORY!!! Happy retirement!!




When I first found the promotional episode of "Gaming's Tangential Learning Experience" in Game Theory - a funny and intriguing premise for a Youtube channel that seemed like it could work well - I had no idea that I'd become a lifelong fan of not only the channel, but also the human behind the camera. You're truly a great person and it shows in all facets of your life, from the wonderful people you've gathered around you to build your Theorist team, to the community you've attracted online, to all the charity work you've done in your larger than life sized donation streams. When GTLive first launched, I knew it would do well no matter what you ended up doing on streams - because it was obvious that you're really just a fun and nice guy to hang out with, and you'd naturally draw people in to 'hang on the couch' with you! I remember you saying that you hoped that your presence would one day have a 'positive impact' on the world in some way - and in case you haven't heard it recently - you've done that about a million times over. I know that I personally challenge myself to think 'outside of the box' and not take everything at face value, in no small part due to your positive influence through your videos, and I'm sure the millions of people who watch can attest to similar things. Thank you for everything you've done for me and for the world at large, and I have a feeling you'll continue to do great things even if you are stepping back from being the 'face' of the channels.

Though (thankfully?) I never delved into the Indie-Horror/FNAF rabbit holes as you have, I'm happy I've stuck around to see you and the channels grow from those early days, and it's wild to realize how much I've grown in the same time! Looking back on it all, you've been a huge part of my life, and as parasocial as it might be, I appreciate you sticking around for this long. Thank you for everything, and I hope someday I can meet you and thank you in person for all the great years.

You will be missed, but never forgotten. The end of an era, the beginning of a long lasting legacy. One last time... Thank you.

Now quit reading all these and go enjoy the break you've more than earned for yourself already!



The man, the myth, the legend. I've been watching since almost the beginning and Matthew was like my "internet Dad". I learned a lot from his theories and the real-world issues he spoke about. I have fond memories of so many moments from the channels' histories, and he truly shaped the types of YouTube creators and content I ended up enjoying. Enjoy your retirement, Matt. You deserve it.


Thank you MatPat. Thank you for everything.



My time as a theorist has been a special one, my first theory was Frozen, Elsa and Anna not sisters, I watched film theory for a while after that, then I discovered game theory next and binged that immediately. Despite not feeling like I was smart enough to understand all the math I was being taught, I was still being taught. I learned a lot, I continue to learn a lot, despite my doubts in my abilities I’ve never stopped learning, and all that came to a head with the gt arg My first arg, and now technically not my last with the new one you’re leaving us with. It made me want to be better, and because of it I think I am better, I’ve learned what to look for when it comes to clues, the patterns of codes despite not really knowing that many, that didn’t stop me from loving it. But where my deep love for this arg comes from isn’t all from what it contained, but what it unintentionally gave to me.

I made characters out of the colour palettes and rough concepts for personalities and not necessarily lore (not yet anyway) but they were some of my first characters, I later redrew them with my current skill set, and then again, and again, and I haven’t stopped. I’ve given them, LOOOOORE (I couldn’t help myself) I’ve given them personalities, I’ve given them relationships, and all of that came from you. Like fnaf, you have made a ripple effect on the internet in all ways, in ways you couldn’t even imagine and my story only scratches the surface. Maybe reading all of these stories will help you truly realize how many lives you’ve changed, and here’s to everything else you will create

But hey, that’s not just a theory, that’s a fact Thank you for everything MatPat💚❤️💛🩵




Matpat has been a huge part of my life, and others' lives. He is a staple on the internet, and will never, ever be forgotten. I am super sad that he is leaving, but I am also excited for the new era of the theory channels. He will still be around of course, but not as much, and we will all miss seeing him every week. Goodbye Matpat, we love you so much and I hope that you enjoy your free time to do the things you want and to spend time with your family. You changed so many lives, you truly were the internet's father.



Like most people, I was caught off-guard when your retirement was announced, though I am incredibly grateful for all the years of theories. MatPat, thank you. Thank you for all the memories, some good, some questionable, but all the same, memories. I just want you to know that everyone supports you in this decision, and we can't express how much you deserve this. I've been a fan for several years now, and it's gotten to the point that whenever I see something I don't immediately understand, my brain starts buzzing with theories, the old "MatPat" style. I'd say half the general knowledge I have now is all from your videos, and I owe it all to you, because you decided to make them in the first place. After all thirteen years of being on YouTube, you have rightfully earned your place as one of the best that platform has ever seen, with the iconic catchphrase, "That's Just a Theory!"

Thank you, for everything you've done for us. Good luck and keep theorising, Mat.



Goodbye MatPat! I loved watching all of your theory videos and GT(not)Lives. I started watching your videos back in 2020 because a friend told me about your channels. I loved watching all of your Marvel and Minecraft theories. Ironically, I don't really engage in your FNaF content since I don't play the FNaF games. I do like watching most of your videos though. I also love watching your GT(not)lives, because you and Ash have the most interesting conversations. I particularly enjoy meme review videos. You have inspired me to pay more attention to the content I consume, and to make a positive impact on the world. Thank you.


Thank you so much for being such a bright spot in my life for the past couple of years. I don't remember when I started watching you, probably around 2019 or 2020 as I was finishing high school. But boy did I BINGE Game Theory and Film Theory, especially the various Mario ones and FNAF. I never thought I'd ever be into FNAF since I was so scared of jumpscares but here I am and a NERD because of binging your videos. :D And you know what, that's ok! (Side note: when I saw the FNAF movie and the spelled-out text at the end came up someone thought it was a reference to FNAF 4 and I instantly was like "No it's the FNAF 2 SAVE THEM minigame" and I only know that because of you XD)

At some point, I started watching every new video soon after it was released. I also fell in love with GTLive past and present. I often say at this point that I'll watch your theories on TV shows or video games or YouTube series so I can see what it's like and if I want to watch the original content. :)

Because of you, I actually did an honors project in community college based on your Thor vs Hulk Film Theory. I wrote physics practice problems for my class based on different films and got the numbers given in the problems through pixel measurements.

In fact, I actually met and bonded with some pretty cool people both online via Twitter and irl in my colleges because of our shared Game Theory interest! I was so excited to talk to them about the Style Theory name ARG. In the virtual space, I even ended up in a theorist discord for FNAF for awhile. Long story short, your channels are really easy to bond over and I'm really grateful you made them in the first place, cause it was a fun way to see others think critically and be taught all sorts of useful things.

The biggest way you changed my life is you inspired me to start the biggest project of my life, a choose-your-own-adventure ARG co-starring you, Mirror Matt, and Ash. It's a love letter to Game Theory and the YouTube creators, games, and fandoms YOU helped introduce me to. I started it back in November 2021 as part of your St. Jude fundraiser and got so excited by it I had to keep going. While it is my dream for you to have reacted to it on GTLive, I know that's probably not realistic since it's nowhere near completed.

I'm so grateful for you, MatPat. And the fact that you say you're proud of us Theorists makes me so encouraged and grateful, even though we've never met and may never meet in person. I hope my story makes me earn that sentiment. And I hope one day I can meet you in person so I can give you a big hug. I'm so grateful to be a Theorist, and thank you for saying that anyone can be a Theorist.

Know that I am praying for you, your family, and Team Theorist, as well as all the Theorists worldwide as we all start our next chapter. God bless.



You're the best YouTuber, even now it's over, you're still the best. You were one of the corner stones of my childhood and and there's truly no word, action or gesture that could ever convey how many memories you've brought us. We'll never forget you, and that's not just a theory. Thank you for everything.



I don't even know where to start. I'm really bad at putting my thought into text but I'll start off by saying we'll miss you EVERYONE will miss you.

You've been amazing since you blessed the barren lands of Youtube and your mark upon Youtube and my own memories will be something that will prolong for as far as I can see for sure.

I wish you the best in everything you do in the future and I hope you, Steph and Ollie all live happy and healthy lives (as you have certainly done the research and theories on all your channel to do just that by now).

I can remember stumbling upon your channel a couple years before I even reached middle school and now this is my last year before I go off to university. It felt cool knowing I was growing up with such a cool channel with cool and amazing people both on camera and behind the scenes. And now I'm seeing you pass the torch onward to such cool people I cannot help but also be excited to see what they will bring to the table.

Aahh that's probably the best I can do or else this will turn into an essay.

Is it weird to say that I really admire you?? Well I'm saying it now.


I'll never look at fnaf without thinking about the channel. Same goes for mario, doki doki literature club and weirdly mcdonalds chicken nuggets and bread.



Matpat, you were my childhood and who I still watch late at night when I can't seem to fall asleep. I know you won't be completely gone, but.. It still just makes me sad to hear that you're going. We're all going to miss you, and I know I can't really say that I'll miss you the most, but I know I'll still miss you a lot. Again. I'll miss ya, Matpat. I'd make an outro joke here, but it isn't really just a theory. Goodbye, Matpat.



I started watching your content a few years ago, and I really liked it. I still really like it now Goodbye, you were influential to the community and we will never forget your time hosting all of the channels :( Bye from Germany, hope you have a great life :)


Matt, these years have been amazing. All these fun theories, such fun times... And as always remember IT'S JUST A THEORY A GAME THEORY!



Hey Matpat, Love from Thailand.

I've been seeing you since I was in elementary school, and now I'm doing my Master's degree, which is insane how long it has been since I watched my first Game Theory video (Which I think is about Minecraft Diamond armor value irl). Back then, I thought your theory was real, (Especially regarding Pokemon stuff lmao). I find that theorizing and building lore based on little information and clues that games give us is a super FUN concept and super inspiring, it really let my imagination run wild.

However, my real journey with your channel started around when I was in middle school, I became a regular channel watcher when you started posting about FNAF and Undertale content. I would constantly check your channel every day and see if there's a new video coming out. Every time your new video came out, I knew I was in for a treat and it made my day a little better and brighter. Your videos and other YouTube legends back in the day became my sanctuary of safe zone and entertainment from the constant pressure of tiring school days and constant cramming of extra classes. Been a fan of your channel ever since then.

But around late high school when I started to prepare for the University entrance exam, i had less and less time for these YouTube videos, so I stopped following game theories, and just watched the videos that I was interested in from time to time. Some video of Film Theory from time to time, and that's it.

And now here we are, just in time for your last hoorah on all the Theory channels, especially Game Theory. It's been a loooooooooong journey and it's been an honor to watch you and your team's videos for these past 12 years. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you for all the entertainment you gave me as a kid, a teen, and now an adult. Whatever future endeavor you're planning to do, I hope you enjoy it and find success in it.

God speed man.



Gooodbye MatPat it's been great watching you all these years and I'm sad to see you go, but like all great things they move on, Enjoy your retirement. <3



Goodbye MatPat! You are great, and i hope that you'll have a long and happy life. Love from Sweden!



I haven't been watching MatPat for a long time but food theory is the best channel



Hey MatPat. I cannot believe this day came. You have been really influential in my development. In around 2020, I started to watch YouTube alone. I really liked science but did not know about any fun videos to watch. And then I stumbled upon your channel. It was amazing! You were able to link pop culture with pop science, which led me to a new genre of videos - Pop science! Then I discovered many other channels to satisfy my hunger of science. You helped me be the person I am today. I also learnt business, law. history, etc. from you and most important of all, data analysis. You helped me get even more involved in science. I was able to learn more in class! I started to completely read books (I used to just skim through them), started to experiment with various things and learn the science behind everything. You have been my guide to the world of science. I was not really a gamer or a fashion guy. But I got very interested in all of this, You have also helped me find other content to watch. I will miss you a lot Mat. Your channel gives me a dopamine blast in my head after a stressful day of studying for exams. There must be people like me who were inspired by seeing your content and want to become scientists in the future . You have helped the world by creating multiple theorists. And for that I must salute you, my good sir. You are my favorite superhero Theory-Man. I hope you, Steph and Ollie the best for your future. So thanks once again for being there for us. But at the end it's just a Letter. A GOODBYE LETTER!! Thanks for reading. :_-) 𝚿(A random psi for the love of science).



The earliest episode I can recall watching was probably the Rosalina Unmasked video, and I have to say it has been a journey and a half since then watching all the theories. Like DanTDM, Stampy and the other YouTubers I watched growing up, you were a part of my childhood for the last 6-7 years. I want to thank you for making my experience better when I was down, as I would always go and watch you when I had free time. Even though I’m in college now, your impact won’t be forgotten and your legacy will be strong. Best wishes for you and can’t wait to see what is next for the new hosts! <3


Goodbye Mat Pat! You were awesome and you always made me smile. You are my favorite person to come home and watch. You are an inspiration and an idol to me and my friends. I hope this is not the end of seeing you. Love Olivia :)


Thank you for the years of happiness, and thank you for helping me through the depression. Thank you for the amazing work that you put into this life of your YouTube channels. Thank you for the tears, and that’s not a theory, it’s a fact.



Ohio family says hello!! Hi MatPat, as a fellow parent of 2 sons who love asking questions and seeking answers: THANK YOU!

As a parent who monitors what my children consume online to make sure the creator and content are safe and good quality : THANK YOU!

For bringing my 74 year old Mother and kiddos together over your Film theories, Food theories, and myself and my Mother with Style theories: THANK YOU!

For inspiration generations older and younger than you (theater nerds included) in ways that all here have described: THANK YOU!



You've been one of my absolute favorite content creators since I first encountered your videos in the early days of FNAF, and it definitely made my days whenever a new theory video appeared in my feed. It's definitely sad to see you go, but we know you're off to do many other great things! Enjoy the time with Steph and Ollie, we love and will miss you terribly <3



man i dont even know what to say, but the fact that i cant formulate any words probably says more than anything else i could say right now

so long matthew game theory patrick mat patthew theory theorists



This is a day that I knew would come when I was younger, and it truly is an end of an era to YouTube that I saw as a kid. However, you still made a massive impact in my life for my creativity, my interest in science and thinking outside of the box too. You helped me find a part of myself that I wasn't able to before, and got me interested in so many things that I probably would've found boring if it wasn't for you. Seeing you leave is truly sad but at the same time I am happy you were able to complete this legacy, and that I also got to see you at vidcon. You complimented me on my big goofy cowboy hat I had on and that will forever be burned into my memory. Meeting you and Steph was a dream of mine that I got to fulfill, you taught me a lot growing up, I started watching you in elementary school and now I'm still watching your videos my second year into college earning a degree in computer science, in hopes that I can make a game and inspire a new generation of theorists the same way that you have.



Well... I never really expected him to retire. It never was a thought to cross my mind. But looking back now, and seeing all the hard-work MatPat has done, over multiple different channels, and more... Well, he deserves the world. To me and so many others, he was a massive impact, and a huge joy-bringer. A hard day at school, boom, fixed in one single Game Theory video. You changed my way of thinking, filled me with happiness in your loud catchphrases and wacky theories, and filled me with curiosity every time I saw one of your videos. In the past, and even now, I could/can never get enough of your content. Man, MatPat... While I am sad to see you leaving, I just wanted to say, thank you. Thank you for everything, from the Game Theories, to the Film Theories. Thanks for making something for me and my buddies to talk about. Something to get me thinking. You are the person who got me wondering, "What if we looked behind the scenes, at all the finer little details?". It's such a massive topic and you are such an impact in my life. I truly, from the deepest pits in my heart, want to say thank you, MatPat. I feel like those words never get said enough. Good Bye MatPat, and thank you for such a memorable time at the Theory channels, and you truly deserve everything good coming your way. I hope to see you someday, once again. Good bye.

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I could write a big paragraph like everyone else but I think you get the picture by now. Instead, enjoy this picture of my cat, Edith. It's the best thing I could hope to give in return.



Thank you Matpat. Through many hard times, your videos had always helped. I had childhood cancer and I watched your theories on all channels, which at the time was GTLive, Game Theory and Film Theory. I enjoyed every second, every minute, every hour of each video. Thank you so much for making my childhood so much better, and teaching me new things even. I loved theorizing about FNAF alongside you, solving ARGs, watching trailers, live theorizing, it was all so amazing and surreal to be a part of. Thank you so much Matt, you are an inspiration to all. I hope you never forget that, Matt. Keep shining, Okay?



Hey MatPat! (Or should I say DadPat or GrandPat) Thanks for being one of the content creators to bring me joy. Everytime I watch your videos, it just feels so...relaxing or just...nice. Honestly, my favorite videos are the more science-based ones on Food Theory, and the extremely funny gameplays you and Steph have in GTlive.

But my first exposure of GT is your earlier FNAF theories, and even some segments from Gaijin Goomba and Austin. But there was a while when I stopped watching, but came back to your videos a few years ago.

Well, all things come to an end in our universe. But the memories (and the videos up on youtube) will still remain. I am excited for your next projects post-retirement. And I am also excited for the new hosts!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your live with your family, and see your son grow.

All in all, thank you. But that's just a theory!


Look, to be honest, Matpat got me through that pandemic depression. Gonna miss you Matt. Thanks for everything.



Thank you, MatPat. Thank you for being one of the greatest sources of positivity in my life, making the good days amazing and the bad days bearable. When I started watching Game Theory, it was simply because I wanted to understand some basic FNaF lore to play the games in order. It turned out nobody really knows the answer, and while that was a little disappointing, the positives far outweighed the negatives because I had just found what would become one of my favourite YouTube channels for the next eight years.

And now, here we are in a bittersweet moment for everyone. While I feel very happy for you and the fact that you get to finally move on from the grind that you've been doing for the last twelve years with increasing intensity, I'd be lying if I said that I and the entirety of the internet won't miss you. But that's okay because you get to focus on other projects that I am really excited for and can give your family and everyone else in your life the attention they deserve. After all this time, you're definitely worthy of living your life. All of this to say the first sentence in this message: Thank you, MatPat!

And to Tom, Lee, Santi, and Amy, you are going to be great, guys! You've been taught by the best, and I can't wait to see you on your respective channels.



Goodbye Pathew Mathew. I have only started watching Game Theory a few years ago, but I have binge watched the classics like all of the FNaF theories (thrice...), and old classics. Thanks to you I have started theorizing about my favorite franchises too, mostly fnaf that is. And I cannot thank you enough for your videos, they have inspired me to finally try out content creation, which is my literal dream since I was a child, and I strive to create content with similar energy, vibe and just similar energy to you (without being a copycat that is). You have aspired me to be a different person, to think differently, and thanks to you I finally know what kind of person I actually want to be, kind, funny, charismatic, goofy, and (at least hopefully) always happy, having a smile on my face.

Thank you MatPat, I think I speak the same as millions of people, but you have changed our lives and your presence will never leave the world. Goodbye Mat



I will miss you MatPat. All I know is that you will never truly be replaced in my heart.



Subject: Farewell, MatPat: A Heartfelt Goodbye

Dear MatPat,

As you embark on a new chapter in your journey, we as a community wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude and bid you a heartfelt farewell. Your impact on the online community has been immeasurable, and your passion for gaming, theory crafting, and insightful analysis has left an indelible mark.

From unraveling the mysteries of game lore to delving into the science behind gaming, you've entertained and educated us with your unique blend of humor, intelligence, and infectious enthusiasm. Your dedication to delivering quality content and engaging with your audience has created a sense of community that extends far beyond the screen.

As you venture into new endeavors, whether they be creative projects, personal pursuits, or unforeseen adventures, we wish you nothing but success and fulfillment. Your creativity, analytical prowess, and ability to connect with people have undoubtedly left a lasting legacy.

Thank you for the countless hours of entertainment, the intriguing theories, and the genuine moments you've shared with your fans. The gaming and online communities won't be the same without your presence, but we're excited to see where your path leads next.

May your future be filled with joy, success, and continued growth. Farewell, MatPat, and thank you for everything.

Best wishes, just a guy who loves games



Good bye and thank you mattpat for all the video you made and the joy you bring to everyone and me. your video have help me though bad time and have inspire me to make video. i started watching you when i was like 6 or 7 and you introduced me into my love for math , science, and theories thank you for everything



I stumbled across your channel during the pandemic, and since then, I've watched all your videos. You made me fall in love with science and over-analysis. MatPat, thank you for being part of my childhood!



Hi Matpat and the whole theory team! Thank you for being such a dedicated and passionate host for the theory channels all over the years. Your videos have been a blessing whenever I'm just eating alone at home scrolling on YouTube for something or someone to accompany me for dinner, and it helped! The way you spoke, the dad jokes, and the repeated "LOREEEE" and "IT'S JUST A THEORY" helped make my day and It was amazing how a lot of small details could tell so much about their universe. Happy retirement! Looking forward to future videos!


Dear Matpat, Hello. My name is Maddox. We never got a chance to meet but as another YouTuber once said “When thinking in infinites, unlikely is just certainty waiting for its turn”. I want you to know that you have helped to shape who I am today. I am a parent and would often watch your videos with my daughter (I make sure to watch them first juuuuust in case) and my husband. We have loved watching you over the years and can’t wait to see any other projects you decide to do. Thank you so much for all the time you have given us. We will continue to cherish the moments. Ta ta for now, Maddox



I discovered your channel when I had been eleven or twelve. You had been my introduction to ARGs and looking for details in tiny nooks and corners where no one else would have bothered to check. I have never been very active in terms of actually participating in solving hidden stuff due to studies. But I did notice that I'd become more of an observant person. Looking for the little things of beauty in common works has been taught to me by Game Theory and Film Theory- even if they sound just as crazy as the possible fact that Sans is Ness. When Food Theory first started, I didn't really have that much of an interest in it. I used to be sick almost all the time and I could hardly eat a lot of good food. I never really expected conspiracies within companies or wondered about the benefits and hazards of food materials. I had always been a fan of the way the channels explained everything so simply. I knew that there was going to be science in topics like food, and I've never been that good in science, so naturally I didn't want to dive into it because I felt like I didn't have the brains to understand things like that. Food Theory made me appreciate the sciencey stuff of things again, even if that consisted of figuring out how mammoth meat tasted. Now, Style Theory had been something I had been looking forward to. I, myself, had never been the most fashionable person- there was nothing called aesthetic in our family. Frankly, as a kid, I had to wear whatever I could find in my closet and that matched with the pair of pants I had because I could be never be very picky with clothes. But I used to write and draw a lot; I still write and draw a lot, so I needed to learn about fashion that I could easily associate with certain character categories. Even if I had little to no drip when I was younger, I certainly look forward to getting to know myself more through the colours and clothes that I like. Expressing myself through fashion had always been in my to-do list. And thank you for telling me all the hideous stuff going on behind corrupt companies (again, it seems like we never run out of that). Fashion Theory had made me motivated enough to rediscover myself again and to try and the way soap works. I will forever be indebted to all of you who had made my childhood a little more appreciable. Around all the content creators leaving and/or getting outed as horrible people, the Theorists have always remained cool in our books. Thank you for making countless lives a little happier. Have fun spending time with your family and stay cool. I'm glad that I knew who MatPat and Stephanie were in this timeline. Farewell. :]



Goodbye Matpat, I still cant get over saying that, I remember being astonished when you found out that purple guy was phone guy. I have always watched your content and loved every second. The last time I remember being this sad on the internet was when techno died and I hoped I would never have to feel that again. you have always made amazing content and funny videos that brought me a good mood. Seeing what your latest theory is always brought a smile to my face. I wish you the best of luck in your life and congratulations on your baby. While I may not be an avid theorist or be very active in the community I still know that I can go up to any random person on the street, ask them about matpat or game theory and they will automatically know who I am talking about. even non theorists know your name and that is the greatest show of just how much you mean to the entire internet. your contribution is unmatched and your name will be forever remembered in gaming history. we all wish you the best. Thank you Matpat


Hello, My name is Millie. I'm a low vision (Blind) girl, and this is my post, if there are any typos, blame the vision issues lol. :D Where in the world do you start with this stuff? I've been a theorist for forever! But I can say that even if I were new to the channels, I would still feel at home with them. Matt, you have succeeded at making a safe space for everyone to come together as a group, as someone who is almost legally blind, your accessible videos make me so happy, knowing that I and my other disabled friends can take part in theorizing as well. I'm so excited to see what the new hosts will do! If they were picked by Matt then they are DESTINED FOR GREATNESS! Matt, and Steph too, you guys are awesome, just genuinely astounding people. You saw the opportunity to do something great and took it, and you never gave up. This is what makes life enjoyable, the ride. Your rollercoaster doesn't end here of course, oh no, it keeps going to new and exciting, wonderful, beautiful places. Ollie is going to grow up and be so astounding I can't even imagine. He's already fantastic, and he's five, (almost six). You have invested in us, your time, money, energy, and you've sacrificed for us, I hope that you can understand our appreciation in its enormity. When we're sad, you make us laugh, when we're sick, you lifted our spirits, when we don't understand, you treat us as equals in every facet. Yes, they are but YouTube videos, and you are but people, there have been trillions of people in existence, and yet, you choose to make an impact on the people that will listen, and those who refuse to listen will still hear the impact you make. You've made me more confident and now I'm an activist for disabled rights. MatPat and Steph will always be MatPat and Steph, that's for sure, but now you get to explore so many more possibilities, ad as sad as it is to watch you go, we couldn't be more proud to be theorists because of you, and we know you're proud of us. There are so many theories in our universe, but I like the theory that somewhere there's a reason you were put where you are, we call it "invisible string theory", and isn't it just so pretty to think, all along there was some invisible string, tying you to us?


Goodbye Matpat I always loved watching ur fnaf theories and also food theories about McDonald’s I hope u have a happy retirement



Good Bye Matpat from your fan in Canada! I have been watching since 2013 (The first video I saw was the 1 Million Subscriber special) and have seen every video and live stream from ALL the channels. You are my number one favorite YouTuber! I have So much Theorist merch! I will always love and cherish you and hope you enjoy all your retirement from the FNAF Timeline XD. Enjoy your well-deserved rest and know that you have made a significant positive change in the world :)



I’ve been a theorist before film theory was a thing… don’t know how long ago that was. You are a huge inspiration for me and I hope you enjoy your time with your family. My stepfather loves the relationship you have with Steph and I hope it will flourish. Thank you for all your hard work, you’ve changed my life and so many others. I’ll miss you, but I’m happy for you and the chance that you can spend more time with your family. ♥️



Goodbye matpat Just a theory



Hi Matt! I’m writing this to thank you for everything, all the good moments you gave us, the community. Thank you for being a big part of my teenage years, thank you for the laughs, thank you for brightening up my day, thank you for making me aspire to be a better person, and thank you for making me smile when I was at my lowest. There is so so much I’d want to thank you for but it would get really repetitive haha, so thank you for everything, I hope you’ll enjoy your well-earned retirement, I can’t wait to see what you have planned for us. Big big hugs!



I have watched for the past 5 years wow I will still be a big fan just not as big as I was I will continue to watch as much as possible but I think I would be a different person today if my friend never showed you to me, I make so many theories about things with that same friend. I hope that every year you come back for a live stream special so we can see your face again. I will miss the quote at the beginning and end of each episode.



Hey MatPat! I just wanted to say thank you for everything. You helped me through a lot.



I think I first got into game theory as I was interested in the silly little bear game that has ended up being one of the biggest game franchises in the world. My friends and I would come to school talking about the latest theory and trying to work it out. A few friends in particular I still obsess over theories with to this day and I can't thank Mat enough for just making great content. Once I started getting more interested in different games and lets plays I hopped over to GTLive and fell in love with the chaotic streams that went on. I still watch series such as Kindergarten, FNAF and Doki Doki if I need a pick me up. OMG and Giraffe Town, that was a ride and a half. Watching theory content I am now always looking out for shows and games that have that mystery behind them and even if I'm not good at working out clues, I know this community would have already solved it and I can just go along for the ride. Mat being one of the good youtubers on the platform who just wanted to make good quality content for all of us to enjoy and I don't think any of us could thank him enough for the years of dedication he has put in. We'll miss you, but I'm sure this isn't goodbye, just a see you in a while <3 - Jess :)



Dear Matpat, even before I got my first phone, I was watching your videos on our family TV. They gave me a new way to look into any of my interests, and helped me make friends. That was all the way back in 2017, when I was just 10 years old. I'm 17 now, and still watch your videos a few hours after upload. Thank you for giving me friends and a community to talk to, and for giving me a childhood full of curiosity. Have a happy retirement and thank you for all the theories and laughs you gave us.



Hello matpat. Usually I don't do this kind of stuff but this is a special occasion. Perhaps you don't see this, perhaps no one does, but that's okay. I am making this letter for you and to myself. Now I wasn't one of the first to watch you I'll admit. But when I did begin watching you in 2017 I fell in love with your style of content. It was a gem in all the dust, a pearl on the seafloor, a diamond in the rough. I watched you constantly. You were entertaining and you also helped nurture my curiosity in video games and their LOORREEEE. So I just want to say thank you, for everything. I wish you a great retirement with your family and friends.

Many thanks Elijah :]



Good bye matpat, you're my fav youtuber and you inspire me. Also its just a theory, a game theory. Good bye matpat, you will be missed.



Goodbye MatPat.. No one will forget you. I will remember waiting for your Five Nights At Freddy's videos just hoping it'll make more sense than other theories, especially mine, lol!! Your theories were always the best, and it made me think outside the box more often about silly little things. This feels like a message I never would have had to deliver, but I'm glad I'm writing it rather than ignoring this. We all love you too MatPat, Goodbye



Hey Matpat!! I first found you years ago on your “Is Link dead” theory and have been a massive fan ever since; you inspired me to look deeper into things, to keep asking questions and to stay curious and honestly, to keep being myself. You made me laugh and smile when I needed it, and made me question things about the games/movies/etc that I would have never thought of questioning before; you made difficult things easier to understand and now I’m going into the sciences in university because with your videos, I believed I could do it. Thank you for everything these past years, I don’t have the words to express how grateful I am to find you and all of Team Theorist; this community has been a home for me and I know I can always find my place here So thank you for everything Mat; for asking us to stay curious about the world, for screaming at horror games with us, for the highs and for the lows. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and now I hope you can look back at everything and feel proud of yourself because you deserve to be proud of yourself, we’re proud of you Thank you for everything and I hope you, Steph and Ollie all have an amazing life; a clap and a half to you!! We -the community- love you!! Take care of yourself and never forget you’re loved



It has been an amazing 13 years! I cannot believe I am turning 22 and have been watching since I was 8! Take care and enjoy your close normal family now, because you've done an amazing job raising all of us online. I will forever now quote random things very loudly at my TV and phone in normal MatPat fashion to honor your legacy. Much Love from my house to yours! - Gabby, Kaleb and Theo



Thank you, for making a place all theorists can call home... Honestly I had quite a few phases going through while watching the four channels. I remember the first theory I watched, it was a film theory about robin being alive, beforehand I never thought of the idea of a theory, and the video opened my eyes. I went to show it the same day to one of my best friends.

I really needed to have a rock to lean on, and I really feel these channels had saved me in a certain way...

Thank you, and I hope the new channel heads will be just as important to my life as your era was.

So let me tell you this, thank you, Thanks a lot.

- Just another theorist


Hi, MatPat! 💚🖤

Not sure how much of this will make sense since I'm kind of just getting my thoughts down for the most part, but here goes!

Honestly, having to say goodbye was not something I actively thought would ever happen. It's like one of those things where it's obvious it's going to have to happen eventually, and all good things must come to an end, but the thought just never really crossed my mind. I still remember coming home every night from school and binging a bunch of your theories until I had to go to bed, or staying up watching GTLive, knowing full well I should be asleep so I could be energized for the next school day. Your theories helped me not be afraid of both expressing myself and also coming off as a bit of a nerd, LOL! I felt like I had finally found my place — somewhere where there were people who also loved looking at both the small details, and also at the bigger picture, putting pieces together. Honestly, I'd say GT and FT played a big role in me growing up, as weird as it may sound, your theories about random games and movies actually helped me learn a lot (and helped me discover a lot of games I love to this day) — whether it's about random things I'll probably never need to know about, or generally nerdy things, I learnt a lot nonetheless, all while having fun. Your excited, bubbly personality is something I feel cannot be replaced, and we should all treasure that (not to mention all the words that I associate with you now, I still find myself saying "That's just a theory, a __ theory!", and let's not even start on the words 'theory' and 'lore' in general LOL)! You're one of a kind, Mat.

I'm excited to see where things will go from here, and while we all miss you and wish you could stay, we're ready to begin a new chapter. Although, we'll never forget the person who made The Game Theorists what it is today. There's so much more I wish I could say, but we'd be here for days, and there's plenty of others who also need to write their messages, so I'll cut it here.

Thanks for all these years, and I hope you have a wonderful retirement!! 👏+👏½



Game theory helped me form an identity at a early age, I got that original game theory grey with green track jacket and I’ve worn it ever since from major life moment to major life moment, from dates to winning a robotics competition to moving out of a bad family situation to traveling across country. Just so many miles. Matpat has given me an unimaginable amount of support as a content creator and I want to give a thank you from the bottom of my heart


In the realm of theories and games, a titan stood tall MatPat, with intellect and charm, captivating us all For fourteen years, he shared his thoughts and insights Unraveling mysteries, sparking our delight

From FNAF to Zelda, from Minecraft to lore He delved into worlds, leaving us wanting more His passion and dedication, a beacon to admire Guiding us through puzzles, setting our minds on fire

Now as he bids farewell to this chapter, this stage We thank him for his wisdom, his wit, his sage Though it's sad to see him go, we wish him well May blessings rain upon him, his wife, and kid, as they dwell

In new adventures, new endeavors, may they thrive With joy and love surrounding them, keeping them alive So here's to MatPat, the theorist supreme May his retirement be filled with happiness, like a dream.

Goodbye, MatPat. Gone, but not forgotten. 𝘕𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳 forgotten. But, hey, that's just a theory. A 𝙂𝘼𝙈𝙀 𝙏𝙃𝙀𝙊𝙍𝙔!



Goodbye MatPat! I have been a loyal Theorist for almost ten years now. I first heard about game theory from an after school counselor when I was in fifth grade, but I was afraid to click on the thumbnail of Mario with a gun. Two years later I fell in love with your channels when I tuned in to GT Live on a fateful Mario Maker Wednesday, the very same stream in which the clap and a half was introduced to the Theorist community. Watching GT Live became a part of my nightly ritual, and from there I introduced myself to everything Game Theory and Film Theory had to offer. I admire you and Stephanie immensely and I think you two stand as exemplars of the responsible content creators the internet needs. You never cease to amaze me and I hope one day I can consider myself as successful and personally fulfilled as you seem to be. Throughout my ten years as a theorist you’ve taught me invaluable lessons, given me innumerable laughs, and been excellent role models for not only your fans but other creators on the internet as well. You shine as a beacon of positivity, humor, kindness, and intelligence on the platform. And of course, none of it could have been possible without the rest of Team Theorist behind you. To: Jason, Chris, Amy, Ash, Mirror Matt, Head Editor Dan, Tom, Lee, Santi, Josiah, Rachel, Sam, and literally anybody else who makes theorizing happen, THANK YOU for your hard work on the content I and so many others love so much. Claps and Halves all around! It is a great time to be a Theorist, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. I'll be waiting excitedly for all the projects you have planned. Thank you MatPat, the internet will not be the same without you.

Wishing you all the best, Angelo



Goodbye Matpat👑 and thank you for all the memories and all the theories. I remember getting so excited when you uploaded a new fnaf video and I thank you for everything and I hope you are happy with your decision and we will miss you and again thank you for all the memories and you got me through some hard times. You're like a dad and you are a amazing person so I just watched you and you did so many theories just for us and you did great and it made me so happy when I watched those theories. Goodbye Matpat👑 o7😭😭😭😭



Hey Matt, You don't know me but it's been a pleasure to get to know you over the past decade (what a time it has been!) with my first video being Pewdiepie's Secret. It's been such an experience to watch you grow as a youtuber, person, and watch your community flourish. I'm so proud of the growth you have done over these years and taking the time to step back is such a painful, yet strong decision. I won't lie when I say that I cried the entire "goodbye internet" video as it dawned on me that creators from my childhood are stepping down but I know deep down that this is for the best and I wouldn't want it any other way.

I can't count how many times I have rewatched the FNAF playlist, how excited I was hearing that we were going to get not one, not two but THREE new channels exploring topics that I never thought had so much depth to them. You and your team have opened my eyes to the world around me and I have gained tidbits of knowledge that I didn't even know existed until now. I'll never forget sitting in a packed theater for the FNAF Movie and watching as myself and others stood up cheering and clapping when we saw that cool, diner guy "Ness" on screen while other's looked at us like we had three heads.

Regardless, I am so happy for you Matt and know that through it all we all know that "it's just a game theory..." but maybe we haven't come to accept that as the truth quite yet <3


I watched your videos for over 7 years now. I always had pleasure in solving things and theorizing even before I discovered you. I was a curious one. But you took that curiosity and multiplied it by 100. You shaped my thinking and humor. I discovered many things thanks to you. Of course all good things must end eventually and it's important to not be sad for the things lost but to be happy because they happened. Thank you matpat, for memories, for the fun, for the theories But remember it's just a message A thank you message! Thanks for reading



Hi MatPat and Steph! My name is Haven, I’m from Australia and back in 2015 I was 17 years old and struggling a lot with my mental health. I had a period where I watched youtube videos all the time to distract myself from everything, and one day I stumbled across a Game Theory video… I can’t quite remember which video was first, because I immediately watched a whole bunch more of them. More than falling in love with the channel, your videos taught me how to fall in love with learning again. I was there when GTLive started, and I loved getting to know you both through those videos. Your videos also helped me feel less alone in the times when I was pretty isolated. I’m doing way better now, though I’ve still got a lot of work to go (that’s recovery for ya), but I will forever appreciate and treasure the impact you’ve both had on my life. I know that I am just one drop in the ocean of people you’ve impacted. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done, and I am so happy and excited for you to get to spend more time with your wonderful family. So much love to you both <3 Have fun riding myuusic man off into the sunset!!


Hi, Mat Pat, Thank you, Thank you, for the years of fun and entertainment. Thank you, for being one of the weird YouTube big brothers people may not have always wanted but never knew they needed. Thank you, for being a constant and great figure in this changing landscape that is Youtube and life. Thank you, for the 14 years you gave us! I hope you may come and visit us on the interwebs one day but for now, enjoy your time with Ollie and Stephanie. Thank you for being you. Thank you Mat Pat!



At last, Goodbye... It's been quite the journey, with all the videos, the theories, the ARGs, the events, the lives, and everything you gave us in these 13 years of your life. I just want to thank you for all the emotions you made me feel, all the things I learned from you, and all the laughs I had with you. I don't want this to end, I don't want you to go away, but I also understand that this is for the better. Thanks again, and I wish you the best from here on out.



Matpat, now I haven't been watching you videos for long now, compared to the other hardcore fans on this page, but THEY ARE AWESOME! You probably won't see this, but hey, I'll miss you. The first thing that got me glued to the screen were your Minecraft theories, and I've been binging them for a while now. Then your ARG? That was mindblowing! And these last 10 videos I've been on the edge of my seat, from Lethal Company, to shooting tanks, to Gravity Falls, it's been a blast, and with one final send off theory left, I'll miss you. But, till then, kudos to all the service you've done to the theorist community, and boy can't I wait to see this one last theory.

But hey, that's not just a theory, It's the truth! Thanks for reading, And enjoy your retirement, Matthew Patrick!



Goodbye matpat! Thank you for the many years of theories. I hope your channel is in the right hands. -



You were a big part of my childhood (which technically I’m still in) and I’ll miss getting excited seeing a brand new game theory video, and I loved a lot of your older videos about all the more “interesting” parts of gaming


Dear MatPat (The Best Theorist to Exist), Welcome to today's Show: A boy who is now a Teen saying goodbye to one of his Favorite Content Creators... Man! It has been a Journey Has it! From being a small youtuber making small Auditions, Musicals, and Theories (14 YEARS AGO! Man, Time flies, huh?) To Being one of the biggest Youtubers out there with 19M on a plate, Making Funds and Charities to Help St. Jude for kids who need it, and Making Videogames and meeting other Big youtubers out there! (Present Day) It has been a wild Journey and a Insane and Chaotic one, if that. (Insane and Chaotic meaning you slowly losing your Sanity with FNAF theories and other mind-bending ones as well.) Looking back on it 14 years is a lot and when you go back looking upon the journey you have scaled and the millions you've changed and met along the way, really feels like a accomplishment and change. Your 37 now, so take 37 - 14 = 23! Congratulations! You have basically have been doing this since you were 23 YEARS OLD! Which is a long while and big chunk of your life about 1/3 as you have said in your "Goodbye Internet" Video Explaining Your plan for Retirement and how things will go now since you will be gone and give the channel to the others. Which I will say I 120% Respect your decision Ten fold. The fact you stood up, showed your feelings on camera and will leave to spend more time with your family and buckle down from the Internet and from making videos really, as I said, Is a big decision, But also a good Human and Fatherly thing to do. Seeing your son grow up to a person as you and him age is AMAZING and truly I wouldn't want you to miss out on that! I will always respect you more and your decision for doing that. Change is different and weird but it is also healthy to move on. I will never forget the time you changed my life and sparked my childhood by the very first video I have ever watched and come across from you is "Game Theory: Duck Season's KILLER DOG... Unmasked! (Duck Season)" Which has 22M and was 6 YEARS AGO! (Just making us feel old, Matpat!) Ever since I clicked on that video, my childhood sparked into this Detective, Videogame Solving Fanatic because of you! I will never forget... I will also never forget that this was during the time my family (Mostly my Dad and Mom) Were going through troubling times and family situation. What am I getting at here? Your videos have comforted me and made me laugh through those tough times. Now come to think about it, All my other Favorite youtubers have quit and it really is making me Sad to see them go. But Everything good must come to a end, am I right? But with all of this said and emotional typing, it is sad to see you go MatPat and I hope that the others taking over will carry on the legacy and what it means to be a "theorist". Thank you!... Thank you for the memories and people have changed throughout your journey on Youtube and the decision you have made to spend time with your family. We hope to see you happy! But hey... That's just a theory... A GAME THEORY!!! Thank you...Thank you for making a Series and Journey of theories for us theorist. (And hey if you're new around here, Why not give old MatPat a Final goodbye and good old intro song before he leaves!)



Dear Matpat, you have been like a father to me and taught me everything i needed and you changed my life but my friend actually presented you to me and live on knowing you are a legend and moved on for loved ones, I hope you have a great time with Stephine and ollie, and hey maybe the new hosts will become legends sooner or later; but hey that's just a theory -Sincerely EnderSnake



Hey matpat! I know there’s a good chance you won’t see this but if you do I want you to know you really impacted a lot of childhoods including mine. I absolutely love your videos and still watch them to this day. I haven’t been in the best place for a couple of months so watching you and ash on GtLive or you trying to solve FNAF for the millionth time really makes my day better. You’ve impacted so many people’s lives and I'm still in denial about you retiring especially since the day I'm writing this is 6 days away from March 9th. You are truly an inspiration to so many and I think I can speak for all of us when I say I can’t wait to see what’s next for you and what kind of things you have in store for us. Even though you’re not going to be fully gone just working on projects of your own and popping in here and there it still won’t be the same without you. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next and what the new hosts of the channels have in store for us. I hope you enjoy your retirement - you don’t have to count animatronic toes now! Spend time with your family, relax, get a good nights sleep knowing that you don’t have to stay up late working on videos. You deserve it. The internet will not be the same without you MatPat -Melanee :)



I discovered game theory too long ago for me to remember (but it was probably around 4-6) now I'm 13 and seeing him retire hurts, but i cannot wait to see what the new hosts have to offer, may the next generations of theorists be happy with the legacy behind them



These last ten years of my life from transitioning from just a nerdy, annoying kid to a now full fledged adult, has been one where I've had Mat almost every step of that way. When I was growing up I didn't have many friends have the same interests as me, or as a deep of a passion for interests as I did. When I found you, diving into FNAF all the way back then, it was so cool to find someone who wanted to psychoanalyze everything and find deeper meaning in anything. And through you, I was able to find more people like me, I was able to make friends that understood me a whole lot better. In a lot of weird ways, you also had a hand in inspiring a lot of things I want to do creatively. Listening to you helped me develop a style and tone that would inspire my writing. Remembering not to leave any details out, but also remembering to add that bit of charm and personality to keep it interesting for the audiences. In a lot of those cases, this helped me get through a lot of classes with praise. There's a lot more I'd love to say, but won't for the sake that I'm going to keep just going and going about what an inspiration you are, Mat. Thank you for everything you've done. I'm where I'm at right now in my life, learning the tools I need to become a creator, because of you. So, thank you again and enjoy the beautiful life you've built for yourself :)



Matpat has been a part of my childhood and other peoples childhood for so long and I’m really going to miss you so much. I have been here for a very long time and I don’t know where I would be right now if I never seen the things like your Fnaf video's or just anything you ever posted. You have always been my favorite youtuber I would watch game theory and food theory with my mom all the time. I remember the excitement of seeing you post videos on all of the channels. I am so grateful for the hard work put into all the videos BUT THATS JUST A THEORY A GAME THEORY AAANNDD CUT. thank you matpat


Thank you for the years and years of memories! My childhood was shaped by the Theorist community. Clap and a half for the past decade of theories!



Goodbye Matpat, thank you for all the memories and will miss you sincerely! Hope the best for you and take care.



Hey there matpat, I'm just sending this message to say thank you. I know you're not officially retired yet and I know the chance of you seeing this message is very small but I just want to say thank you. Thank you for helping me get through school (even though I'm still in school), thank you for always being there for me, ready to cheer me up. Thank you for the amazing community that the theory channels have built. Thank you, matpat, for everything, the impact of your channels on the Internet will never be forgotten (mostly because of the memes).

I hope that you enjoy your retirement, a retirement where you don't have to think about robot spaghetti or testing what parts of a tree you can eat.

Thank you matpat, for always being there for me. And for entertaining all of us theorists for over a decade.



Hey matpat I just wanna thank you for making my childhood and helping me during lockdown I remember watching your sans is ness video for the first time and actually thinking it was true. During lockdown I would always watch your videos especially your fnaf theories and your fnaf theories are actually what got me into fnaf. So I would just like to thank you for the memories over the years since you know, you have 6 more days. March 9th is gonna be a sad day right? Since most people are probably gonna be crying since its your last theory and I would just like to say thank you so much Matpat for making our childhoods with your silly theories. But then again, That's just a theory a game theory!! Thanks for ruining our childhoods matpat <33



Goodbye matpat, thanks for all the theories and the fun, you are part of my childhood, to quote a great film "oh captain my captain you will be missed" thanks for everything, take care



Matpat, thank you for creating everything that you did. Your channel was there with me throughout 7 years of my life, and you and your team taught me so many things, like the pH scale, and you showed me wonderful stories. I'm a big nerd, and a lot of my knowledge comes from your channels, even though you ruined my childhood, you made my adolescence. What you did was amazing, you made your mark on so many people, including me. I consider you a great friend, and true friendships never end, I know I'll see you again somewhere on the internet, and I hope that whatever you'll go, you'll find happiness. See you on the flipside, my friend, I wish you success on your future projects, and thanks for being there with me through the screen.



I've watched Game Theory ever since I can remember. It has always brought me joy in pretty dark times, together with some of my other favorite YouTubers. Thank you so much for being that little light in those dark times, keeping me warm and smiling. You've meant so much to me and others. We love you Mat. Of course also Steph and the rest of the team! You're all amazing people who make the world a bit better. ♥


Thank you Matpat for everything. Goodbye



Hey Matpat, Honestly, after reading some of the comments here, I feel as though everything has already been said, so I will try and keep this as short as I can. I still kind of find it surreal that you won't be the main face of the Theorist channels anymore. I mean, I've been watching Game Theory for a while now, I think since the Rosalina Unmasked video which, I want to say was about 10 years ago which is just mind-boggling to me. If there is anything that Unus Annus has taught me it's that things end no matter what, enjoy whatever you want while it's still there, and to not be afraid of the end. I'll be honest, I think its message works here as well. I think it'll be a massive change, having you step away from the channels. I mean, you're basically the face and voice that the community and I associate with the channels. I'm sure that whatever you choose to do now will be as overly complicated and overthought-about as usual, and that's something I look forward to seeing in the future. So, for one final time: Thank you for the videos, the laughs, and the memes of course, and I hope that whatever you do from here is as fulfilling as it was making videos and content for us. Thanks again Matpat!

"Everything ends. And it's always sad. But everything begins again too and that's.. always happy. Be happy" - Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor from Dr. Who



Thank you for my childhood, my present, and my future! I can't imagine the person I'd have been if it weren't for you. I hope all your wishes will be fulfilled. With love, just a theory.



Goodbye Matt! I was watching game theory since I was 5, in 2015 and ever since I watched almost every single one of your videos! And when food theory became a thing the first thing I thought is "Why didn't I think of that sooner?" , also I genuinely still belove that the Sans is Ness theory is correct, and true. You truly don't understand how much the theory channels mean to me. Thank you though for ruining my childhood, but making it.


Thanks for everything Matpat! good luck on your future endeavors!



It's been years since the first video from matpat that I watched, and I feel like this closes a chapter in my life I didn't know I even had open. It's so eye-opening looking back at the times matpat helped me get through a hard time just by being there and theorizing about things I didn't even think could be real. If I ever felt sad or wanted to forget I knew I could count on a new video that he conjured up in his closet probably on his 20th can of diet coke. And after years of theories i selfishly might add consider him a friend, a person I could always count on to talk to me even in the deepest and darkest moments of my life and I could talk back even though he couldn't hear. Now today I'm sitting in from of my laptop watching as the last video of him slowly ticks away till the last second and the only thing I can think of is a simple goodbye, not because matpat was insignificant to my life, which would be a total lie but I cannot put in words how much i'll miss the late night watch of the new fnaf theory by the one human crazy enough to do it, nor can I put in words how much I'm glad that he's finally going to get a good rest. So matpat I from the deepest bottom of my heart want to say thank you and as always it's just a theory a life theory goodbye my friend. ~filled with determination David from Poland



Dear MatPat, It's been great having you on the channel for so many years and I and many others have lived and grown up with your theories, I wish you, your wife, and son well. I look forward to seeing what you might do next and how the theory channels will change over time. Have a happy retirement and keep theorizing! -LilyFlowers



Matpat you have been one of my favorite youtubers for a long time. I started watching you when you did your first fnaf theory. After that i fell in love with your content. thank you for being a part of my childhood!



Dear MatPat, for as long as I can remember, I have watched your amazing theories, from Minecraft lore to Game Lab, every moment was amazing. I especially love food theory and it has helped me become interested in cooking, by far my favourite channel not just from you. I will truly miss you and I would be more than lying if I said that I didn’t shed a tear when watching your announcement video. Through everything you’ve done, thank you. - Sam 3/3/24



I want to thank you for all of the years of comfort and happiness you’ve supplied. I started watching your theories over a decade ago and eventually GTLive became a frequent comfort watch. You and the whole crew have always radiated kindness and have helped me up out of dark lonely times. It’s not often that you can find YouTubers that really make you feel like you’re part of a family and not so alone. You were the first YouTuber I watched and I will continue to support whatever projects you move on to. Thank you for everything.



Goodbye, I never got to be involved in anything you did, like an arg, but I watched and bought merch, I don't normally cry, but after seeing you go, after I've been watching for 11 years I can tell you I certainly did. Thank you, and both you and your family have an amazing prosperous life.



Goodbye MatPat, I have watched your channel for so long now and I just want to say that I will miss you very much. 🫡



Thanks for everything.



Goodbye, MatPat. You will be missed



Dear Matpat, It's bittersweet to see you go but even though you ruined childhoods you've also built them. I didn't really start watching you till like 1 or 2 years ago but my sister has been watching a while. And it still hurts even though I haven't been there from the start. You'll always have a home with us. Plus you can't get rid of us that easy ;) We love you man❤️



Goodbye Matpat you have left a mark on the internet and the yt community that will never leave any of us. You will be missed by all and we hope to see you again in a video someday. <3



Thank you for everything over the years, and enjoy your vacation


My god.. MatPat. Where do I even start with this? You have been a part of my childhood and my adulthood for SO long. You've become so significant even my DAD watches your videos. He's listened to me talk about you. Your channel has brought me so much joy for so many years and I love your theories. You're a madman, a genius, and a comedian. MatPat. You have served your community so well and have brought so much joy to us all. While we're so sad to see you go, just know that you'll ALWAYS have a place in all of our hearts. Though you won't be such a big part of our lives anymore, we know that you left the channels in good hands. Thank you for bringing me so much. I will forever be a loyal theorist. Much love.. take care and enjoy your rest, you deserve it.



Matpat, thank you for your dedication to your fans. I remember watching your farewell and crying so so much. As someone who became a fan of the team and your theories only 2-3 years ago, I am saddened to see you go so soon. But I feel like I’ve learned so much, things I probably would’ve never looked into before stumbling across your channels. Thank you for keeping my curiosity going strong, and for showing me that thinking creatively can pay off. I soon plan on using YouTube to put out my music, and I don’t think I would have ever considered this before watching your videos. So thank you for all of the ways you’ve inspired me, I hope that isn’t odd to say! Enjoy your retirement, I’m so happy to hear you’re giving yourself time to rest and live your life. Thank you. With the best wishes for your future, Vee



I've been following you since your Link is Dead video just because I was just getting into Zelda at the time and ever since I've followed you. Seriously man thanks for all the laughs, cringes, and honestly the few tears I've been having watching your last few theory videos. Just, thank you man. Thank you.




Matpat, your theories were part of such a precious period of my and my brother's childhood and I'm so thankful for that.

Thank you for being part of such precious memories of ours.

Thank you for creating the conversation starters that led me to starting long-lasting and amazing friendships.

I don't have all the words I wish I could write right now. I also wish I could make a fanart, but I don't know if I will have time before your last theory.

Thank you for everything!

See you when you next decide to surprise us.

Goodbye, Matpat!



Your videos helped me get through a very rough part of my life, so thank you with all my heart. Goodbye Matpat, and thanks for everything!



Goodbye matpat! You've always been such an inspiration for me, and your videos have been my entire childhood. I remember watching almost every video by the theorist channels since 2016, and they were always so fun. I've found interests and communities in your videos, and i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you've done!



I remember when I was a middle school student and watching Game Theory videos made me see how math and science could be used for fun and not just boring homework. Watching your channel was one of the reasons I chose to pursue a career path in STEM. Now I'm studying for a degree in Engineering and have gotten my first job offer in the field this year. Thank you Matpat for being there to inspire us all.



I don't know what to say that hasn't been heartfelt by so many others, but thank you MatPat and team for everything you've done. I've been watching the channel for about 10–11 years, and you've genuinely shaped my childhood. In my life, there had been what I learned from my parents, from school, everything that made me 'smart' as a kid. I excelled in classes, but I only did because of how I saw the world. Separately, there were video games, that I used as my escapism and allowed me to be someone different. You combined those worlds effortlessly. You showed me the way to think outside the box, to constantly ask questions of games and the world around me for what was behind the curtain, what was the meaning, why were things happening. Your efforts, years ago, even about the smallest of things, games I hadn't even played, sparked an eternal interest in me for science, for knowledge, and for fun.

Thank you, MatPat, for being my greatest teacher in my childhood, and, despite being miles away on a computer screen, developing me into the man I am today.

We, as a community, will support you through it all. Thank you for the theories that we now get to make ourselves. Thank you.



Thank you MatPat ! This is super cheesy but I’ve been watching your content since before I could speak English! Never understood a word you said but you organised your ideas, had animations and best presented your theories in ways I’ve always admired. As I got older I began to learn and understand better, and gained a whole new appreciation for your work.

Thank you for being such an inspiration and I hope you don’t mind me basing my entire English language on the vocab you use and the style you speak in lol. Have a well earned retirement, but don’t think you’re an old man just yet, you’ve achieved so much and still got left to go, up to you to decide how success looks like now. All the love, H.


Can’t say I’ve grown up my whole life watching MatPat because I think we’re about the same age. But since I discovered the theories channels he’s been a daily part of my life. I watch the new theories videos for fun, I watch the long videos like GTLive when I want to just relax and not channel surf. I share them with friends and coworkers because they make me smile. It won’t be the same with the new hosts, but I wish you the best and I’ll keep watching. And maybe one day down the line, when things have faded from recent memory, us old timers can share all our favorite videos from dinosaur times with the new fans who might not know who MatPat is. But regardless of where the channels go, even if they end up being something I just remember fondly, I wish you the best MatPat. Because you brought me countless smiles. Because no matter what we think might happen, we need to give change a chance. And because until we see what becomes of whatever happens, and we have a chance to analyze it frame by frame, it’s all just a theory…



We'll miss you MatPat!



Hello Matpat and the entirety of the Theory Team, I first watched Game Theory about 8 years ago (2016). I think it was because a channel from my country translated a FNAF Game Theory video to my country's language. So I decided to watch the original video, And sure enough; I became intrigued by the concept of FNAF itself, The Books, Videos, Theories, Everything. It also made me watch the other channels, It is a part of me and I think it is a part of everyone who followed FNAF from those times. I stopped watching for some time like many people, But I came back to watching Game Theory at about 2018. Honestly, Game Theory Introduced me to an interesting, big and nice world of one of the best communities that have ever existed; I can't thank the community enough for everything, Love to not also Matpat and the Theory Team, But to you reading this, You guys, The Community; Love from the Brazil part of the community and from myself, Have a good one, Matthew. Hope to see you another day.



Goodbye MatPat, and thank you for all these years. I have probably watched for the last 9 years and by doing so has basically lead me to my dream school. When i started watching you i remember watching the Rosalina videos and learning about genetics and realizing how cool that is and by further watching more i began to love the science aspect of school (chemistry, biology, and then later physics (i already loved math)). And with the newfound love i chose a high school focusing more in those subjects, and by doing that i had subjects in the high school that also focused on product development and design, and next year I'm starting a university based on that, and i probably would not have this love for the sciencey subjects if it wasn't for the Theorist channels. On a non school related note the game theory channel is a go-to watch for me and my best friend to watch when we are together, when her ex broke up with her i remember sitting in my car eating pizza with her while we watched a theory and later we went to her house and put on some old FNaF theories because those are her favorite, and that became a thing we do sometimes, get fast-food, eat in my car parked in a specific spot and watch any of the Theory channels. Even when I'm watching YouTube i find myself putting on GTLive because i like having longer videos in the background while I'm doing things and it has become one of the channels i watch most on YouTube in general and it always finds a way to put a smile on my face, from cracking the lore on Shipwrecked or Garten of Banban, to enjoying the witty banter from you and Ash. Again i just want to say thank you for being one of the most important people in the last 9 years of my life and i can't wait to see what the future holds, not only for the channels but for myself as well, so from the bottom of my heart thank you<3



Matpat, I have loved your work for the many years I’ve been watching. It was always fun to see you jumping over my screen talking about Michael Afton getting the scoop. I hope whatever endeavors you find yourself in next, you will have fun and luck. Goodbye. And always remember, that’s just a theory.



MatPat is responsible for a massive amount of my personality from my love of video games to science and theorizing. I simply would not be the person I am today without him and can't thank him enough.



Thank you so much for all the memories. Most of my childhood was filled with disappointment but watching game theory when a new video released is something I'll always remember fondly. I cannot understate just how much you have influenced me and how I think about things. You introduced me to ARGS and now they're one of my favorite things. I cant watch a tv show or movie anymore without thinking about the LORE now and I wouldnt want it any other way. Thank you Matpat.


okay. so I haven’t been a theorist for very long. Over covid, somehow I fell down the omega mart rabbit hole and ended up watching a jimmy neutron is grub hub theory on the GT channel. I remember thinking it was cool but forgetting about it. Then this October, I realised MatPat was that guy. I found the channel again. I haven’t had much time but the channel brings me happiness. It expands on something I’ve always done in my mind: expanded stories. Thank you, MatPat and Steph. You’ll be missed. ❤️💚💙💛



We all love you, Mat Pat. I have been a subscriber for years. You were one of the first youtubers I subscribed to. We will all miss you.



My sister introduced me to your channel and I’ve been following your journey since, but I know it can’t last forever, everyone moves on with their lives and so must you good sir. I’m probably not the only one that grew up watching your videos, my comment will most likely be lost in all this. I will end this comment with a quote. “celebrate life’s grandeur, its brilliance, its magnificence”



Goodbye Matpat. After all these years off theories, I loved every single one, when I was a little kid. Every time I watched one of your videos, I enjoyed it. I enjoy your hard work, and you do deserve to take a break. After what you've done for the Youtube community, you deserve to retire. We'll miss you, all your theories, your magnificent progress. Go hang out with your family, enjoy the rest of your life, Matpat.


Matpat, you probably will not see this, but I'm putting it for my own sake. You have been a second dad to me since I first discovered your channel 11+ years ago. I've been through so much trauma in my life, but even when I'm at my lowest, I can always go to this channel and cheer myself up. so personally, I just want to thank you for everything. You are the reason I have started doing video editing, and editing videos for creators. I love these videos with a passion, and will be upset when you are gone, but maybe this is a sign that I need to grow up and change my ways. all in all, I will forever be grateful for your work on YouTube, and Thank You so so so very much.



Hi matpat thanks for all the theories and times you put in those theories to make us curious and inspired us to make theories of our own thanks again goodbye Matthew Robert Patrick "MATPAT"



it’s been a while since i started watching your videos. not sure how long.

made me feel smart, and i do think i picked something up from them.

i can really appreciate the games i play, of the video variety or otherwise, the media i consume, and little parts of everyday life.

the idea of being this guy who digs through the smallest details, thinks outside of the box, and challenges preconceived notions on games, film, food, and style…

that was an idea i loved.

and while i was still a little kid at the time, i wouldn’t easily forget that mindset, as it persists to this day, whether being a game theorist is in my mind or not- as it’s in my heart. i was pretty small when i was introduced to game theory, and i still am.

thank you, matpat.

it’s thanks to you that i could dig up so many gems in what i really liked.

sayonara, matthew patrick.

elisha, out. (eh-lai-shuh.)



Dear MatPat

I'm an adult now but i've watched u since i was 13. You were one of the first channels i watched on youtube, and i always turn on your videos when im studying or doing late night work. I even learnt english from your videos. I go to your videos in high school because it made me feel nice and safe since i wasn't in my best place in HS. You've taught me to look into all the details, whenever i'm playing games, doing something, or even doing schoolwork. Even up until now I followed your way into understanding something by being super detailed and laid all the facts in my work (I'm a management student studying to get certs for an engineering field). I know you will not leave youtube, and you'll be out there somewhere, but everything will not feel the same. It is a feeling I'm familiar with but still not great to feel. I will miss you. I will replay all of your old FNAF theories whenever I'm working or just generally existing. Your videos will forever be a part of what makes me me.

I will pray for your good luck in your future endeavors. And again, I will miss you.

It's just a theory, a game theory! Thank you for everything.



In Mi'kmaq there isn't "goodbyes" there is "see you again"... so I would like to say Nmultis (Nu-mul-tes) MatPat, (Matthew Patthew) for this, I'm glad I clicked on the 'Killer's promise' Fnaf theory, that was the first theory to get me reeled in, and I stayed, sure I wasn't able to get merch, but that doesn't make me any less of a fan, thank you for the Years (not so much for now the overthinking, overanalyzing, and theorizing at night) and memories, but we can make new ones with the new heads of the channels, And not just a Numultis for Mat, Stephanie too, she's just as much as a theorist as us all, thank you for everything Mat and Team! XOXO -Mali



9 years of MatPat... See you on the flipside. (A farewell).


I've been a fan of Mat for 9 years. I'm 19 now, so it's about half of my life I've been following the channel, which is... wild to me.

I wanted to start this off properly by saying thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. Thank you for being the highlight of my day for years when I log on and see a new fnaf theory. Thank you for feeding my obsessions with GTLives when a new video comes out. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for making me cry (especially the farewell video...) but overall, thank you for being part of my childhood.

It seems now my childhood is slipping further and further away from me, which is crazy, but that's how time works isn't it? The further you go, the more you lose. But then, it doesn't seem to hurt any less the further you go.

One of my fondest memories is when I was a lot younger and tried to explain the plot of the first five nights at freddys games to my grandad and his partner. It was funny, trying to explain off of what little lore we had, and conveniently speeding through the parts about dead bodies in suits (they still caught it though...). Talking about theories helped me make friends, and genuinely, it helped my analysis skills so much that I now make my own theories.

But not only that. I think my love of analysis which led me to my place today is from theories. The fact I can analyse essays so well, draw conclusions from it, and then write my own books too with little puzzle pieces is just... amazing. It's safe to say, it's definitely been a big part of my life. And I am so thankful for that.

I've always aspired to do some form of youtubing, and later voice acting, and that was inspired by you and Markiplier and PewDiePie and all those lovely people. One day, I thought what if I can voice act. That I get to be in an amazing game, and maybe what if MatPat plays it on a video! Well, I'm sure the second part won't come true now, but you know what? I'm happy with that. You may have seen another post on the subreddit where I made a meme about how I got to voice the Marionette, my childhood favourite, in a fangame. She's always been the creepiest to me, and she's made her way into my heart. I may not have made my goal, but I'm darn well on my way. And for that, too, I have you to thank.

I still remember when it made my day when I got a shout out from you from defending Gregbot - a redditor messaged me, and I couldn't believe it, and yet... there it was. Childhood me would've been overjoyed, and adult me was just as happy.

I definitely fluctuated on and off for the channel every now and again, but I never missed a fnaf theory. Ever. I always came back to this channel, never a long break, and I'm sure I always will.

I'm getting emotional (again) now, so I think it's better for me to end this now. Thank you again, Mat, and I speak for everyone here when I say I hope you have the best retirement, and enjoy yourself. I'm sure life has some wonderful surprises for you, and honestly, you deserve it. You've made a wonderful impact on the community, and my life. I know it's odd to say that about someone I don't know, a youtuber no less, but I think it's more than that. I think we do create bonds beyond human comprehension.

And I find that wonderful.

Thank you, Eowyn ✨️



Ever since you dropped your retirement video, I've been trying to think of how to articulate my thoughts. I just have to say thank you so much for everything. I have been watching you since I was 11 and now I'm 21, I binged everything on game theory growing up (and now), to this day I still watch Food Theory while I cycle at the gym. One of the biggest things you've done for me is actually put me in my current position. I'm currently a medical student and my reason for becoming one was because I wanted to go into neurosurgery/neurology, and that is because of you. I was so interested in the human mind as a kid and wanted to study psychology, but then I watched your video on how the fnaf 4 kid would've had his frontal lobe bitten off, and your reference to the guy that had his amygdala removed. That was so cool to me, and to top it all off, that's when I realised that YOU studied neuroscience. I had initially forgotten about this but about a year ago I was rewatching old videos and realised the thing that made me want to study medicine was YOU! I love everyone on the channels and I'm glad you're doing what's best for you. I pray for you, Steph, Ollie, all 4 amazing hosts (+ Ash of course) to succeed and find joy in the future 🙏🏿



Dear MatPat,

It's been so long since I first watched your theories. I remember childhood me just watching each one of your theories as they appeared and it would be a joy for me to watch it with all my friends. From Sans is Ness to Petscop, I enjoyed all the memories that you have given me and all those in the community. Even though it might be time for you to step down as the host of the Theorists, we all know that you'll always be there. We will always remember you, but your legacy will live on with the new hosts in each channel. It will never be the same without you, but I'm sure each host will be a new experience in itself and that we'll enjoy them too. Thank you for the memories.

That's all folks~



Thank you Mat, for all the years of theories you have made. I’ve been watching you for years, from the depths of Sans is Ness to Gregory is a robot, and despite anything that may have happened in my life, your theories were always there. Thank you, for the years of entertainment. I am excited to see where the future will lead, but there will always be a piece of you in every video that we will always miss. Goodbye MatPat, and I hope you enjoy whatever life brings you next.


It's been one hell of a pleasure to have been your viewer for all these years, every week waiting for the next theory to be posted, trying to theorize by myself, and so on.

The size of the dent that you have left on Youtube will forever be immeasurable.

Thank you MatPat.



Goodbye Matpat❤️ Like many others, you’ve been the foundation of my childhood. I’ve come and gone watching other YouTubers, but you’ve always stuck as a favourite. I’ve been watching you from the near beginning, and watching some of your oldest videos. You’ve become an inspiration and a role figure for millions. Literally millions. What has always had an impact for me is you. Even though I’m only watching a screen I can tell that you care so deeply for everyone and everything you work on. You have lots of passion and wit about you, and not to forget about your kindness either. Just know that you are a special person. Although it’s sad, this time for you to take your break is well deserved. Enjoy your time together Matt, Steph and Ollie, and I wish you all the best. I’ve taken the role of a hardcore fnaf theorist these years, but that doesn’t shy me away from all of your awesome other content as well. I’m 19 turning 20, and I look up to you. I won’t ever meet you in real life, but you seem like a cool guy to hang out with and work with. And with that, that’s just a goodbye, a great goodbye! Thank you for your hard work Emily



Hey guys, I'm gonna keep this short since you guys have probably had enough tears from the other goodbye comments here, I know I have. I want to thank you, for so many years of theories, so many years of us accompanying you and at the same time you doing the same thing with us, accompanying us throughout everything. Thank you for showing us just how deep we can go and how much more lies beneath such simple and yet such complex and entertaining things. Goodbye Mat, and remember, it's all just a theory.



Hi MatPat, I really want to say goodbye to you, so here goes. I remember the first theory of yours I've watched, the Majora's Mask Link is Dead Theory. I remember being totally freaked out and scared by it, I was only like 8 or 9 at the time. A few years after that, I came back to your channel, and watched those theories about Undertale and Gaster, during a time where I was obsessed with the game. I remember watching tons of your videos with my friends, particularly around 2016 (remember that year? That was a thing that happened). I have a lot of your merch too, some socks, the chaos theory shirt, and the first edition of the Switch case. I still use my GT wallet to this day, but by far my favorite piece of Game Theory that I own is the reversible hoodie, easily one of the best and most well-made sweatshirts I own (Although it doesn't fit me like it used to.) Over time, I have gradually moved away from watching your videos religiously, although I do still watch them frequently, but the sheer impact you had on my late tween-early teenage years will never be forgotten. You've inspired me to think much more critically about the games I play, and now even the most simple games can lead to a great mental exercise. I think it's almost impossible for Game Theory to be the same without you as the host, but I'm sure whatever comes next for it will not be disappointing. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you, for all your videos, for all your dumb jokes, for shaping my adolescence. Thank you MatPat. Wherever life takes you next, I wish you all the best.



Matpat- you changed my life.



Goodbye thanks for the memories that’s not just a theory A GAME THEORY



good bye matpat thank you for all the good years im going to miss you thats not just a theory - anita A GAME THEORY



I have been watching your theory channels for around 9 years. And nothing in my life has been consistent except you. Matpat, you gave me something I could look forward to after a week of getting bullied for being a theatre kid. You gave me a steady laugh, 20 minutes that I was okay. And I will never forget that. Even when I went through a massive loss in my family, I never missed an upload because it was the only thing that brought a smile to my face. I'm now 18, and entering the real world. That prospect is terrifying but I know I'll always have the theory channels. Thank you for giving me those 20 minutes a week. From me and most other internet kids, we love you mat

That's just a theory! We'll miss you <3 Batseer



Goodbye Matpat and thank you so much for being a huge part of what shaped me till what I am now. You and game/film theory were a big part of my childhood and was what got me interested in science. Me being autistic and having ADHD made school really hard especially cause none of the subjects caught my interest but that all changed when my big brother introduced me to your channel. Honestly you would have been such a good teacher! Besides science you taught me so much essential stuff like critical thinking and expanded my creativity even made me go into editing and art as a hobby. I honestly don't think I would've gone into medicine (and studying physics in my free time) if I hadn't been introduced to your channel, like no joke. I hope you have an amazing retirement and you will be missed! <3 - Just a 21 year old girl :)



Hey Matpat,

Highly doubt you'd be reading this specific message seeing as there are probably hundreds of thousands of messages, videos and photos to go through but I just wanna say thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You've made my day hundreds of times over and made me into a better person. I found a love for video games and horror through the Game Theory Youtube channel and I'm even on my way to become a Game Designer specializing in part in horror games.

I wouldn't be here without your Youtube channel and I just hope that even without being the host of the Game Theory Youtube channel you continue to positively impact people throughout your own personal life. Because even if you were to disappear off the face of the internet forever, I'd never forget you, we'd never forget you. From the countless meme-able moments out of context clips to your and the teams' amazing contributions like the 2022 St. Jude Charity Livestream.

Thank you Matpat, Dean



Thank you, Matpat, for all you have done over these years. I've been watching you since 2013 and I cannot express how much you and this channel mean to me. Your channel has helped me through so many tough times. All I can say is thank you. Thank you to you and Steph and everybody who has ever helped work on these great channels. We will miss you, legend.



Goodbye! You have been in my watchlist ever since I started watching YouTube, You have changed my view on many things. Thank you for all the years of content you and your team produced. And good luck with whatever you want to do next!


bye matpat, ill miss you man



I'm not sure if you read your messages, but I'll go on the assumption that you do. I'm picking my GCSEs next week (the literal most important thing in the UK education system) and I would not be lying if I said that I'm nervous. You taught me that it's okay to be that nerdy kid that likes Hamilton, and if I can remember all of the FNAF lore, then I can do that too. Game theory has been there for me my entire life, through the good times, and the bad ones. Thank you, Matpat. - Berg



Matpat, I'd like to thank you for being such a huge part of my life. Back in elementary school, me and my friends would sit and talk about your newest FNAF theory and how much sense it made during lunch. In middle school, we'd talk about how cool the games were, and now, in high school, we talk about how excited we are for the next release of a theory on the newest game. If I hadn't discovered your channel all those years ago, I would never have been as interested in FNAF as I am now. Thank you again, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your life after YouTube. Goodbye and good luck.



goodbye, matt. thanks for everything.



Goodbye, Matt ever since i discovered your channel i just REALLY REALLY love the content how you keep my attention span how perfect every video its just PERFECT how you can make science fun how to theorize wherever you are, wherever you go, remember, you made all of our lives a better moment, and place, even if it was through a video. And that, is not just a theory. and i really would love to meet Tom good luck. I really wish you could stay and i think we all do but, we respect your choice and thank you THANK YOU for these 13 years of consistent uploads.



Goodbye Matpat! You will be missed. I will for sure miss you. You have been a big part of my childhood, and I just want to say thank you for all the fun videos I've gotten to watch and all the entertaining theories I got to hear.

A clap and a half to you!



Hey MatPat, jeez I don't even know where to start. When I was just in middle school, I always dreamed of one day getting you and Steph to say hi to my comments. I always wanted a clap and a half from you guys. First discovering your channel was like cavemen discovering fire to me. Never ceased to amaze me by how good your videos are and how entertaining they are. Tuning in every Thursday at 4pm for GTLive. Watching the newest FNAF theories and talking over the timeline with my friend group in middle school. I was named king of FNAF lore because of you at my school. Even though our time with you wasn't infinite, watching you grow as a person and a creator really inspired me. During the lowest times of my life, your videos made it seem like you were in my corner. Standing beside me and telling me to keep pushing. You were the father figure in my life. Whenever I was down, you were there to pick me up and keep me going. And following your channels from 5th grade all the way to after me graduating high school, I couldn't have asked for a better childhood. The lessons you taught to your entire community will continue to be taught for years to come. Helping people realize that you can view things in your daily life in a new perspective. Changing the way we think and gather data forever. And to bring this whole thing to a close. Even though you may never see this, I just want you to know that I'm proud of you, your family and proud that I can confidently say, "I had MatPat in my life." And that's no theory. A clap and a half to you. And thank you for being with me for over 8 years. One day, I hope I can meet you and thank you in person. I will forever miss you <3



I've been watching MatPat's channels since the pandemic and have seen each video he made. I adore his every theory and gtlives/gtnotlives. English isn't my 1st language, but regularly watching his content helped me improve it quite a lot. Thank you for the wonderful time, MatPat. Good luck.


Thanks, MatPat and Steph for a decade full of Theories (Game/Film/Food/Style). I've been watching since "Game Theory: The TF2 Pyro...Male or Female?" and the quality of the videos always improved and never lost the WOW Effect! It was always a blessing, even the YouTube Premium shows and I will always remember how these videos got me through my Half-life (Grew up with your content) Thanks for everything. enjoy the time with your family. You have some good new hosts that will make you proud ;) GOODBYE! <3



Oh boy, MatPat. The God of childhood. Wish him the best in life, and for Ollie and Steph. This may be heartbreaking, but sometimes you have to let the pain stab through your heart. 'Goodbye Matpat [2011 - 2024]


So Bye Mat you've been the whole reason I got into fnaf into the first place any chance I had to get fnaf stuff I did and now I have the cookbook, the security log book, the graphic novels of the main 3 books and the regular books themselves, almost all of fazbear frights, anyways I'm rambling now so I just want to say thank you for getting me into being a theorist for making me doubt everything out of place and to always strive to be great to try new things and to enjoy the world and most of all go out and make friends and live life and I thank you for that and I may be crying while I write this but they are happy tears anyways that's just a theory A GAME THEORY stay safe and I hope that everyone gets to see you again soon


Stay Cool...



Hello MatPat. I guess it is a goodbye, not sure if you are reading this. I have been a theorist probably since Year 2 or 3, i think i saw the Pokemon Trilogy when The Dex had a crossover. I ended up watching the backlog and have been staying tuned in ever since. I subbed to each new channel when you made the call to actions, i remember being in the first few GTLive episodes. Episode 1 i think was FNAF related, Episode 2 was doing the Chubby Bunny Challenge with the legend NateWantsToBattle, and I think Episode 3 was the introduction of the clap and a half maybe connected to a Cortez Assignment where you were dinged for filling both sides of the medal you were asked to make. (Why do I remember this details). Being an overthinker has been my identity for quite a while, thus i am used to being alone with my thoughts and started making canned responses since if i overthink i will go on a mental chain that only makes sense to me. Chaining ideas and finding connections is the true calling of a theorist. You are clearly leaving the channel in good hands and I will continue rooting for team internet and team theorist. Thank You Matthew and Steph (it feels weird typing the full name but your futures are more offline and taking a backset from the channels, I probably did not need to explain that)

From a Loyal Theorist ExHappyFace



Hi Matpat! I started watching you a few years ago and you became a very important part of my life. You inspired me immensely. You’re a youtuber who shows your passion for your work and for your theories and that made me instantly love your channels. Your theories made me happy every time I saw them and you made me want to become a youtuber and make my own theories. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for making people happy with your incredible personality and sense of humor. Thank you so much Matpat. I hope you have an incredible life with your family and friends. You really deserve it. Thank you so much for everything. 💚 And remember, thats just a theory, a GAME THEORY. •zuubat_



Dear Mathew and Stephanie Patrick, thank you so much for being such a huge part of all of our lives, during Covid your videos were the only thing keeping me sane. You two deserve the best retirement, and I'm gonna be looking forward to the fashion show. I still remember the day i got back home and saw the Goodbye Internet video, i started crying as soon as i fully comprehended that one of the best youtubers was leaving the platform. my friends sometimes make fun of me for knowing the LOREE of FNAF and overanalyzing everything, but then i realize that is exactly what being a theorist is like. I sincerely hope you both have the most stress-free retirement life and get to spend all the time in the world with Ollie. BUT HEY THATS JUST A MESSAGE, A MESSAGE FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. until next time, thank you for reading



Hey MatPat just wanted to say thank you for everything. Your videos not only ignited my love (i.e. obsession) with FNAF but also helped me connect with other people. In school I was always the oddball even in my friend group so discovering your channel and meeting with and befriending other theorists on Reddit, YouTube, discord, etc makes me feel so happy to be a part of a community where we proudly call ourselves oddballs and weirdos. Something that would not have happened if you hadn’t come along and started up your YouTube channels with Steph and the rest of the game theory family. Again thank you MatPat, I wish you luck and success in whatever you decide to do next.



Goodbye Matpat! You have been my childhood since i first found your channel in 2015 and you entertained me even now you have been entertaining me with your videos and to see you retire makes me a bit sad but i understand so i just have to say farewell matpat



I don’t remember when I started watching Game Theory. It’s probably been at least 6-8 years. I remember watching the fnaf 4 and sister location theories as they came out. I remember staying up all night to work on costumes and projects with theories playing in the background for hours. Thank you for helping me embrace being a weird little kid. Sorry I’m not the best at writing these types of things lol but I wanted to at least try to express how much you, the channels, and all of team theorist mean to me, You were a huge part of my childhood and you’ll always be my favorite person on the internet. I can’t wait to see what you do next. - Sage



I've been watching and enjoying since the good old days of FNAF 2 theories, sad to see you go but you deserve rest. Godspeed.



goodbye matpat you will be remembered as one of the greatest if not the greatest youtuber of all time



To quote from the Infamous games: "I love you brother. and I'm sure as hell gonna miss you."



Matpat, you have been a childhood hero to me, and possibly one of the biggest YouTubers from the 2010’s. You have been in over 1000 videos and had a spot in tons of things, the only thing that I could think that would end your content dreams in a good way is to be on hot ones, but you don’t need that, you have accomplished so much, not only have a kid, but have made a living on YouTube as one of the top 50-100 YouTubers which is a big thing, you don’t just deserve a break as the front man, you need it, so I thank you matpat, not only for carrying the childhood of me and millions, but also entertaining and giving people the reason to think beyond what’s shown, I respect you🫡




"Goodbye MatPat!", is something I never thought I'd say coming from someone who loves you with all my heart dearly. I really think that this is the best decision for you to make and I really wish you the best in this new life I really do. In this current moment I am on the verge of tears at the thought of not being able to see that PNG slide across a screen yelling "BUT THATS JUST A THEORY" it almost hurts me to let that go but I know your schedule and making theory videos isn't easy or in that matter working a 12 to 12 job isn't easy or even doing that and raising a child and paying bills and keeping a hold of yourself heck, even having a relationship with someone and your coworkers isn't always easy. And I bet making theory videos on YouTube wasn't even your dream job or didn't plan on it. We all wish you and your family the best in your life to come outside of theories. I hope that future fans will like this new content and old fans I hope they agree with this change and love you no matter what. Also we love you too Steph, sorry this is all about your husband I hope you understand and I wish you too best regards and thank you for the joy you've brought me Steph. I also remember just the sad nights I'd tend to have but when I turned one of your videos I wasn't so sad anymore. I think I've been watching you since about 5 years or so is what I can remember and I think what got me into your kind of content was the history of Minecraft video or maybe the size of the Minecraft world or something like that. You're the best friend that doesn't know I exist and really look up to you as a eighth grader in a small school going to a high school that has over a thousand kids. I'm getting the F.N.A.F. High jacket soon and gonna wear it on the first day of high school and get bullied but you made something really spark in my head that it doesn't matter who you are it's ok to like the things you like, wear the things you like, or even don't be ashamed for what you like cause people only do things to hurt you or make you tick. Also it is really hard being 13 and in eighth grade and having a tough time with family and all that jazz, it really is but I know I can get through it because of you and the people around me that love me for who I am. I wish you guys again the best in your lives and future. Best regards from the millions you've encouraged and raised. Poopy caca from your favorite subscriber even though you didn't even know I existed before this message but love you and Steph and Ollie wish you the best But that's just a theory... thanks for listening... and gnight sleep whale (I give you full consent to use that where ever you go cause you, Ollie, and Steph are my favorite people

yours truly, SandyGai(sandy GUY not gay is not my real name that's just what i go by online)


MatPat, you and Steph were like best friends to me. You guys, having been making amazing Theories for almost my whole life, have been a crucial part of me. To see you leave YouTube is one of the saddest things to me. However, it's smart of you to take a break to relax with your family after 13 WHOLE YEARS. You've earned my family's respect. Thank you, MatPat, Steph, and all of the Crew. I can't wait to see what theories you guys have in store for us next.

Sincerely, Azarias (diehard Theorist)



Looks like Dad Pat is finally retiring from his gaming throne. But don’t worry, he’ll still be keeping an eye on the animatronics from his cozy retirement home in Florida!

Now to be completely honest it hurts to see you go because me and my brother have bonded over watching your videos. Who knows when we began watching your videos. We can’t even remember anymore. But we’ve always stuck around no matter what. And we’ve seen you grow since game theory and now in style theory and we’re proud of you and the team for all the effort you have put in. We know that the effort and dedication will not disappear even if you’re gone but it’s never going to be the same. You are the one that started this channel but we understand that things changed and we do not mind it. that’s for sure. We can’t wait to see what shenanigans the team comes up with from now on. So from me and my brother Josh we wish you a farewell and a very big thank you Dad Pat.



Matpat my childhood has been built off of your theories ever since I was eight and I have watched every single one. You were the youtuber that got me into Undertale, and Deltarune I could never pay back the memories and I have always been a fan. I am very sad that you are retiring, but I'm also very glad? You have been on the youtube grind since 2011, and you have a wife and a child, and you should enjoy your retirement youtube is not a normal job and you should enjoy every thing about your life off of youtube. Goodbye Matthew Patrick, you are a legend, thank you for reading this.



Mathew I think i speak for everyone when i say that you will be dearly missed by everyone who has supported and known about your career, I can imagine how hard it must be letting go, with all your iconic and fun theories. You were and are a really big part of my childhood when i was sad or bored watching you and other youtubers would cheer me up. Something always has to come to an end, but this feels different and more specific, it feels like a passing away or a departure, but I know you´ll always be in our hearts.

It´s been a hell of a ride with you. I just want to say that im happy for you and your awesome journey since your acting days, since the days Steph was in GT Live, and many others, but it´s all because of you, you´ve been there all this time.

I´m proud for you for facing off and telling the truth, and i´m happy we took it well. Even though you´re not leaving forever it feels like a goodbye that we should enjoy with all of our hearts.

As you say ´´But hey thats just a theory´´ MatPat, From the bottom of my, our hearts I enjoyed the theories and gameplays. Thank you, we love you.



I still remember the first theory I ever watched. Rather ironically, I was sitting on the bleachers at a soccer game, just a little 9-year-old me, when I stumbled across "Would Super Mario Win At The Olympics?" Needless to say, I was hooked from the very start. As a kid who was already very much into STEM and video games, to have a channel that could teach me while being entertaining and funny was a godsend. I'd go on to watch every theory video I could, learning more and more about science, math and the world through the lens of the things I loved. From games to films to food to style, Team Theorist has given me meaningful, entertaining content during my good days, and they have helped cheer me up during my bad days.

From learning the force equation 5 years before school ever covered it to trying out Hollow Knight thanks to your (to be perfectly honest, pretty bad) lore video covering it, It's through the Theory videos that I've gotten to learn so much, that I've gotten to laugh, to learn about games that I would never have heard about otherwise. So thank you, Team Theorist. Thank you for all the laughter, the knowledge and the inspiration you have given to all of us. And thank you, Matpat, for making it all possible.



Thank you so much matt, you were always a inspiration for me to do youtube and thanks to you I have my own youtube channel and my own friends from the outside world watching you made me realize that I enjoy things with any kind of lore I hope you have a amazing retirement even though its sad to see you go I wish the best of luck to you thank you so much for making all of our lives so. so... much better..


Hi MatPat, thank you for everything in your community, you were my childhood and I literally watched all of your FNAF theory videos LOL! You deserve this retirement because you ran this channel while having a wife AND a baby! Thank you so much for making us children smile for over 13 years. Goodbye



Goodbye Matthew you will be missed by the entire community and everyone around you made a lot of people's childhoods better including mine you made every video great and I don't think that you could do anything better and you will be missed anything with you was better and i could not wish for anyone better to watch i will miss you and i don't want this to end every time i see that count down i start to wish that i could turn back time to have more time to watch you and feel that happiness that you spread with your videos and i love watching you and i'll really miss you and i wish you the best of the best and i don't want this to end goodbye Matpat and have a great time with your family



Goodbye Matpat!



Man i can't believe the day has come to say goodbye to another youtube legend. I remember watching game theory since I was 9 years old I am 21 now. I started watching your videos during the FNAF lore videos and I remember watching my favorite theory video you made which is the one where you shared your thoughts on who Glados was in Portal. It's sad to see you go. I hope you have a happy retirement MatPat we will all miss you.



Thank you for introducing me to ARGs and games I wouldn't have known about if you hadn't played them or covered them on gtlive. I wish you and your family well and hope whatever you and Steph do after this is happy and peaceful. Love Hana



may you get your well deserved vacation :)



Randomly stumbled upon the channel and was immediately impressed by the great edits, elaborate researches and wonderful theories. It is to say that I found the channel a bit late...(first video that I watched was a doki doki literature club lore theory), still I was surprised by the quality of the video. Your videos always brings new insight and every new theory amazes me. Thank you for all that you've done for this community and everyone else. I hope that as you step back from YouTube, you'll have more time to focus on yourself and your family and to do things that you like. ('◡') Goodbye and Thank you, MatPat!



Goodbye MatPat. All of us will miss you. But Hey, That's Not Just a Theory, It's a Fan Fact. Thanks For Being There For All My Childhood Mat. I, and Everyone will miss you.



I haven't seen Game Theory in my early childhood. It wasn't until my early teens when I saw the channel, and I really loved it! I have loved it so much, that I have come up with my own Game Theory, where Sonic uses his chakras to unleash the power of the Chaos Emeralds. I have even come up with a concept of the four channels as dragons. Two dragons based off Mat and Stephanie would be the parents, and the four children would have unique powers around what channels they are based off of. Like everyone else, I have mixed feelings about MatPat leaving. On one hand, he gets to spend more time with his family, but on the other, we won't have the host we grew up with. Goodbye Mat, and may you have the best life ahead for you!



I cant believe the day has finally come but goodbye matpat 😢i have literally have no words but ill deadass miss you so much 💔 thank you for being a big part of my childhood and i wish you all the best for your future life with steph and oliver LOVE YOUU



Thanks for all the theories everyone has enjoyed them even for me that joined the adventure pretty late And that's NOT a theory



Thank you for the years of advice, witty wisdom and theories. I grew up with you and I will never forget first finding your channel and ultimately getting into all the secret lore of video games and theory crafting in middle school. I sit here now just turning 21 and youre the first youtuber I shed a few tears for now that the time has come. You'll forever be apart of my history. Truly just thank you.



It's been some great years, Matthew, It's sad to see you retiring but I understand, you've done ALOT. You've been a huge part of my life since I saw one of your FNAF Theories. March will be sad, but when one legend leaves, another legend is made. We'll miss you Matpat. Farewell.



I have been watching Matpat since 2017 or 2018 and It has been amazing even though we did have some ups and downs with Scott retiring and a bunch of other astonishing moments although Matpat retiring makes me wanna shred a tear down my eye it's fine as now he will have a chance to spend quality time with his family and friends.



As a theorist it is damn sad to know you are leaving but i am happy for you , you should be able to focus on your other life goals Matt . I grew up with your videos , english is not my native but i can say i learned english because of your videos , because of my love to your content and enthusiasm for be able to understand it . I hope you do comeback for time to time tho . I love you so much and here is a last O7 for you



I hope you'll be present in some theories from time to time. But hey, that's.. just a theory.. a viewer theory. Thank you for everything.



goodbye matpat, you're an absolute legend and you say you ruin childhoods but you are my childhood things will not be the same without you, mat (nice choice of day to go out(69th day of this year)


pixzll_3's been a long, long journey and still, its such a bittersweet goodbye. I've been watching matpat since I was 9, he introduced me into a new, nerdier way (than before) of thinking and kept me going when times were rough. I honestly was so shocked to see him go but he deserves it. Thank you for all that you and the team has done and I hope to see you in the future. Hey, maybe he'll start an acting career in the FNAF movies? (/j) But that's just a theory! <3



Goodbye MatPat!! You were one of the youtubers that helped me with my childhood and helped me learn a lot through out the years. I wanted to say how much I appreciate you and that you are loved by all. Your videos helped me through times that were tough and times that I need to distract myself from what was actually going on around me. You've helped me a lot through out the years and I love your videos so much. Some of my favorite theory series are FNAF ( you've made me a HUGE FNAF fan), Minecraft and more! I love your reactions to things and everything! I've been watching you for as long as I can remember... You will be missed but I hope you know that you've done so much for me!



Goodbye mattpat! we will all miss you and how you do all your amazing theories!



Goodbye MatPat enjoy your life and thank you for all these years of theories !!!!



Thank you matpat! I always looked forward for your theories and always wanted to see your interpretation of games and series. I loved seeing you in theories and hearing the classic "HELLO INTERNET!!!!". You have taught me so much about theorising and analysing media and have introduced me to different media and communities. Thank you so much for starting this channel and i can't wait to see what is next for the channel. Thank you so much for the support and care you have put for the different communities you had done theories on and thank you for everything you have done for the channel. You have been here for years and despite everything, it's still you! ( please excuse the undertale reference i just had to :P) I hope you are happy wherever you are and enjoy life to the fullest :D. Thank you :)



Goodbye MatPat. I have been watching ever since I was a little kid, and to say you were an inspiration would be an understatement. You inspired me and so many others to think outside the box, be yourself, and get out into the digital world. You will forever be an influence in my mind, shaping the way I look at things. You have inspired me to start working on my dreams, and showed so many paths that young me would never consider. You will always be in my heart, as truly one of the greats, a pillar of the YouTube monolith. Maybe there is a correlation between exposure of critical thinking skills and out of the box thinking to young children and successful people, and that's why so many kids shows teach morals and lessons, and you were my childhood tv show. But that's just a theory, a MatPat Theory. Thanks for so many great videos, and thanks for reading. <3



hey matpat. not sure if you'll ever read this, but i just want to thank you. Funnily enough, i was born in 2011, the time you released your first theory video. i honestly missed a lot, but for the past 2-3 years, these videos have been one of the best times of my life. Me and my family moved to a new country about 3 years ago, and i pretty much knew no one. but your videos always provided me comfort. i would always sit alone with my laptop at school, watching your fnaf theories. I can't thank you enough, for comforting me through a time when i mostly felt alone. But, Thank you matpat. A clap and a half to you. I didnt understand this much before, but i kinda got the referece after trying your 7 gates ARG. Still didnt finish it, its kinda hard converting audio files into spectrograms. also thanks for the rickroll RA. Really enjoyed doing all that just to get rickrolled. but seriously, it was amazing. And thanks to you, i made a few friends in the past years, and we were able to bond over our interest in fnaf, and your theory videos. I remember it was pretty late at night when one of my friends sent me the "Goodbye internet" video. She said she was crying. I knew it was gonna be bad. I started crying too a few minutes in. but i understand why you have to go. and i respect it. You made a huge impact on so many people's lives. we will miss you. but this isnt goodbye forever. i hope to see you someday in the future. i didnt say everything i wanted to, but thats ok. sorry for the grammar mistakes... i just didnt want this to be formal, and more like two friends talking. Thank you so much. Thank you to steph, and to you. Goodbye.



We will miss you Mat. You have made my childhood enjoyable and have sparked my interest in science and theory crafting. I wish you the best in your retirement, you deserve to have the best life with your family because of your service to the internet. Wish you well <3 :)


goodbye MatPat, I wanted to take a moment to express how grateful I am for all that you've done for me and for the community. Your work has been an endless source of inspiration and I'm not sure where I'd be without it. Saying goodbye is difficult, but I'm confident that we'll cross paths again and I'll always remember the impact you've had on my life. I've always loved being a part of the amazing community that you've built for all the fans, nerds, and geeks alike, and I'm looking forward to continuing to be a part of it. And that's not a theory .



matpat, you have truly changed my life. from getting me interested in video games like minecraft, you have helped me meet so many friends and people i love now. i was in a really bad place at one point, and your videos helped me get out of there. your film theory video on "Boisvert" is something i rewatch every time i feel down. watching you on GTLIVE was one of my favorite things to do late at night when i couldn't sleep. the FNAF theories are one of my favorite things on youtube, even though it gave me nightmares when i was watching it when i was younger. i have bonded with so many people due to your videos, and its all because of you and team theorist. i hope you have a great time with steph and ollie, and never feel pressured to come back. but thats just a theory, a matpat theory! ill miss you - doge



I don't exactly remember when I found the channels, but I have been watching every single theory ever since. Thank you Matt for the countless hours of fun and wacky theories that have definitely fueled a few of my own. You may be leaving, but the channels shall live on infinitely (Or until the death of the internet, but hopefully that is a couple thousand years from now).




You have been one of the best things to ever happen to the internet, and you have been a staple of many peoples' childhoods, and I'm so glad that you've taught me so many and unexpected things. We're going to miss you being a constant of your channels, and that's not a theory. That's a fact. A MatPat Fact! Thanks for your teachings.



Goodbye MatPat! You and your channel where one of the first youtube channels I've followed. It helped me learning english, I would always watch every single episode and take notes. Thank you for having the channel running for so long, and I know you're not shutting the channel down.



Dear MatPat Thank You for being an outstanding YouTuber and theorist your efforts are above and beyond.I’ve been a fan since 2017 because of your great FNAF theories but I’ve watched plenty of your videos despite whether they are FNAF related or have remained one of my favourite YouTubers over the years as I still regularly watch your videos.You have inspired many some I can list like Danno cal drawings,Datchia and IDsFantasy to name a few you really brought the Fnaf community to where it was today and so many other indie horror franchises to a wide audience,if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have got into analog horror or theorising in general.So thank you so much for everything,and remember THATS JUST A THEORY! From FellinToasty



Thank you matpat for all the theories!!! As much as i am sad that you are leaving, i am also happy for you. Now you can spend some well earned time with your family <333 I wish you all the best for the future. I also thank the whole theorist team. Yall have been as much a big part of this community as matt. Im excited to see what the future brings for theorist :)))



Goodbye matpat you were the one who got me into fnaf (save me) :)



Hi Matpat, i know a lot of people are sad you are leaving (and believe me I'm one of them), but i know that whatever you think makes you happier and healthier for Steph and Oliver, then i know its a right choice. Your years here on youtube will never be forgotten, not only in our minds, but our hearts too. We ,and the entire youtube gaming/theory community, will miss you. Now excuse me will i go cry :'), Farewell the one and only....MatPat.



Hey Mat! I've been watching for years now, and I appreciate all you've done for the community, and youtube as a whole. You've inspired me, and many others like me, to begin theorizing, and thinking in depth, and your presence on the internet has benefit many people. Your time on the platform has left it a more inspired, and creative place, and I want you to remember that you have done great things for thousands. I support you, and all your future endeavors. Farewell Matpat!



Man matpat… you absolutely ruined my childhood. Thank you



Hi Mat

Your decision to leave your YouTube channel leaves a void in my heart But before you officially retired, I want to extend some words of thanks and appreciation to you.

First and foremost, I want to sincerely thank you for all the countless hours you've put into creating your videos and theories. Your content has been not only entertaining but also inspiring and educational. You've prompted me to think deeper about things, and that we will find LORE in every toilet. Your departure leaves a void that will be hard to fill. I will miss you, your insightful thoughts, your charismatic presence, and above all, your unique way of presenting complex topics in an understandable and entertaining manner. But even as you leave us, your videos and theories will continue to live on, inspiring more people to follow the way of Game Theory. Despite there being a super nice team coming as your successor, Matpat won't be there, sadly :(

Please be proud of everything you've accomplished. You've not only built a successful YouTube channel but 5!!! Also brought together a community of people who share the same passions for the LOOOOOORE.

As a farewell gift, I'd like to offer you a flashback, showcasing how your channel began. This video was the start of a journey... And of course, we mustn't forget how it all began – Game Theory. This video marked the beginning of an era and laid the groundwork for all the amazing content.

In conclusion, I want to thank you once again for everything you've done. Your work has touched my heart. I will miss you, but I'm grateful for the time I could spend watching you. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.



Hey Mr matrick Patrick, I've been a fan of yours for years and years now, way back since before all the fnaf stuff. You've been an absolute staple in my life, as far as content creators go, I don't know if you'll read this message but in comparison to many of the others it's rather short. You are my absolute hero, and who I look up to, it's a shame to see you leave but honestly it makes perfect sense and I massively respect you for it. But hey, that's just a theory A GOODBYE THEORY Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand cut.



Hi MatPat welcome to my replay on saying the hardest thing that i never thought i would say goodbye. I have been a fan since 2014 the year of the first FNAF theory and ever since i was hooked. You have done so much for the fans and the community that you have created and if there was any person that deserves this send off it would be you and thank you for all the good moments and ruining childhoods. Thank you for everything and i hope you finally found your peace many blessings to you and your family but hey thats just a theory A MATPAT theory thank you for everything.



Thank you for leveling up my childhood!



Halo there! to be honest I kind of lost interest in this community awhile ago. i am so happy that i at least got to experience and see how the channels grew over the years, how the viewers grew and you mat grew! i adore this channel and i want to continue being there as a "fantom" (phantom) watcher. I'm excited to see and hear lore-fi and other projects you have planed! i hope for you and everyone else a happy and joyful life. you have worked hard for the past 13 years!! that´s over a decade! we all hope for you the best! cya later alligator!



Farewell MatPat, after March 9th I don’t think we’ll ever see you again. We will never forget the joy you gave us through these theory videos. You did great things on this channel, you will do great things after. It will be incredibly sad to see you go, but we understand that you want to spend more time with your family. It’s going to be weird watching a theory and it’s not you who’s talking. YouTube is going to feel strange without you. There will always be a huge void that you left behind that no one can fill. The only reason I started looking into fnaf was because of you. But nothing ever lasts forever. Thank you for these years, these amazing years. These memories will never leave me.



Thank you Matpat for all the laughs you've bought me and my sister over the years. I don't really know what to say but you've been a source of entertainment in my life for years everytime a new FNAF game releases I wait for you to upload a new theory or playthrough and though you leaving is bittersweet I'm happy for all the memories your videos gave me. I hope you have a great future and hope to see you on the couch again someday. I got so excited when I found out you were going to be in the Fnaf movie and couldn't wait to see you react to the trailer and your thoughts on the movie. I love that you're taking this time for yourself and your family and can't wait to see what you do next. You deserve a clap and a half

So long and goodnight Matpat, Sincerely a long time fan



Matpat, you were such a big part of my childhood. You have been a part of so many peoples childhoods over the years and I think this site and the subredit is proof of that. You impacted my childhood so much. Your videos on cool since in video games inspired me to understand the world, to get smarter. Then use that skill to do something good something worthwhile, whether it's curing cancer, building robots, or over analyzing a video game series about dead kids. You've inspired so many people, incited so much change in this world. Its crazy how much you have done, from cooking a three course meal in your laundry room to live streaming for charity. We will miss you matpat and all the crazy, ridiculous and fun things you do. That's not a theory, that's a fact.



Goodbye MatPat. I never got to see you make a Rain World theory. Hopefully you can add that to your list of probably hundreds of episodes. I've been watching you since I was like what? Seven? Six? It's been a while. I hope you have a good retirement. Stay safe.



Thanks for everything you’ve done over the years MatPat! I seriously wouldn’t have made it through my first semester of college without you on GTLive I’m glad I get to hold on to you there for a little longer. You’re such an amazing person and creator and I’m honored you were a part of my childhood. I’m excited to see what you have in store for us. <3



I really dont know what to say. I havent been watching for a long time, at least compared to most of the people who do watch your content. Only since 2021. But I can say that I admire your work and dedication no less than any other theorist.

I do wish you could stay forever, make content for us and with us. But all things pass. And I guess this isnt really goodbye, just see you some other time. But I still cried so much. I dont know what to feel. I know you deserve it, the long awaited break. But I dont want to see you go. I really dont. And I dont even know what I'm writing, honestly. I just am. And I am, and I know that I have these feelings I cant write down. But there is one thing I can say, and I will promise. Maybe you 'ruined my childhood', but you made my life better. And I will never, ever, ever forget that. I swear on my life. And I will remain watching theories, that goes unsaid. Sad, because you arent here with us, but happy, because you're finally, after almost a decade and a half, getting the break you need.

Goodbye, for now.

But most of all...

...Thank you, for making my life a significant amount better. ♡



farewell matpat you made great chunk of my childhood. I watched you open food theory and style theory and I watched your every video ever since. I met you in your dadpat era, I wish I knew you sooner. I always loved your theories. When I saw the goodbye internet video I thought it was a clickbait, I wished it was a clickbait. But as I watched the video tears started to form in my eyes and let me tell you I'm not an emotional person at all. so matpat thank you, thank you for building a generations childhood



Dear Matpat, I just wanna say, thank you for influencing my life in such a positive way, and for being part of my childhood. I remember coming home from school and going upstairs to watch your videos, laughing at your jokes and learning about math and science, as well as things I loved/still love like Fnaf, Bendy, Marvel, Disney etc. You're the reason I have any interest in facts and lore finding, and why I'm part of so many wonderful communities (not just the theorist one). Without you, there are friends I would've never made and great experiences I would've never had, so thank you. I believe that in my adulthood, your influence will still be there. I'll still watch and learn from your videos, old and new. Ill always remember the positive influence you had on me and how it helped shape me into who I am. Even if it hurts to see you go, I'm happy knowing you'll be happy with your family, and that you won't forget about us fans. The theory channels won't be the same, but I have faith in Tom, Lee, Amy and Santiago to carry on the legacies of your channels! So, one last time, thank you for everything Matpat. Me and all your fans will miss you. Goodbye. -Grace ♡




I've been watching Game Theory since "The Science of Sonic the Hedgehog" when I was almost 8 years old. I turn 21 this year, and it's weird to think of how long it's been since I discovered Game Theory. Been a day one subscriber to all of the other theory channels. Donated to the St Jude streams the first year I was able. For almost 13 years now I've been watching this amazing thing you've created grow. You are my childhood. You got me into FNAF and so many other series. You turned me into a theorist. And you taught me to be proud of being a nerd, to be proud of asking questions, of overanalyzing, of wearing bright colors and of being passionate about things regardless of what others may think. I actually plan on getting a Game Theory tattoo next week. You've been such a huge inspiration in my life and you've helped me grow into who I am. Thank you for everything that you've done and I am so grateful to have been here since so early on. I hope you enjoy your retirement from hosting, I hope you enjoy spending time with Steph and Ollie and I cannot wait to see whatever it is you do next.

A truly thankful theorist, TisEvanLee



Goodbye Matpat, thank you for all the amazing theories and all the fun times. Your videos always brought a smile to my face. I'm really going to miss you and I know MANY others will too! Thank you for everything. Sincerely, a huge fan



thank you for everything bro. Your vids were really amazing. i just hope you come back one day



MatPat, you have been a really good YouTuber, and a huge W for everyone that watched your content. You are truly amazing and I wish your legacy will be kept on every decade. You have been my childhood content creator, and a great theorist. We wish you a very good life. But you know what they say.. "It's just a theory. A GAME THEORY!"



I'm not the best writer, but honestly, you carried my childhood. I remember watching the first FNAF theory and getting hooked on the series lol. I'm kinda sad to see you go, but I really hope the best for ya man. Take care of yourself, king 👑

ABSOLUTE LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Stick, a.k.a Awe



I have written a poem for MatPat (I am not the boy from the poem) (this is the order that I watched the channels in). Enjoy:

There once was a boy who lived around a bend All he watched was a YouTube trend The trend was Minecraft at the time "The best way to kill a slime"

In school he didn't have a single friend And into the crowd he would always blend So he was bored every day In his bed he would lay

One day excitement filled his every cell "Spiderman vs Spiderman Battle Royale!" The channel was Film Theory Where you could ask questions freely

His happiness was very grand For he found his answer's land He found a new horizon So why not do a little theorizing?

MatPat was the show's host "Why isn't EVERYTHING done by a Force Ghost?" All MatPat did was a work of art "How strong is an Ogre fart?"

One day, the boy found a channel anew "How have the humans in Super Mario: Odyssey grew?" Game Theory was where MatPat's first theories compiled "Who is the Crying child?"

He created a theorist nation "Did Minecraft have an ancient civilization?" Although his logic isn't always sound Ask yourself, is Sans from Earthbound?

As his community grew and grew "Is coffee actually a stew?" They tried the whole cooking thing "Without a bone, is it truly a chicken wing?"

The cooks had loved this new brand "How fast does bubblegum go bland?" It quickly reached it's millionth fan "How powerful is the Kool Aid Man?"

Then, from a laundry cooked dish They jumped on to something more stylish From "Revealing the pocket scam" To "Does your face make someone say damn"

Here we come to a chapter's end But MatPat will always be a legend For he was not only the host of a show But the one who helped us all grow

After all this time, he left his print on the community And he brought us all unity For some, this end feels really eerie But remember, that's just a Theory



It's not going to be the same without you, but I am optimistic that the new hosts you have chosen will do an excellent job. You truly helped make my high school years alot easier. Thank you and I will miss seeing you on the channels



Thank you Matthew for all the wonderful things you theorized, you have been a joy to all of us fans. Everyone will miss you and we will all look back at the good times we had watching your videos, many are sad for your retirement, but we all need to move on from things we have made, all things come to end. We will miss you, and remember, it's just just a theory, it's a fact.



Like many others I started watching game theory around 2016, seeing a good chunk of the videos every now and then from Fnaf theories to watching GTlive streams of DDLC and Help Wanted. I would scratch that movie itch during the pandemic period binging through a bit of film theory videos (especially loved the Hunger games survival guide, it led me to reading the books and the movies a short time later). Even though your leave was inevitable, I feel that there are enough unwatched episodes that I can always browse and watch. Your presence on the youtube landscape can be compared it to the old Top Gear/Grand Tour presenters: each video emits personality and quality, I can easily pick any video or episode and will get enjoyment out of it regardless of the mood. Thank you once more for all the memories and I wish you the best on your future projects. o7



Dear MatPat, and the theory team, thank you for your hard-working years to try and entertain us goober theorists. You mean the world to us, and now we will do everything to make you proud. -Via Rose<3



Hi Matt. Is very sad that you are gonna retire but before you do i do wanna say Thank you. Your videos were there when I felt at my lowest in life your videos gave me something i love doing exploring to the depths of games i cant thank you enough for what you have done. These latest years have been a hell for me but you existed to cheer me up daily! You were there for me to laugh when you go crazy about Fnaf you were there to teach me stuff i would never have learnt if you didn't exist. You were there to drag me out of the darkness i buried myself in for so many years you made me feel proud to be who i am to be a theorist! A fnaf enjoyer and the person i am today proudly so from a loyal theorist since 2017 Thank you Thank you for showing me a world full of fun and lore i will forever remember what you have done for me and i will if i get the chance carry on doing what you taught me. To theorize so again Thank you for being here for all these years…



I have been watching matpat for over 5 years now. Its so sad that a legend, theorizing about mario, undertale, everything! It has been a long journey and we all respect your decision. We hope that you will spend quality time with your family. Farewell



Thank you for creating, and ruining, my childhood. I'll be waiting for the new avenues you pursue and want to show us! Farewell MatPat.



I am someone who was never truly a part of the Theorist community. I would come and go as a subscriber of Game and Film Theory depending on what theories were being released at the time then. But, that doesn't stop me from seeing the impact MatPat has had on the Internet over the past decade. Based on the snippets of his professional and personal life: I've seen how passionate he is about his craft and how much he values his team for tirelessly helping him realize his vision, which has expanded over the years into something I doubt even he could have imagined. I've also seen what a wonderful human being he is; someone who loves his family very much (from his parents to his wife and son), someone who devotes himself to entertaining and making his fans happy, and someone unafraid to show and inspire the world what it means to be a better person. MatPat, saying that you are a game-changer is an understatement. What you have created and what you're leaving behind for your successors will resonate for years to come. Your ascension onto new things is well-deserved, something which we shall wait for patiently with bated excitement. I/we wish you all the best for the future, MatPat, however it turns out!


Gosh, I remember watching my first game theory video at the ripe age of 6 with my cousins. From then on, I’ve been amazed by the content you and your team have been able to produce! It’ll never be the same without you MatPat, but we’ll make sure the theorist community keeps thriving 💚💚💚



Film Therory was what brought me into the fray and inspired me to keep being creative in nontraditional ways (though not in the exact same way you have) and keep my inner child alive.



Well, when you announced your retirement, i couldn't help but cry, it's like you molded my entire childhood, you opened my mind to the theorists and science. And when i realized that you'd leave, i wanted to breakdown. That's why i leave this message, to remember how much you meant to me as a child, and that's what i gotta say. Not just because matpat is leaving, means we gotta stop theorizing, the people and the channels will still be there, That's why i gotta say, Keep on theorizing loyal theorists. Goodbye Matpat.



Thank you MatPat for ruining childhoods and keeping me up at night when I was younger!!! Good luck on your next step!



Goodbye matpat, I can't believe that you are leaving and I hope you enjoy this well earned vacation Thank you for all the fun theories, the childhoods ruined and the good times We will miss you



I'm gonna miss you, man. You were my childhood, and I learned so much from you. Not only did you teach me physics, but through your videos I improved my English.



mat pat sniffle you were probs the only thing that made my schooldays bearable you will be remembered. so i hope you have a good retirement



Thank you for the happiest 8 years of my life(the amount of time I've watched the theorists) you've been the inspiration for me and thousands of other people, and I hope you enjoy some much needed time with your family (Sorry for the rushed look for the art linked, I made it using my phone)



MatPat, If it was for you and your theories I wouldn't have made my friends that i cherish for their same nerdy behaviour. Your merch was the first ever merch i ever got, i begged for the purple theorist shirt until i got it for Christmas and i wore it to the FNAF movie to show my everlasting theorist pride. I remember playing FNAF back in 2014 and finding your channel and developed this massive fixation not only on FNAF but on your channel. You made me feel like i belonged somewhere, like i had a community that didn't think differently of me but included me. We are all going to miss the way you say, Welcome Back to Game Theory, Thats just a theory.. A GAME THEORY, LOREEEE and of course MUSIC MAN!! You taught me more than my science classes ever could and your Rosalina/Peach is dead theories put me ahead of my class with punnett squares and genealogy. When you announced your retirement i was happy for you but felt like a loss, i held my shirt crying and went back to watch all the theories. I find myself doing that, watching your theories when i feel alone or sad because it feels like a dad or a friend. I actually missed the chance to meet you when i was in America and to this day it is my biggest regret, i hope at somepoint i can still. Thank you for everything MatDad, you gave us nerds a voice, songs, jokes, theories, a way of communicating and so so so many memories. Please, please tho play every FNAF game still and tell us what you think or show us gameplay because I know I love your play-throughs. Long Live Game Theory <3 - Caitlin



Thank you for the theories though the six years I’ve been watching, you truly carried my childhood and thank you so so so much for the memories. Hope you have an amazing retirement



Hey Matpat, The first video I saw of yours I think was a Fnaf 4 video, maybe about what was in the locked box or something. We didn't watch YouTube a lot, every video had to be approved by our parents and we were on YouTube that day already looking up Fnaf 4 stuff because during our playthrough of the Fnaf series, it turned out Fnaf 4 was freaking terrifying and none of us wanted to play it through. (We are all children at this point) Anyway we saw your video, and I really loved the Fnaf series and your Fnaf videos. I got super obsessed with them, and in the spirit of theorizing with you, I basically refused to watch you cover any (fnaf) game I hadn't played myself, which extended to the books when they came out, and so far I'm a liiittle behind but I've read the Silver Eyes series and maybe 6 of the Fazbear Frights books...haven't gotten to Pizzaplex...So I haven't seen a lot of your recent videos. My brothers all watched your videos and I would cover my eyes to avoid spoilers and everything. I even tried to figure out the puzzle with the word search and stuff...but I just wasn't really getting anywhere... Anyway, even when my parents banned YouTube from the house, I would be drawn back to the Fnaf series with a desperate urge to know what was going on, and sure I could look it up or something, but I loved the way you would explain it, it was like a whole adventure each video, always saving the final piece of evidence and making sure it is the strongest that cements the whole theory...I really liked your episode with the Grandfather clock, saying it was dream theory. I loved dream theory. It was a lot less confusing, and more of a complete story I think. Now everything's insane but you're still really good at trying to explain it. And I totally think Gregory's a robot, don't worry, it's only when my brother tells me your conclusions out of context that I just look at him I'm sure if I heard your explanations I would be more on board. I also really like Food Theory, I dunno, I'm not really a baker or chef or anything, and I'm not the type of person to say eating is my hobby, but something about just the idea of food, makes everything better in my brain. By the way, I haven't seen a lot of your recent videos, aside from the ones counting down, so I don't know if you've been doing this for a while, but it is really clever of you to keep having Amy, Tom, Santi, and (um the other guy...sorry...) in the videos like, making viewers get used to them, so it's an easy transition. I know I'm someone who has a lot of trouble with change, and I wasn't gonna be affected that much already since...I've been trying to watch less YouTube anyway, but I'm barely nervous about the switchover at all, 'cause it doesn't feel like a big change so. Thanks a lot for that really think about your viewers a lot and I really appreciate it.



I started watching MatPat when I was 10 years old. It was the pandemic, and I was bored out out of my mind. When I was finally allowed access to YouTube, the first video I watched was a Game Theory video. I remember being made fun of for liking MatPat, but I liked him regardless of what anyone said. It breaks my heart that he's leaving, as he's what made YouTube enjoyable for me. I'll forever miss his content and daydreaming about it, as well as waiting eagerly for the next video to come out. I'm almost 14 now, and I still love his content. He is, and will always be my favorite YouTuber. Seeing him retire is like watching an idol retire. I hope he has a great life and enjoys spending time with his wife and son. Although it saddens me that he's leaving, it makes me glad that his career ended on a high note, with him going out on his own accord and not on some false accusation. Farewell, MatPat. I salute you.



Thank you MatPat for all the years of wonderful theories and laughs. Your channels showed me that my love of niche, nerdy topics wasn’t something to be ashamed of. From the moment I found your channel seven years ago, I knew that if this man on the internet could share his love of analyzing every little aspect of anything and everything for the whole world to see, that I should be able to just be myself and that I could find people who liked me for me. From day one, I knew I’d found a community that I was proud to be a part of. These channels have taught me so much. Even though, to be completely honest, most of what I learned I never knew I needed until I did. I’ve loved watching you analyze frames of movies, ruin my childhood with your deep dive into Disney death counts, teach me how to find my own style, and, even though I most likely will never use it, teach me how to make an entire meal out of a Christmas tree. All this to say, THANK YOU for inspiring me to be the person I am today, the nerdy little theatre kid who’s not afraid to geek out about my favorite games, shows, or movies. And even though I know the channels will still live on through the four new hosts, none of this would have been possible without you. You’ve changed millions of lives, including mine, and I will be forever grateful to you for that.

Thank you for everything, Bugsy (Kate)



I can firmly say that when I was growing up, for my brother and me, your content was a way to step away from the stress of home life and step into a world of fantasy and nerdy theories. For us, that was all we needed to see—that there was more to life than our tiny part of the world and to open our eyes to the endless opportunities as we grew into adults. You inspired us to think outside the box with video games and cinema, but also in the career paths and hobbies we could take, as well as the world around us in general. We learned that if you try and believe hard enough, the opportunities are limitless. So, thank you, Matpat, for everything.



I started watching YouTube when I got my first smartphone in 2013. From here, I discovered Game Theory and the rest is history. I was/am an AVID GTLive fan. I used to watch as many of the daily live streams as possible, and when I missed them I would rewatch what got uploaded. I've been around for clap and a half, sprinkler time, and a WHOLE lot of transition as I watched Matt and Steph become parents, and as I became an adult myself. Game Theory is my go-to to play in the background when I'm working or cleaning. I find Matt's voice comforting and GT(Not)Live feels like being a part of a conversation. I grew with the channels and all I can say is that I am so thankful for them sharing their lives with me. Goodbye, Matt, Steph, and Ollie! Hope to see you soon!



When I first started watching your channel as a kid in 2017, I would have never thought I'd stick around to see you leave. But now, a little bit older, I've stopped and realized that I have so much to thank you for. I thank you for your content and the impact you had on not just me, but all of us in the community. I thank you for providing a safe space for theorist kids like me to share our ideas and goof around. I thank you for your channels, the shining light amidst what is normally dark and brutal. Even if you're retired, none of us will forget you. We trust in Tom, Lee, Santi, and Amy to continue the legacy of the channels forward. Goodbye, Matpat! Sincerely, Charlotte 💚❤️💛💙



Goodbye matpat we are really going to miss you but you deserve this thank you for making the childhood of many children but maybe this will start to spark other people into making crazy theories but you may leave us all but we will never forget how you changed our perspective thank you:)



You will forever have a special place in my heart. <3



Huff... It's sad to see such an amazing person to go away. I was fortunate to start watching you from the past 2 years... I remember the day when I first found your game theory video on my recommendation tab. And then began an amazing adventure of my life :) The best video in my opinion from the game theorists channel is that Dora like game in which there is a sheep with lots of LOOOOORE !! Goodbye Matpat :(



I wish I could say I was a long time viewer but I can't. But seeing all my friends show you so much support and love throughout the years has kept me going. From the videos I have watched your theories and content is absolutely amazing and I know that you've put so much hard work into them. So thank you. Thank you for being there for my friends and thank you for making their childhoods great. We'll all love and support you in your retirement as GranpaPatt and we all wish you well <3




thank you so much MatPat for such great theories and memories! you were my childhood and i’ll continue looking forward to you popping into lives from time to time. thank you for helping the FNaF fandom greatly, telling us what toothbrush is the best, food theories, film theories, it’s all amazing and you have impacted so many lives for the better. you helped me so much during my ups and downs and it’s great to watch your videos. i’m glad you are doing what is best for you. you rock, MatPat!!!! thank you for every single minute you spent on those restless nights trying to sum up a theory so when the sun rises you can post it. we are all so proud of you for how far you have come and the progress you have made. we will miss you greatly but this is for the best, thank you once again! no amount of thanks will ever be enough. you are a great person!


Thank you matpat for everything. I've always loved watching your videos and I will miss you. Hope you have a nice time w Steph and Ollie. You deserve everything. clap and a half for making everyone's childhood better.



hello matt patt your videos brought me light in my darkest hours and gave me happiness all your silly jokes and science brought me knowledge and laughter. im sorry for my bad writing english is not my first language. i hope you have a great time after your retiring and thank you for being there. i started to watch you since i was 12 years old and could understand english i learned through your videos



Goodbye MatPat you have and always be my childhood, its so sad to see you go after all of these 13 years. And to the new hosts, you're in for a bunch!

Farewell MatPat, farewell. GrandPat :) -Mouse



I have been a fan of yours since the very beginning of your fnaf theories and have been there since day 1 of film, food and style theory and I will miss the days when I could look at my notifications to see your face and or some theory about a new indie horror game and then all of a sudden I'm invested in the story. I will miss you matpat but enjoy the retired life I hope someday I will get to meet you.



I found Game Theory and Fnaf during the 2020 lockdown, and somehow this channel carries me through that and more, even convincing me (probably the opposite effect to what you were hoping) to read every single Five Nights at Freddy's book. Ouch. It does hurt. GTLive is especially awesome to me, I check into every episode and have loved Steph and Mirror Mat to Ash to new room, and orange couch. What a crazy journey. Thanks MatPat for everything you've done for not just your community but youtube as well, truly a blessing.



Ends are always so hard, but even the best of things will face one, and this one truly is a bitter pill to swallow. I've watched all the theories on all of the channels, started watching about a decade ago and was hooked immediately. Your videos have taught, entertained and inspired me so much! It's so sad to see you go, but I'm so proud of you and your decision, I'm sure you are leaving us theorists in to good hands. I hope you and your family all the best, thank you for everything you've done!


Goodbye Matpat! Hope you enjoy your retirement in Quadratum with Steph.



So Long, and Thanks For All The Theories -Douglas Adams in another universe



Goodbye matpat i have watched your videos for years and I’m not sure what to even say in this comment but good bye



Matpat and his channels have probably impacted my brain more than school has (for better or for worse). I have never been more committed to a YouTube channel like this one and it’s partly due to the iconic man that is Matpat. Your voice is instant nostalgia, and I could not be more thankful of you or your work. They’ve had a significant impact on many peoples lives, you and all the people working in the Theorist Family are wonderful people. You’ve worked so hard to build this community into a family, and you’ve succeeded in bringing us all together. It’s beautiful. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration to all of us, and we hope that you guys are happy and content.



Bye MatPat. It was great seeing you upload these theory videos and they brightened up my day. You made my childhood and now make your child's. All your videos are entertaining and make games, food, style and movie viewed in a whole new perspective. Thank You for being with us from 2011.



I've watched all of your channels since the early days of game theory. You were a great part of my childhood (and young adulthood as I still watch today) and I will be sad to see you step away. But I look forward to all of your future endeavors and know the channels will be in good hands, so I will continue to watch all the great content.



I am unsure if you may even see this, MatPat, but hi! My online alias is Smol, and I have been watching your theory videos since I was..9? 10? I remember your very first ever fnaf theory being my exposure to your channel, which of course is somewhat comedic nowadays since online you’re known as “that fnaf theorist guy”, but 2014-2015 was a different time. I will be turning 19 this June. To say you’ve had a huge impact on my childhood would be an understatement. I remember coming home and the very first thing I would do is see if any of my favorite youtubers had uploaded anything that day on the family computer. I have since graduated in 2023, and am now an adult having to work and do taxes (lol). If I could, I would most certainly go back to those days just to relive all of the moments I got to witness in other people’s lives through the screen. Though “our” time together is almost up, always remember. Memento mori. Everything comes to an end eventually, and your time as host just happens to be sooner rather than later like many, many people expected. I hope that though we will not see you as often, you have a good life, and for a guy who’s been “ruining my childhood since 2011”, I feel my childhood was actually brighter after finding the game theorists in an ironic twist. I’ll miss you, grandpa MatPat, and I can’t wait to see what comes of team Theorist once March rolls along.

Sending virtual hugs and a clap and a half, I thank you for what you have given us. Your legacy will live on through the hearts of many.




Goodbye Mat Pat you made me happy whilst I was mourning my Mom Death in 2018 thanks for keeping me happy and entertained



G'day MatPat I first found your channel when you were making Five Night's At Freddy's 4 theories and I believe that episode was "Game Theory: FNAF, The Clue that SOLVES Five Nights at Freddy's!" I am so glad I clicked on your video! You opened my eyes to a whole new world of theory crafting and lore building. If i was ever to create a series that has lore in it. I'll remember that you inspired me to do so. One day if I do something that has lore and is worthy enough to be a theory episode then I'd know I had made 10 year old me proud. So finally from the bottom of my heart Thank you MatPat and I'm excited to see what the future holds with that spin off you're creating "Lore-Fi". So anyways Thank you MatPat and enjoy your rest. Tropixal



Goodbye mat,hopefully you can enjoy your vacation as much as we enjoyed you practically raising us the past years



Mat you’ve made me learn more thing than i do at school. Y’know it’s very emotional but sometimes people need space even from the things they love. Mat i just wanted you to know if you ever read this you're like a teacher to me you made look at things differently and i just love your video like really love it but sometimes not everything stays forever but hopefully i can get past this hardship and still love the theory videos. Goodbye matpat millions and more love you. Stay true to yourself and next time this might just be a theory.


A Clap and a Half to you, Dear Theorist. Enjoy your retirement as much as you can, you deserve it. Thank you… For Everything. It may not be goodbye forever, but we had a better time than you had intended, of that I am certain. Goodbye… We love you MatPat.❤️



One of the first videos I saw of Matpats was from FNAF (of course). However, ever since I started watching the theorists, I was hooked. Whether it was a game/film I knew, or just watching for the theory, they were my main source of entertainment for a long time. Once covid hit, a lot of hard things happened in my life. However, Matpat and the Game theorists was always a safe place I could go to. Those videos helped me through some really difficult times. I think I've watched the FNAF playlist at least 5 times (probably 5 times too many) and the journey of how team theorist has grown is incredible.

Overall, thank you Matpat. Thank you for building our childhoods. Thank you for ruining those childhoods. Thank you for all you have done for this community and so many more. You are such an incredible person, and while I am eager to see where the new hosts take the shows, I am going to miss hearing you and your classic "hello internet" so much. I am so happy that you are taking time for you and your family, and wish you the best in all your future projects and endeavors.

Ps. As a primary watcher of GTLive, I am very happy that we will be keeping you, even if it is just for a little longer.

Thank you Matt



Thank you MatPat, for everything. I didn't have a place where I felt comfortable being myself until I found Game Theory. Coming home after a stressful day of school and hiding from the world was the norm, then I found your channels and I learned it's ok to be me. This is a very short version of the whole story but I can't thank you enough!



Goodbye. Lets hope we will get newer version of you and guys remember the quote. {i always come back} GOOBYE MATPAT and remember guys its a theory. A GAME THEORY!!!



Thank you for all your support that your videos gave me in hard times. Its heartbreaking to see you go but you deserve it man, I hope you have a nice time and play some new games every once and a while. And most importantly that’s just a theory, A GAME THEORY!



Thank you for all your hard work and dedication Matpat, you shall be a icon on the Internet for generations to come. Enjoy your retirement and also; it's just a theory, a game theory! -Dangerously



Dear Matpat, I'm Amar bell, and I found your channel during a hard period of my life, which was 2022. Your videos made me smile and laugh and they brought joy into my life during a time when I desperately needed it. You inspired me to be a better person, and when I grow up, I'm going to donate to so many charities, and make sure that I make people smile, just like you made me smile. Thank you. I will never forget you.



Goodbye MatPat! I've been watching your videos since I was 5 years old in 2015 and I have always loved them! You are and always will be my favourite youtuber and I hope you have had an amazing time being the host of the theory channels and I hope that you continue to have an amazing time with your family and friends after leaving the channels! I hope you have an awesome life and remember, its just a theory, A GAME THEORY!



I didn't particularly watch you as often as other people, but I've seen your content every once in a while ever since you did your "What are creepers?" video I guess over time your videos warmed up to me since I was saddened to see you depart like this, I just don't think it'll feel the same without you since you've literally become the face of the channel you've been there from the beginning for so long, I do have faith in your new team however, I'm just still gonna miss the OG.

Thank you for the theories.

You'll be missed MatPat



Game Theory is one of those constants I've grown up with. Practically as far back as I can remember, MatPat has been there on the other side of Youtube posting theories, teaching science to gamers, and building a community based upon the idea of thought. Although I admit, I went in and out of watching his content, knowing he and this community were always there was a kind of comfort... A second family. To know that's changing is hard for me, but in equal measure I'm excited to see where the Theory Team takes this concept now.

But to Matpat: I will never forget the memories you gave me and my family. Thank you for being a positive influence on so many people, and bringing my sibling and I together over the idea of science. -J



Well Matpat its been a ride, lots of people have watch your channel and that's awesome to think, but you risking a lot for us is amazing and we are thankful, I will be sad but I'm thankful you will have a break and the internet will remember you and what you built. Isaac <3



Dear matpat,

I remember the night I found your channel. I was in my room bawling my eyes out, letting my TV drown out the noise of my cry’s so my parents wouldn’t hear. And you came on. I remember not listening at first, and then you made a joke and I giggled. I watched about 10 more of your videos after that, and I stopped crying. Ever since that day I’ve watched your videos every day after school, or whenever I have a free period. You saved my life, and even though it seems absurd it’s true. You were a father figure to me when I didn’t have a dad, and whenever I had a bad day and all I wanted to do was sink into my bed, you made me laugh and smile when no one else could. Matpat, I don’t know if you’re going to see this, and you probably won’t, but you really did save me. When I was at the lowest point in my life your videos made me smile. I’ll never forget laying in the hospital bed after a failed attempt, and my phone going off, looking over to see you posted a FNAF theory, and the feeling of dread went away and all I wanted to do was watch what theory you had come up with this time.

Thank you Matpat, for being the father I never had and the person who made me smile when all I wanted to do was cry. Thank you.


Dearest Matthew, I started watching Game Theory back when the first FNAF theory came out. I remember my brother turning on the first theory and I got instantly hooked. I loved the editing style of this era (as I now enjoy every era of course). This channel has been my go-to for any situation: I’m happy? Watch a theory! I’m sad? Watch a theory to cheer me up! I’m stressed? Watch a theory to get my mind off it! This channel has been a constant of my life throughout so many changes, from middle school, to high school, to moving away for college for the first time, new relationships, break-ups, death in the family, new kids in the family, and now in May I’ll graduate with my B.S. Ed.. P.S., I’m an American Sign Language Interpreting Major and I practice interpreting to your videos sometimes :) Thank you MatPat, Steph, and the rest of the Theory team. Every time I see a -X _____ Theories Remain- I truly tear up. I sobbed watching the announcement video. (Then I had to drive 5 hours home with that info just marinating… thanks haha.) I am so glad that the channels are going into such great hands. You have no idea what these channels mean to me. Thank you, MatPat, even though thank you will never be enough. I hope to cross your path one day. Much love, Ally.



Hello it's a me Hudson and you might not see this but I'd you do, then I love ya man you are so awesome and you have been such a blast to watch and hype about and discuss with friends and meme oh boi memeing has been fun to. Game theory, film theory, food theory, style theory and how could I forget, Gtlive all places to get a good laugh and of course theorise over. Thank you to you, Steph and the amazing team behind it all for making a culture on the internet and Cheers for a great future of the big 5 channels and beyond!!!! Thank you Thank you :3



Goodbye man I was 16 years old when I watched you now I am 23. You where my childhood and you will forever be. I remember you going insane with weird and wacky theories, it made me question your sanity a bit, but I wish you well in your newest passion that may arise to you next ✨️✨️-og fan of 7 years ❤️ 💙



I remember when a friend in middle school showed me a new video he found that he really loved. This video showed evidence that Portal's companion cubes contained bodies of prior test subjects, and I was instantly in love with the mystery, the storytelling, and the analytical style. I ended up subscribing and watching all the other videos on the channel, showing my other friends the theories I loved most. I followed the channel from then on, and it was always a topic of conversation when I was making new friends. Then the channels grew, into the realm of film when I was in high school, food when I was in college, and style when I was a working man with a degree, and I loved each one just as much as the last. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that you, Matpat, helped shape me into the person I am today. A curious, thoughtful person who aspires to create a game like the experiences you've introduced me to. It won't be the same without you giving voice to these theories, but that's all right. I just want to make it clear how much you've impacted my life for the better, along with countless other people. A clap and a half to you, and thank you so much for keeping me curious.



Thank you for everything, MatPat.

As I reflect on my upbringing, I realize that I never had the best father figure in my life. However, I want you to know that I have always seen you as a sort of father figure. I stumbled upon your channel due to your growing popularity with your FNAF theories, and listening to you discuss every possibility was like listening to a person with a tinfoil hat talk about aliens. It was not just entertaining, it was so much more than that. You are someone I truly look up to, someone who has made a huge impact on millions of people, and someone I can proudly say I grew up watching. Your theories have given me a new perspective on games. I now find myself searching in every nook and cranny for easter eggs and hints that may hold a deeper meaning lurking in the shadows, so that I can unravel the mysteries they bring. I hope you have the best of luck in the future, to you and your family.



Goodbye Matpat I will always remember you before you leave. Please take these exotic butters.



see ya mat. you've made some good theory's over the years and I've loved every one of them. I hope you have fun being retired at 37 you truly are the only grown man who has an un-ironic appreciation for skibidy toilet. do you think cobb was in the real world or a dream-state.

best wishes,



Matpat, you have been such an influential and formidable force in so many lives. My wife, daughter, and I as well as so many of our friends, and family all watch you. My wife listens to you while she crochets, we listen while washing dishes and cooking, my daughter falls asleep to your content. You are not only one of the smartest people I can think of but you exude comfort and safety. We wish you the greatest retirement any one could ever have. May you find the same joy and love around every corner that you have given to millions. You truly are a great great person. Clap and a half to you and may your horizons be unending.



Thank you so so so much for the years that I have spent with you and all the theories and livestreams you did, it’s truly and undoubtedly the most greatest and unforgettable times of my childhood that I will never going to forget. You and your team truly did an amazing job all those years with filling allot of people with the theories you’ve made together. I am thankful for clicking that one time on your channel and watched your videos. I hope your journey still continues to grow even outside the internet and be having an amazing and blessed life. Thank you matpat and your theory team for filling my childhood with all those great memories, and goodbye matpat may we cross again someday.



Thanks for the theories Matpat. I sat and watched (almost) all of the theories from when I first started watching in 2016 to now. Love this channel and I will never stop watching it.


are you kidding me i dont want matpat to leave please. i been watching game theory and flim theory for years and if he leave the golden era of that is come to an end



From pretty much the year I was born to now, I've been watching Matpat. Like he said in his goodbye video, he 'wasn't' my childhood. He is my childhood. There were some videos of his I would watch over and over, and some live streams I would watch in the background, like his Fran Bow series, or his more recent Security Breach ones. So much of my life has involved him, and I was so sad to hear he was retiring. But, he does deserve it, as he's worked hard for almost 14 years. So thank you MatPat. Not only for being there to deliver quality content, not just for being a large part of my childhood, not just for bringing hours of entertainment. But for giving me a childhood. Giving me someone who I truly looked up to and aspired to be like. Thank you so much, MatPat.



I do not have any long sentences for you, MatPat, just remember, you raised a generation- right there, on the top with "YouTube's Dads" you are there, and I don't know about others, but for me- you are the first. Thank you.



“Welcome to game theory, gaming’s tangential learning experience!” I really don’t have much to say here. I was born the same year the Game Theorists was created, and honestly, I think I picked the right time. Can’t thank you enough for the theories you fixed into my head, and I swear my brain feels smarter every video, while not being constantly bored to death like school does. So thank you, MatPat. But that’s just a theory! A GAME THEORY! Thanks for watching! 💚



Dear MatPat,

You will probably never see this. But I’ll still write. After today, March 9th, you will be gone. You’ll still be writing and helping, but it won’t be the same without you hosting. I’ve been watching you for nearly 9 years now, and you were my childhood. You changed my life along with so many others. You were there to cheer me up on a bad day, to make me smile, to make my nerdy side flourish. You were the teacher I never had but wished I did. FNaF was in my heart because of you. I hate to say this, but you are right. Ending your career now, on a good note, is the best decision. And no matter how much I hope you and Steph will stay, I know that you guys have little Ollie to take care of. I hope you and Steph come back once a year or something to let us know how you are doing. Thank you MatPat. From the memories to the nerdy puns, to the memes. Everything. I look forward to your future projects. From simple MatPat13 to 4 channels boasting millions of subscribers, from two people to a team, from Mat and Steph to Mat, Steph, and Ollie. Good job.

“No matter how ridiculous the odds seem, inside us resides the power to overcome these challenges and achieve something beautiful. And one day, we’ll look back at where we started and be amazed by how far we’ve come.”

MatPat, that day has come for you, and I can only imagine how beautiful of a sight it is.

Goodbye to you MatPat, and hello to a new era.



MatPat, just... Thank you. You have built such a community over the years, and I have watched Game Theory grow and evolve. Damn. It's been a wild ride. I could go on for days about what you have done for not only me, but the world, too, but i won't to save you some time to read the comments that can articulate thoughts better than I can.

All I can say is THANK YOU.



no words besides thank you for making our childhoods and getting us all involved in so many things/games/shows/etc <3 matpat has made all of our childhoods better but that's just a theory, a fandom theory


I started watching 11 years ago, when the best boobs in gaming was new and i was in elementary school. I'm in my mid 20's now, and studying game art in university. It's too bad I didn't manage to get to making games before you quit. I stopped watching for the content a long time ago, but kept my subscription as the theorists were one of the few channels that felt mature, not in content but in temperament, in a platform that can be so full of big egos. I remember vividly when in your life is strange playthrough you and stephanie talked about being councelors and suicide prevention, and i couldn't help but to feel, admittedly parasocially, that you were like my older cousins (not quite siblings but in that direction). Thank you for the entertainment, and know that even here, in my small neck of the woods on the other side of the planet, that there's not a single student in my uni major that didn't grow up watching you.



Where do I even begin this goodbye? You were one of the first channels I subscribed to and I have been there since episode one. As a teacher, I don't even know how to describe the leaps and bounds you've done for children advancing and science and gaming technology. Allowing them to understand scientific methods, to look for hidden meanings. I joined during your first episodes,you were the top of my playlist. Not just you, but you, Stephanie, and so many other theorist.

Everything you have done to push the boundaries of scientific thought can grow. Not only in the youth of our socieities but in the world around us as a whole.



Matpat helped me when I'm sad. The first time I met him was in film theory, and he helped me when my parents were at odds, and now he's going on a well-deserved vacation. We all love you, Matpat. we might not get to see you as much but at least we still know that you're here. Although we all are sad to see you go, you deserve it. You've helped so many people even if you don't see it. you've help me too and I know that you'll still be there and I happy that the channels are still going to be uploaded too I'm just going to miss "But hey, That's just a theory, A insert channel name here Theory, and thanks for watching" you've helped so many people with things like when I didn't feel like laughing you made me laugh or when I had a bad day at school I would come home and watch one of your videos and they helped so much. I'm going to miss the dad jokes and the jokes in general you can make. You can make the audience happy to disought, I will miss you so much and you make everyone you see here happy and never forget that we all love you Matpat and we're all sad to see you go.



Thank you for the past decade of content, we all appreciate you so much for what you've done. Personally I remember finding the game theory channel around 2015 and being an avid watcher of the theory channels since. You and the whole theorist team have made such a big impact and impacted the lives of a whole generation of theorists, so thank you again



matpat, you have been in my life since the very begining, I have watched every FNAF video, every GTlive video, and I will miss you, miss you more then you can ever imagine, and just as you said in your goodbye video, I love you, you have been my child hood, you where there when I was down, I watch video's on yoshi and Kirby anatomy when I was sad, I wondered if things where real when I watch film Theory, i wondered if i had a good diet when i watched food Theory, but i dont want that to go away, i am gonna miss you, i will be there for you, goodbye matpat :)




Thank you for all the theories! I've been watching the channel since ~2014, and it gave me a lot of hope when I was faced with the very rough situation of barely staying housed. You constantly made me think more deeply about things I enjoy, and you helped me to think of my talents and hard work as a writer in a more marketable/serious way. You also helped me find the courage to enter a couple of fields I've always been interested in, but didn't think I could do--data analysis and psychology. Thank you for everything you've done through your own hard work and ideas. I hope that you enjoy life after working so hard and for as long as you have!



Hello, Matpat. Thank you for all of your theories. Not just theories though..You have been my comfort YouTuber for a long time now. Tbh, I was BAWLING when I saw your goodbye video. I understand that you have a wife and child, so I respect your decision to quit. Thank you for being here. Thank you for helping millions if not billions of people. Thank you for being here. Thank you for making videos. Thank you, Matpat.



Bye bye matpat, you were slsosososodo cool, you did epic things, I LOVE FOOD THEORY


Seeing all the Chanel being created and evolve over time is something that i will allway cherisch. But what will alway be in my heart is that it is thanks to matpad that i can read, write and speak english. Your theorie was the reason that i got good and that i could discover even more channel like markiplayer or mrbeast. Thanks you for everything. Mais c'est juste une théorie a game theory.



i am saying this as a kid who's growth up with youtube from 2014 before the real big boom. and it was really a time. i didn't always have much of any friends. from a small town in Norway. where everyone knew eatch other. so when bullied i had little to none. but i had you. never failing too make me smile and learn something in this world. you made this world much better then you could ever imagine matpat. and the impact you've had on my thinking in general. you're a inspiration. a guideline. its sad too see. but some things are just natural. and that's for it is. i am not just saying goodbye from myself today. i'm saying good by from 2017 me ect. very year of me thank you for role. i never thought i'd make it this far. and now i can say i have. again thank you Matthew hope we see eatch other in a other. until then. hey that's just a thanking theory. the thanking theory thank you for reading.



Goodbye MatPat, thank you for years of amazing and wacky theories. You've created a community of such amazing theorists and now it seems that you are becoming one of us, just another watcher of the channels theorizing about every aspect of life. You're absolutely amazing and I will miss your "but that's just a theory" I am excited for this new chapter of the channels. Even though you won't be the face in front of the screen anymore



Goodbye, MatPat. My childhood was shaped by your videos. In fact, the first YouTube video I ever watched was your first FNaF theory. I hope you have a good retirement. Thank you. For everything. Sans is ness.



I've already written my "goodbye" on the subreddit, "MatPat Changed My Mind," so here I wanted to do a fanart sign off. It's who would Mat be if he was a Disney character, which I haven't seen anyone draw, so I did it myself. 💚❤️💛💙



From the bottom of my heart MatPat, Thank you. Thank you for all the laughs. All the information. Even all the cringy moments. I enjoyed every moment of it. I remember the first time I came across your channel and funnily enough, it was a fnaf theory. I remember clicking on the video thinking, "I wonder what this is about". Looking back at it now, I'm so glad that I clicked that video and I'm happy I got to be a part of this amazing community. You all inspire me to do better in life. Not only did that video spark a love for fnaf, it sparked a love for horror games in general and I want to thank you for that as well. You honestly brought so much into my childhood and it sucks to see you go but at the same time, nothing good lasts forever. I'm really going to miss your cringy dad jokes that always made me laugh and your wittiness. You're like family to me now. The whole community is like my family. So thank you for over a decade of amazing fun content. Thank you for being there for me during hard times. Thank you for everything. Goodbye MatPat. You'll always hold a special place in my heart❤️.



Thank you Matpat, for some of the most entertaining videos I've ever seen on youtube. You have brought joy to me, as well as millions of other people around the world. You will not be forgotten.

Thank you, for everything. We will miss you.



you'll always be in our hearts, geez this sounds like you just died lol. bye we love you



hey matpat i have been watching you videos 4 years an m sad 2 see u go



Thank you, MatPat. I've struggled with my mental health for basically my entire life and your videos and silly jokes always helped me, even if my mental state was particularly rough. I've also always been interested in science, and your theories and ideas have fueled my interest and love for learning. It's going to suck without you and I'll miss seeing you on screen dearly, but I'm sure the new hosts are going to do so well. I'm very excited to see what you'll be doing in the future. You've had such a positive impact on me, and you'll always be in my heart. So, again. Thank you for everything, and goodbye for now. I hope you have a lot of fun with your family. :)



Just wanted to say a huge thank-you for being an amazing part of my childhood! Be it another FNAF theory or even the 'Cake Being A Lie' you truly were and are an icon! I wish you the best with life and hope you have a nice retirement(ish)! I can't wait to dissect your lore, your sort of having a villain arc now with your podcast and whatnot.

Thank you for being simply amazing.

Status Offline



Goodbye MatPat! You and the Game Theorists channel are the reason I love as many video games as I do. I started watching your channel back in 2014, after you posted your first FNaF video. While going back to watch that video is really difficult because it's pretty bad, 9 years ago I thought that your analysis of games was the coolest thing ever. The effort you put into even your earliest of videos is inspiring and your content has changed my life forever. I have been watching your videos since I was 5 years old and since then, I've gotten even nerdier. Thank you for making my childhood what it was and have a great retirement! -Star Boy



I've been watching you since I was little and all through middle school, and it was almost an out of body experience to hear from my friends about how you were leaving. I remember watching your theories on late nights in middle school alongside Markiplier's playthroughs, watching GTLive as much as I could over the summer and just living off your humor. If anything, you became one of my Youtube role models, someone I could always count on to cheer me up when I felt down. ( You are the entire reason I know the screwed up FNAF lore, so thank you for that :) ) I hope you have some awesome adventures while you're retired and that Game Theorists carries on your legacy! It will be interesting and weird for a bit to have anyone other than you running the channels, but enjoy your free time now that you'll have it! Bye MatPat <3



Goodbye MatPat! I started watching you in 2014 and you helped me understand concepts I was learning in high school and middle school at the time with some of your theories. You're videos have kept me company through late nights especially at the lowest part of my life. Thank you for everything! Every theory, lesson, short, and sprinkler times. I hope you accomplish all you wish too. I can't express you much joy your videos have brought.



I hope you enjoy your retirement MatPat! I am so glad that you got to be a major part of my childhood, i always loved the energy you put into your videos. Go and enjoy life with your family, and Thank you for sticking around all these years! - Reanu



And this is the end of another one of our dear soldiers, now don't get me wrong ok? This soldier is not dead, He is just in the part of the story where he lives happily ever after. Goodbye MatPat, I loved your theories. Goodbye.



Goodbye MatPat! I am NOT an OG like most people here but I immediately loved your work. And your announcement of retirement was a huge shock to me but I want to say a last thank you for all the great theories that you have shared with the internet. You will always have a place in my heart. The theorists are one of the last long form videos I still enjoy watching and they provide me with a weekly dose of joy. I hope you have a great retirement and hope the best for you, your family and the team!



I have been watching the theory channel ever since I moved to Austria. I knew he would eventually retire, but I had not expected it would be so soon. All the love to Matt, Staph and Ollie. P.S: Ollie will absolutely whip Matt in every video game in 5 years



I don’t know if this’ll be read by anyone let alone Matpat but I thought I’d leave a message anyway.

I want to thank you Matpat. Growing up when YouTube was becoming increasingly popular it was important that I watched videos by positive influences as it’d shape the kind of person I’d grow up to be, lucky for me I grew up watching Game Theory and have been an avid watcher for 10+ years. Your endless positivity and excitement for learning told me that it was ok to have fun when learning and that being a “nerd” isn’t a negative thing at all. You’ve taught me to think critically about all the different types of media I consume and have provided me with countless hours of entertainment over all these years through all of your channels (especially GTlive) and for that I will be eternally grateful.

I hope you have a lot more free time Matpat, you deserve it. Enjoy the rest of your life, pursuing passion projects and raising/spending time with your family, you’ll always be an internet legend to all of us who knew you. Thank you.



Goodbye matpat, I've watched and loved your videos for so long, goodbye and have a great life!



Thank you MatPat for all you've done. Have fun and enjoy your new life!



I'm going to miss MatPat, his theories make me feel sad and remind me he's leaving soon. I hope MatPat goes on to do more things on YouTube or just in his life



MatPat, thank you for keeping me company on my loneliest of days. At times where I felt at my lowest I'd turn on a Game Theory or a GT (not) Live and it felt like sitting down with a friend after a long day. While your videos have been with me on good days too, it's those times when you made me feel a little less alone in the world that I want to thank you for. Enjoy your new adventure. You've truly earned it.



Goodbye, MatPat, the theorist team, and everyone who ever helped on your videos, I know the channel won't end and will be taken over by head editor Dan. Still, it feels like this is the end... like it won't be the same, and it won't cause our favorite GOAT of YouTube, MatPat won't be there anymore... but it's not like he was an NPC, he was bound to leave eventually, which, is completely understandable. I mean, working such a tiring job, and having a kid? Sounds like you wanna have a bad time, so, thank you, for the last 13 years, when we started watching you, all of us, it feels like yesterday... it's funny how one guy with a passion for analyzing details in games affected so many people for the better, honestly, I'm not far from crying at this point, so I'll cut it short before the waterworks go, thanks for everything MatPat, hope you'll live a nice life with Steph and Ollie, I'm sure that all of us, your loyal theorists, hope from the bottom of our hearts, that you will live a beautiful life, so, good luck, and don't wreck your brains on FNaF, that's Dan's work now, bye, Matthew.



Thanks for the memories, Matpat. You made my childhood better and I’m excited to see what’s in store for the future, both with the channels, and with the plans you have of things you want to do and make going forward. I’ll miss you, as will countless people, but I’m glad I got to be here while it lasted.



bye and hope you complete your goals.



My first video of yours is the “how much damage could a bullet bill really do?” I just checked the release date of that video, and was kinda shocked that 9 years have passed. I just turned 18, meaning Game Theory has been part of my literally half of my life, which is certainly a thought to think about.

But anyway, thank you. You, Steph, and the rest of the team taught me that it’s ok to overthink things. You taught me to look for deeper meanings of things, even if they might not have them. But most importantly, you taught me that being a nerd could actually be really cool. And for all of that. Thank you. I hope the next stage of your life fills you with as much joy as your videos did for me.



I’m not really good at writing long paragraphs so I’m going to keep this short and to the point. Thank you for everything that you gave all of us over the years, thank you for every theory from the very first to the very last. Thank you, and goodbye.



Hey Matpat! I found your channel back in 2014-2013, I wasn’t even 8 and was just getting into gaming. Now that I think about it, I probably found you sometime after the “How Much is Minecraft Diamond Armor Worth?” I remember coming home and always looking for the next upload, I specifically remember coming home one day and turning on my Xbox 360 onto YouTube and seeing “Portal’s Companion Cube has a Dark Secret.” I was so happy that you covered my favorite game and I can’t tell you how many times I rewatched each episode after the newest release.

You played a major role in my life and I even quoted you time and time again to my friends thinking I was the man for knowing something others didn’t even think of. Hell you inspired me to make my Science Fair project about Link and his potions! I didn’t win but I had fun and made memories I won’t forget!! I know I was an unusual kid but because of you I made a few friends and although I haven’t talked to them in years, the times I had with them is precious and I fondly remember talking to them about “The Game Theorists” more than once. You made my childhood Matpat and helped me through a lot.

Time to get a bit more personal, I lost a good highschool friend and his brother to suicide this past year and a half and after a bit of feeling lost while playing some “Tony Hawk Pro Skater,” I thought back to Ronnie and how he impacted you guys and the channel. I came back, head hung low, to all the channels after a long hiatus and even though I didn’t really enjoy the theories of Garten of BanBan, I enjoyed the company and comfort the channels brought. Your voice, the passion, script and even some childhood memories all came flooding back and it helped, even just a little, to cope with my friend’s death and his brothers’ death 11 months afterwards. You helped turn a horrible ending to 2022 and 2023 into a sweeter ending that allowed me to grow as a person and get closer to my friends from trade school. I really can’t thank you, all of you and I mean everyone who has been working on the “Game Theorist” channel, enough.

I didn’t watch much after 2019 but I’m glad I could be here to send you off Matpat! I can’t wait to see who tries their hand! I’m glad I could be apart of this channel and community for over a decade, even though I haven’t talked to many others in the community or have been around to watch you consistently for a few years the entertainment you brought is unmatched!! You were a bright light in the world we call YouTube and I can’t think of YouTube’s growth, especially certain gaming genres, without you.

You and Steph deserve the best and I’m glad you have the confidence to leave the internet and focus on your life! Even more so since you will be giving the channels to people who you think fit them well. There’s so much more I want to say but I really don’t know how to put it into words. Simply put, it has been a fun decade (and some change) so I can’t wait to see what’s next for both you, the team and the new host’s to this wonderful community and theorist world!! I love all of you guys, community and theorist team, you guys will forever have made a mark and I can’t thank you enough.



I think I say this on behalf of everyone when i say that you were the biggest inspiration to me and millions of others. I truly loved the touch you added to all of the videos you ever appeared on and with every passing day you are gone, we will miss you like you were here for all of our lives. because to tell you the truth, you where! you where there for me and others when life was in an all-time low and through all you have done, you have lit a spark in me that I never would've found without your videos. I wish you the best of luck on your journey on the sidelines with your family.

again, on behalf of all of your loyal theorists, thank you for being... YOU!



Thank you for all of these years of content and theorizing you have brought me and many others. I have watched you for a long time and while your theories are fascinating, I like you just for you. Your personality, your humor, your, everything. I'll miss you, but no doubt I will stick around till the day I die. By the way, if you see this, Walten Files 4 just came out, so have fun with that! <3



You are, and will always be, my childhood. not only did you create videos, but you also molded millions of peoples childhoods. Thank you.



Thank you for the amazing years, for completing everyone's childhoods with your theories. I used to watch your fnaf theories with my friend that didn't know shit about it, but we still liked it. I'm going to miss you so much and i hope you have an amazing life after your last video


MatPat, I’ve been watching your theories for over a decade. You’ve helped change my life in various ways and expanded the ways in which I think about media. I will miss seeing your face on Game Theory, but I’m happy you get to retire and focus more on your personal life. I wish you the best!



i don't have anything long or too crazy to say but i will say that i grew up watching game theory and now it's just. kinda crazy to me that matpat is stepping back now wishing him the best with his new projects behind the scenes @ theorist hq !! :]



Thank you matpat. We all give you,steph and ollie the best wishes for the future to come, this has been the best 13 years. Thank you ❤️



Truly the best youtuber to grace the earth. Sad he is going but hopeful for his replacements. Good bye mat have a wonderful retirement.



I'll miss you a lot matpat. i dont think i'll ever have another online persona that i respect and genuinely like so much. who knew a parasocial entity could mean so much right? i know that over time the new hosts will matter to me as much as you do (tomrob already does sound like matpat) but i dont think anyone will make as good of an internet grandpa. I've been watching you for 5-6 years now and i've been thankful ever since. You've rekindled my interest in science and natural curiosity during a time where school had failed me. I've learnt so much from your videos and found so many great people through your community. Thank you so much for all you have done. I look forward to the new regime of Amy, Lee, Santi and Tom. Goodbye, Matpat



Thank You MatPat </3 MatPat know we've never met, (other than Jirad the Completionist sending you a picture of me in CatBoy MatPat cosplay) but I want you to know I've been so eternally grateful for the last 13 years of content. You've been a staple in my home and life. I can't count how many times I've watched your videos, how many fandoms you've gotten me into, how much silly lore now retain and how much appreciate how much you've done for this community. Keep being amazing MatPat, go on to do wonderful things and still follow you through your journeys and support however can. Thank You -Dorian <3



Farewell to a Mentor: Saying Goodbye to MatPat

Saying goodbye is never easy, especially when it comes to bidding farewell to someone who has been a guiding light, a mentor, and an inspiration in our lives. For countless individuals in the vast landscape of the internet, Matthew Patrick, better known as MatPat, has been that beacon of knowledge, entertainment, and empathy. As we prepare to part ways with this titan of online content creation, it is only fitting to reflect on the profound impact he has had on his audience and the legacy he leaves behind. MatPat's journey into the hearts and minds of millions began with humble origins. With his keen intellect, insatiable curiosity, and unwavering passion for gaming and theory-crafting, he carved out a niche for himself in the digital realm. His YouTube channels, most notably "The Game Theorists" and "Film Theory," became virtual classrooms where viewers eagerly tuned in to learn about the hidden intricacies of their favorite games, movies, and pop culture phenomena. But MatPat was more than just a purveyor of trivia and speculation; he was a storyteller, a teacher, and a friend. Through his charismatic delivery, meticulous research, and boundless creativity, he transformed mundane topics into riveting adventures, inviting his audience to explore the depths of their imaginations alongside him. Whether unraveling the mysteries of the FNAF lore or dissecting the science behind superhero abilities, MatPat had a remarkable talent for making complex concepts accessible and engaging to viewers of all ages. Beyond his intellectual prowess, MatPat's impact extended far beyond the screen. He fostered a sense of community among his fans, creating a space where individuals from diverse backgrounds could come together to share their love for gaming, film, and everything in between. His genuine interactions with his audience, whether through livestreams, conventions, or social media, demonstrated his profound appreciation for the support and enthusiasm of his fans. In doing so, he not only built a loyal following but also forged lasting connections that transcended the digital divide. As we prepare to say goodbye to MatPat, we are reminded of the profound influence he has had on our lives. For many, he was more than just a content creator; he was a mentor who inspired us to embrace our passions, pursue knowledge, and never stop questioning the world around us. His departure leaves a void in the online community, but it also serves as a reminder of the impact that one individual can have on the lives of countless others. In bidding farewell to MatPat, we express our gratitude for the countless hours of entertainment, education, and enlightenment he has provided. Though he may be stepping away from the spotlight, his legacy will continue to endure through the countless lives he has touched and the lessons he has imparted. As we navigate the uncertain waters of the future, we take solace in the knowledge that the lessons learned and the memories shared will remain etched in our hearts forever. So, as we raise our virtual glasses and bid adieu to MatPat, let us not mourn the end of an era but celebrate the incredible journey we have embarked on together. For in saying goodbye, we also welcome the opportunity for new beginnings, new adventures, and new sources of inspiration. Thank you, MatPat, for everything you have given us. You will be dearly missed, but your legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of your fans for generations to come.



I know you wont see this Mat, but if you do, just know that without you, i wouldn't be the person i am today. Without you, many people would be completely different. Without you, a lot would be different. We'll miss you Mat.



Hey Matpat! Thank you for being here for as many years as you have been. I've been watching Game Theory for I believe a year before FNAF hit the internet and spread around YouTube. I haven't watched EVERY theory you've put out on all the different channels, but I've watched most of them. I remember hopping onto GTLive and watching you and Steph play games, joining in on the Sprinkler Time, back when that was a thing. I know you're not going to be gone completely, and I'm excited to see what ARG or other project you decide to put out, and I'll still be with the channels even after you step away, because I love the company you've built and the people you've chosen to fill those particular shoes. I hope you enjoy your extra free time, and though I WILL miss you and Steph being on screen, I'm also SO very excited for what the future holds.


Thank you MatPat for everything you've done for us all! Many of us have grown up with you so seeing you go is a new stage for all of us. Wishing you the best of luck in the future! It has been an honour to be one of the millions in your fanbase, and now we will all continue as theorists because of you!



Goodbye Sir MatPat, I've been watching the theorists channels since I was 10 I'm 14 now and even thought it hasn't been that long I could feel a connection between me and the Theorists,youve all taught me so much

But the best lesson you have given me Is to always look at obscure places and to think BEYOND the box So thank you



When I first started watching you seriously was the first Fnaf video while I was cleaning the house and gods by that I could not predict how deep the whole went but we've been on this ride for so long. Its hard to say goodbye, even now the news doesn't feel real. It has been a real honor sharing this ride with you for these many years. So Goodbye Matpat, for now at least. I look forward to what you cook up next.



MatPat you were the biggest inspiration to me, and so many other. It breaks my heart to see you go but it's nice you get to spend time with your family more and see what life has offered for you. Until we see you again Mat!



I'm sad too see Matpat go. Hes been a part of my childhood for a long time now. Hopefully when he quits he'll be relaxing after all these years. -Lex Levine Febuary 7th 2024



goobye mappat



Thank you Matpat........


I am 14 years old, so one year older that the begining of Game Theory, but i was 4 years old when i stumbled across FNAF, so of course my stupid 4 year old wanted some more, hence, me finding your channels, so thank you so much MatPat for being such a big part of my life



Thank you Matpat for all you have done. I love the videos younwatch and I wish you could stay forever. We will mis you!



Goodbye matpat ive been watching you dince 2015 and you are the best youtuber ever i wish you the best in the future with your family



I remember when I was younger, as soon as I get home from school, I watched your FNaF theories. I still remember how happy it made me, watching your theories. And, no matter what is going on in my life..I still always had the same reaction, even now. You helped make so many childhood and happy memories for so many people, including me. And I think everyone including myself thank you, so so much. I know my message isn't as big as the others, but I hope you know you mean just as much to me as they mean to you. We all love you, Matpat. I hope you have an amazing retirement. And remember, that's just a theory, a game theory! Thank you so much, Matpat, for everything.


goodbye matpat! you always had a sweet personality that no other youtuber had. whenever i wanted to learn the lore of a game i went to the game theorists channel. your ddlc theories especially entertained me so much when i was bored. hope you have a good and peaceful retirement!



I think I started watching in 2017 or 2018? I originally started watching Film Theory I think, for the Marvel theories, and the move to also watching Game Theory was natural. I loved all the scary game theories, because I wanted to consume horror content but was too much of a scaredy-cat to play them myself or watch someone play, but you going in-depth and explaining the rich stories behind the games always fascinated me. Your myriad of FNAF theories led me to my obsession with it, and I've made so many friends just talking about the lore. My favorites were always the obscure games like Petscop or Crow64. Seeing Food Theory and Style theory become the channels they are now has been so amazing, and it's become a family affair to watch the latest Food Theory during dinner and discuss anything that interests us. I've loved watching these channels for as long as I have, and I can't wait to see where they go next. Lots of love, Milo <3



HERE ME OUT THIS ISNT A HATE POST I know all of these are "I'm sad to see you go" and all but I'm happy you're leaving. It honestly makes me sad every time I see a youtuber with kids and there positing videos and playing games 24/7 for other kids to watch it makes me sad that they aren't with their family. so thank you, thank you for ruining our childhoods, but it's time to ruin your own kid's childhood.

see ya and thanks for both rotting and educating my brain.

thank you




Hey Mat, Started watching you when I was 11 and I'm 19 now. Just like you've done to many of these people you've taught me to be inquisitive, kind and you've instilled a permanent hunger for knowledge into my brain. And outside of that, my knowledge of English stems from you and your channel for a large part. So thank you, thank you for being who you are and doing what you do.



I'll miss you dearly matt, You were there during my downs and helped me a lot through time's of stress and low time's I appreciate everything you've done for me and all who watch you. I will be here supporting further, I'm excited to see the new hosts take over, although it will be a lot of pain letting you go. But like all things good it comes to and end and that's for it's best, I will miss you matt and on behalf of the whole theorist community, we Love you and we hope you stay GTLive GTLaugh GTLove <3



Goodbye matpat

Thank you for being there throughout my childhood, you’ve helped me through so many hard stages in my life and I’ll never forget what impact you made in my life, you’ve truly been a big part of who I am today. I hope you and Stephanie both get to enjoy every single bit of your retirement with Ollie, I only wish the best to all of you, thank you for everything, Goodbye Matpat.




Matpat has been my childhood ever since I was little and has helped me through really bad times today like bullying hurtful parents and so on, I'm just glad I got to watch him make videos while he was still on the platform and I wish him well in his time with his family as I will remember him not just as a youtuber but as a little piece of my childhood... thank you matpat for being there on youtube when I was bored or sad thank you



MatPat you have given me so much joy over the years with your videos the laughs the tears crying from laughing such interesting facts about the food industry that i never thought i would learn about all the amazing crazy game facts and stories i am going to miss seeing your face on youtube on a regular basis enjoy your time with your amazing wife and son throw the old pig skin around hit the baseball enjoy some amazing video games



Goodbye matpat you are making a very brave choice. You are one of my favorite youtubers and I hope you have a great life. As they say GTLive, GTLaugh, and GTLove



Yo, let me tell you 'bout a journey, a tale so true, Where inspiration sparked and my dreams grew, It all started with a guy named MatPat, so wise, Diving deep into games with his analytical eyes.

From Mario to Minecraft, he breaks it all down, Unraveling theories, turning heads 'round and 'round, With every video drop, my mind's set on fire, Thinking critically, my passion climbing higher.

MatPat, Game Theory, he lights up my soul, Inspiring my mind, making me whole, From theories to analysis, he paves the way, Fueling my dreams, every single day.

With a blend of humor, facts, and insight, MatPat crafts stories that ignite, A fascination for gaming, storytelling, and lore, Teaching us lessons we can't ignore.

Through twists and turns, he challenges the norm, Encouraging us all to brainstorm, To think outside the box, to question and explore, To dive deep into games, and so much more.

MatPat, Game Theory, he lights up my soul, Inspiring my mind, making me whole, From theories to analysis, he paves the way, Fueling my dreams, every single day.

(Bridge) So here's to MatPat, the man of the hour, With Game Theory's magic, he empowers, A community of thinkers, dreamers, and nerds, Uniting us all with his powerful words.

So as I journey on, my passion ablaze, I'll remember the lessons from those Game Theory days, For MatPat showed me it's okay to dream, To chase after goals, no matter how extreme.



Thank you, Matthew Patrick, for being a big part in all of our lives. Thank you for always teaching us differently. Thank you for helping our childhoods get better every week. Thank you for helping us get back up on our feet. Thank you for showing us that real life and fiction can use the same logistics. But now it's time for you to send off, for you to bring someone else who's hopefully as good as you were every episode. Things won't be the same without you because you have changed so many people. Goodbye, MatPat. We all hope you have a happy retirement.



I write this comment just to thank Matpat to help me throught my difficult moments and maked me more appasionate for videogames in general. For this two years I enjoyed watching his videos on Game Theory and on the other channel with the other members of the channels. Thanks Matpat! <3



Dear Matpat,

Thank you so much for being a part of my childhood. I was a very sad kid and when I discovered your channel for the first time, your theories your enthusiasm, all I could think was how I'd found my place. A place where I could think and theorise myself. You're one of the only reasons I got into FNaF in the first place, and seeing your theories about all my other favourite games like Undertale and Sonic were so interesting to me. It's sad to see you go, but you deserve a break. You've made a lot of peoples lives so much better just by doing theories and going crazy about the FNaF timeline.

Thank you, Matthew Patrick - A fan in Australia :)



Thank you so much for mostly everything Matpat. You have taught me so many theories and other interesting things, I have literally grown up with you and I'm still going to do so. You, your family, and the crew have a good one. May your ways of teaching & theorizing reach other generations, sharing the knowledge and fun.

And remember, this isn't a theory. It's a wholesome message and a thank you.

Thanks for being my teacher.



goodbye matPat thank you for everything you do to make us more knowledgeable about all of FNAF I continue to make more FNAF theories even though you won't share them anymore. Love you forever from theorist lover Trysten James Miller.



I'm not sure how to start this lol. But Ive watched your videos my entire life (not all that much being that I'm 15 but I digress) you were the one to get me hooked on fnaf, a comfort that I have latched onto for many, many years. Fnaf was one of the few things I had helped me feel better during an especially hard time In my life, my dad was not the greatest. He recently passed away and I watched your videos for comfort. You have been a huge inspiration and I would love to join the game theorist team one day. That's all, thank you, for everything



I started watching matpat when I was 9 years old, and he really shaped me into the person I am. He taught me so many things, and it really feels like a part of me is dying now that he's leaving the internet. I will always miss his eccentric voice greeting us in each video, and how excited he always was (and still is) about loreeeeeeeeeee. I understand why he's choosing to leave, and I respect his decision but I know deep down that I will always miss him, and probably watch old videos of his just for comfort. His videos were always there to comfort me after a long day, and I always get excited whenever I see he posted a new video, but now it's done. Of course I will continue to support all of the channels but I know deep down that it will never be the same, and I'm ok with that. Matpat, I hope you enjoy your life, thank you for making me the person I am.



Goodbye Matpat. I have been a fan for a while and its sad to see him go. I loved his videos and especially FNAF. He is one of the reasons I still laugh. Its sad to see him go. I, and everyone, will miss you Matpat. That's not just a theory. Its a fact



You were my childhood, you were the first youtuber I ever watched, I watched all of your videos, and I continue to watch you, thank you for everything you've done for your fans, and Youtube as a whole, you will always be my favorite creator, and your channels will always be my favorites, no matter what happens after you step down. Goodbye MatPat.



Thank you MatPat for everything you’ve done for us. You were a HUGE part of my childhood and the reason I started playing many games like fnaf or batim. The day you uploaded the video saying you’d quit I cried my eyes out. My friend sent me the video and I wasn’t believing it.. “Oh this is clickbait” I thought - but your first words were “This is not clickbait” It was really sad and the Grandpa part ABSOLUTELY broke me. I wish you all the best and I hope you and Steph get to do many things with Ollie without thinking about Theories! <3



Its been a long journey for you and us as a community. Though I still feel saddened, I wish you the best in life with your family and friends. I sincerally hope that whatever you do next and wherever life takes you, that happiness will follow. You've been such a positive light when the world seemed dark. You were like a friend behind the screen, even if we never met. I've been stuck in my room for years, never wanting to leave as it was my only safe space, but watching your videos made me feel like i was experiencing and learning new things in the world and in life. Thank you for all you've done on Youtube, in the community, and in people's lives. You deserve a much needed rest. We will miss you but will also be excited for you to find your next chapter in life. You touched hearts and changed lives just by being you. Thank you for everything. In best regards, Hina (Corie)



MatPat, I just wanna say how much of a big influence you are to me. You helped me see things from a different perspective and saved me from countless hours of boredom. Sad to see you go, but enjoy your life!



hi matpat ur probs not going to see this but, I woke up at five am saw that video and I cried to that video even looking at the title brought tears to my eyes i literally love your vids dude and honestly I'm happy for you getting to take time for yourself, and your family--- when i was 8 i loved watching your stuff and you've pushed me through hard times and to even make some theories of my own and you've inspired so many to do the same you are honestly my favorite youtuber EVER you taught me so many things and whenever the conversation gets boring I always bring up one of your theories to talk about, I love your ddlc ofc your fnaf theoriesfnaf dhmis and honestly all of your food theories ---i always pull up on of your theories when im bored even though new people are taking over the channels your videos will always be my favorite and i hope we still get to see you in further videos as maybe a little cameo or smt like that and maybe, we could get an annual mattpatt day on the channels where you voice a theory! (ofc not pushing you to do it lmao) anyway thank you for every thing and, take care 💞



Dear Matpat,

I want to thank you for all you've done. I found your videos in second grade (7 years), and I'm now a freshman in high school (15 years). I fell in love with how you expressed your thoughts and personality through the scripts and I couldn't get enough. Your videos had me talking to myself as if I was recording a theory, so I've always looked up to you. And when I found out you were a theater kid, I felt it gave a miniscule connection between you, I, and thousands of others. (You also taught me a lot about genetics from your Peach is Dead videos, haha.)

I'm sad you're leaving, but you deserve rest. You've helped "raise" so many of us. You were our childhood. I hope you'll have fun, and make sure to spend time with your wonderful family. Steph and Ollie.

But hey, that's not just a theory. It's fact. Thank you.



Goodbye Matpat :) Thank you so much for being with me through the tough times of my life. I'm in college now, and I still try to watch all of your gt (not) lives. I love what you have brought to YouTube, and I'm excited to see where it goes from here! Thanks so much for everything, and to Steph as well :)) -Logan



Thanks so much for everything Matpat! Your videos have helped me through so many hard times, I especially love watching Food Theory when I'm struggling to eat and GTLives (and GT not-lives) help so so much when I'm feeling sad and lonely! You've taught me so much in a way my neurodivergent brain can understand and you, Steph and Ollie have shown me what a healthy, loving family looks like and I appreciate that so much as a foster kid who's never had a family of my own. I hope you have a super happy retirement and I'm sending you all the good vibes for your future!!



Matpat, I hope you know that you brought me and countless others so, so many hours of fun and entertainment over the years. You made me realize that Math and Science could be fun and helped me through some of my darkest moments in middle and high school by making me laugh and giving me something else, that was/is very interesting, to think about. Also knowing you did theater inspires me to continue down that path into college, which I will start this fall in case you wanted to know. You inspire me to look closely at the little details and see the small, but surprisingly huge, secrets in everything. TLDR: Thank you for your time on screen making me laugh and inspiring me in many ways, I'm gonna miss seeing you on camera but I know you'll still be there, and that's not a Theory. Thanks for Reading



MatPat has seriously inspired my YouTube style! It'll be so sad to see him go, but I can't wait to see his Lo-Fi ARG, as well as where his successors take this whole thing from here!




Thank you for everything you’ve done. I will never stop theorizing.



Dear matpat, ever since I discovered Game Theory in mid 2015 (I was 6) I've enjoyed every video (including the dad jokes) its been an honor to be with you and steph for the greater part of 9 years game theory forever



good bye MatPat, I have loved watching your videos for as long as I can remember and I'm glad you have been a part of my childhood. I am sad to see you go but excited for what new things game theory and the rest of the channels will have to offer. I hope you, stef and ollie the best. Thank you.



Hi Matpat! I've never really written a good bye letter, well except to Technoblade, so I'll just say this, Thank you so much for teaching me to use my mind in ways I didn't even realize you were teaching me, you showed me how to assess a story at more than face value, you showed me that games aren't just for playing, that they can teach us all, and PS. I enjoyed your dad jokes, they were good



you and my dad are what got me into video games, honestly i dont have much to say but matt should remember that he has had a comparable level of influence on who i am to my dad.



you have shaped a generation. I Shall pass on your legacy. one theory at a time. I must share the gift you have gifted us.



You know, I used to think that you were a bit crazy when it came to your FNAF theories. Then came along your theories about Omega Mart and different analog horrors and ARGs that got me hooked. But as I grew older and kept coming back again and again for the different theories across Film, Food, and Game theory, I started to like the intros and the overthinking. And with your cameo in a certain movie, it felt like you had truly made it out there. A community of theorists from different sections of the logo have come together to send you off on a journey that's slow-paced and carefree. I am glad that you were part of my life growing up and good luck to you.

P.S: There have been memes about you and One Piece, so I'm wondering if you are going to make that into an ARG. Just questioning.



Thank you MatPat for everything. I will miss you so much. I hope you have a grand next adventure with Steph and Ollie and Skip. I have been watching your theories since you made your first FNAF one. I grew up watching your videos back when I was 13 now I'm 22 almost 23 and I still love watching your theories. So Thank you for everything ❤️

Yours truly, Abby



Thank you Matpat, for being such a huge part of my childhood. I've been watching your content for the better half of a decade. Game Theory, Film Theory, Food Theory, GtLive, and even Style Theory. I watch 'em all.

You really helped me understand as a kid that science and passion aren't two different things. Your passions ARE science, and if that's not clear you just need to change your perspective on them!

You showed me that not only is it okay to overthink and overanalyze, it can be a whole lot of fun too 😁

I probably will never make theory videos, but I still theorize constantly. When I'm playing a game or watching a movie, my mind is ablaze with all the things you and your team have taught me. Locking on to minor details, to certain colors, considering the world, etc.

It's just so hard to fit into a small comment how much you've meant to me Matt. When you said "You're not just numbers to me," it really got me. If anyone else had said that I wouldn't be able to believe. You've an unfathomably massive subscriber pool, how could we each ever being anything but a number to you.

But somehow when I hear it from you, I just believe.

There's so much I want to say, but you've got a lot of comments you're probably going through, so I'll keep it succinct.

I am a different and better person because of you Matpat. I may not even still be here if it wasn't for you. Thank you so much for everything.

And hey, despite the fact I feel like I'm about to start crying again, I am genuinely excited for the future of the channel. I know how capable the rest of Team Theorist is. This has almost never been a solo act.

You've given me, and all of us, so much Matpat. If you think it's your time to go, than go with your head held high.

Nothing would make me happier than to know my hero is living a happy life 😊

I hope it's clear how much restraint I have for not typing a 100 page essay 😭

But hey, that's just a thank you.

A heartfelt thank you from one of many people you've inspired. Thanks for reading.



Thank you for always putting a smile on all of our faces! You have always been one of the purest rays of light on YouTube and I cannot wait to see what you can accomplish behind the curtain! You have made such a massive difference in everyone’s lives and it shows. Every YouTuber holds you in high regard and your influence has supported so many others on the app. You have inspired so many and this will not change because you step off camera. Your personality and love for all of us has made being a theorist so heartwarming and special. I will never be able to thank you enough for all you have done for all of us! You’re a hero!



Game theory has made my life more enjoyable. I used to have nothing to really watch when I was with my ex(he watched game grumps and well I wasn't really a fan) but then we found game theory. It gave us something to watch and it now has got involved in my game playing and got me involved in more theory stuff. I am so happy I found the channel and to see it grow and make other theory channels was amazing to see.

Game theory has always been there when I needed it from needing to chill after a stressful day to calm down from meltdowns and recover from burnouts(I have ASD so I tend to get those often) and I thank you guys for that. I will still continue to watch but honestly...Thank you MatPat, I'd be lost without discovering your Game theory channel.

That's just a theory, A game theory! Thanks for reading (:

From across the pond(UK)



You taught me so much. I enjoyed every single one of your videos. I hope you enjoy your life and have an amazing and well deserved break. Many thanks for growing up with me.



Hello Matpat! I've been watching your videos for over a few years now, and in that short time, I watched many, many, many of your videos. It feels bittersweet to see you step away from the channels, but then again, I hope you can truely focus on what matters most to you; happiness, love, and your friends and family. You've done so much for the channels, and for everyone involved with the process, and I know that even when you're not here, we'll still remember you in our hearts, just like Stephanie. Let's look on the brightside, the new generation, Tom, Santiago, Amy, Lee, have been working for the channels for a few years, and I'm sure that the channels are in safe hands. So, don't worry, take a breath, and enjoy the calm, quiet life you'll now have with your wife, Stephanie, and your kid, Ollie.

P.S: Is it just me or has the time fly by so fast that Ollie is now, what, 5? Feels like time has passed so quickly.

Best wishes, Jocelyn



Goodbye matpat! I'm so happy that you went on this journey of lore with everyone! I'm so happy with all the memories you made with your viewers! I hope you have a good journey after you officially leave the theorie. I'm so proud of you! thank you for being here! thank you for being someone who makes people happy!



Goodbye MatPat! Although I have loved my time watching you as I grew up watching you on your channels, my parents never seemed to like you. I have always enjoyed learning from your videos and seeing video games, films, food brands, and even styles from a different light. You have educated me all these years and even when I was never allowed to play the fnaf games I still loved the series and the story it told that I knew through your videos. I love finding out how to survive in my favorite movies from statistical evidence. Hell I even learned if it was possible to survive the NUGGET CAVE!!



You are the reason I got into fnaf, ddlc, and so many other games! Even though game theory's motto is "ruining your childhood," game theory (and by extension, you) made it even better. I honestly don't think I'd be the same person if I didn't grow up watching you. I remember OBSESSIVELY refreshing your page to be able to be the first one to comment. Sadly it never worked (One day, one day😔) And although it is sad to see you leave, us fans are also glad to see such a big part of all of our childhoods move on to bigger (and hopefully slightly less unhinged) things! All the rest you get is rest that was long deserved.



Well it seem like your leaving, The indie and the video game industries will really going to miss you.



Hi MatPat, I've never really been a super big analog horror or big theorist but I've always tuned into your videos when I have time, since my brothers and I were little. you remind me of the good times I had with my family, and I hope you have a great time away from all the noise. I didn't always get along with my brothers but we all loved you and always sat down to watch your theories when we were all free at the same time, and now we're all grown up. I'm halfway through high school, and they're all finished university and doing their own thing. we will miss you, but we understand your choice and why. we love you MatPat. <3



Thak you MatPat for being there when I was younger hope you have a epic vacation!



I started watching Game and Film Theory way back when the first FNAF video came out and he was counting animatronic toes 😂. It's been an amazing ride and while I'm sad (read cried like 50 times) that Matt is leaving, I'm proud of his decision.

MatPat, may you have many fun and amazing adventures. Enjoy the time with your family 🫶

And hey, that's just a theory, a Game Theory!



11 years ago in South Korea, I accidentally found a YouTube video while I was surfing the web a Video titled "Game Theory: Why the Official Zelda Timeline is Wrong" and as a little 8/9-year-old boy, I was fascinated so I kept watching, and watching Game Theory and over the years I began to learn about physics, equations, geology, The Power of Anilizing and so much more (which helped me pass so many science classes and impress teachers Thx Matt).

I watched Game Theory for 11 years whenever I was bored, sad, walking to school or even sleeping (IDK why but Matt's voice was super soothing for me) I was so obsessed that I even got the audio files for several videos just so I could listen on my Ipod Nano (I was living in the boonies where at the time there was no LTE or 3G) so no matter what Game Theory was always there with me.

Now, at 20 years old, almost 21, it's sad to see Matt go because he had been with me for so many of my life's milestones. However, Happy for Matt, I love seeing how he's leaving to work on his passions and to be with his family, which was why game theory was originally created (we are going full circle baby). Over the years, I have seen Matt grow alongside His Channels, Theorist group/ Crew, and fans, the first ever GT live, and so many of Matt's Milestones and I am so proud of him.

I have yet to meet Matt in person; however, I hope one day I can meet him and thank him for everything because Game Theory changed my life.

Matt, if you are reading this, thank you for everything. Thanks to you, I was able to see that there were kindred spirits out in the world in this community that you created that I could connect with. You have changed my life for the better, and I could never thank you enough. I wish you the bestest luck in all of your future endeavors, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you and your family. Goodbye, Matpat.

Thank you so much, Matt

Yours Truly Sushi Val



Hey Matt and Steph, I just wanted to thank you for your years of hard work and dedication. Unlike many of your fans, I didn't grow up with you--I'm actually about the same age as you, so I felt like were were growing up in adulthood together. I was a broke 20something with you guys, struggling to figure life out, and now I'm an established 30something enjoying a more secure and stable life, and I'm so proud of and happy for you both that you've built such an amazing life together. I'm so happy for you that you are both going to enter into this next stage of life, where you get to work on new projects, travel and rest more (I know you love your travel!), and spend more time with your adorable son. He's lucky to have you both and I know you're going to continue to give him amazing experiences. I also definitely look forward to any future projects you might choose to share with us, whatever they may be. Thank you for being there for some hard times in my life--your joy and fun genuinely got me through some dark periods and gave me something bright and fun to turn to when everything else was rough. I wish you both all the best in whatever you do next. I know it'll be great, because you'll have each other, and you guys are amazing. Here's to the next chapter; I hope the best is yet to come!



The first theory that I watched it was a theory on FNAF , and this one gave me so much information on the lore of FNAF , it really helped me to understand FNAF and the lore himself Thanks Matpat , thanks for all these years of theory , thanks for all the precious information , I really appreciate watching games theory , action , creativity and information inside a same video Thanks you MatPat



Goodbye Mat you were mine biggest inspiration and favorite creator since childhood. Ollie has an amazing and a very cool dad. Enjoy your well earned retirement.



bye matty patty you will forever be a part of my life



Good bye Mat, Here's Some Art:

⬛⭐⬛⭐⬛⭐⬛⭐⬛⭐⬛ ⭐⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⭐⭐ ⬛⬛🟩🟩🟩⬛🟥🟥🟥⬛⬛ ⭐⬛🟩🟩🟡🟡🟡🟥🟥⬛⭐⭐ ⬛⬛🟩⬛🟡🟡🟡⬛🟥⬛⬛ ⭐⬛⬛⬛⬛🟡⬛⬛⬛⬛⭐⭐ ⬛⬛🟨⬛🟡🟡🟡⬛🟦⬛⬛ ⭐⬛🟨🟨⬛⬛⬛🟦🟦⬛⭐⭐ ⬛⬛🟨🟨🟨⬛🟦🟦🟦⬛⬛ ⭐⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⭐⭐ ⬛⭐⬛⭐⬛⭐⬛⭐⬛⭐⬛ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ PS - if this MatPat : Like your videos, and also Subscribe!!!!



I've been a fan of MatPat for a while now, as sad as it is to think that MatPat is leaving YouTube I am very happy for you to be finally taking some rest and getting some peace of mind from DDLC or FNAF, and enjoying your life with your loved ones. Thank you MatPat for introducing me to the chaos of that is Five Nights At Freddy's, thank you for ruining my experience with baby sharks, thank you for proving that one sock is the best solution, thank you for telling that lunch is best meal of the day, thank you for teaching me history, science, and math more than any of my teachers, thank you for making me a theatre kid, thank you for always making me cringe and laugh at your horrible but funny puns, and thank you for my amazing and unhinged childhood. Thank you for everything, hope you have a great retirement life, I am sure Gregory is a robot so have a happy life!


Goodbye, MatPat. Keep making those theories! But hey, it's just a theory, a Game Theory



Thank you so much for all the years of learning and laughing, and the community that you have created.



Thank you Matpat for all the theories and time you have dedicated to this and for helping me at a dark time because your content gave me something to look for. It's always been interesting, and fun, and I appreciate that you include metrics from outside the USA, somehow that detail made me feel "seen". I know you'll still be behind the scenes but that is a big change, still, I love what you did. Thank you, thank you.



Hey Matt and Steph, thank you for everything you and the team has done for me. I wish all the best in you guys future project and I am definitely looking forward to all of them.



For 1/3 of my life I spent my days and summer vacations watching game theory with the first video I watched being the Rosalina Unmasked theory... MatPat's Welcome Home ARG videos have inspired me to go onto the website and look for hidden clues which I found a lot of things he never discussed last time... I felt so proud of myself... This part of my comment comes from everyone in my Xbox club "Sonic News Network"... To MatPat: thank you to all your videos and helping us get through the tough times... In return we wanna help you get through all the sleepless nights of stress you've helped us go through... Cheers to many years of theorizing and decades more to come- The Members of the Sonic News Network


Goodbye, MatPat. You have inspired and fueled my love of FNAF lore, and Minecraft. I will miss you. But in the spirit of Unus Annus, I can't wait for what happens next. Thank you so much for not ruining my childhood, but providing a new spin on old memories. Thank you so much, and good luck moving forward! -Snoog



Amongst the sea of comments, I'd like to say that you have been one of the only people who got me to question and theorise about every form of media that I enjoy. Always asking questions about this and that, being happy when the theory you make is accepted and also ends up being what the story was all about. You didn't ruin childhoods, but you made them and you certainly made mine. I hope that this isn't the be all end all of you and that you'll pop back to the internet every now and then. Goodbye for now, make memories with your family and most importantly keep theorising! <3

P.S. I have planned to create a remix of the intro song that has been used for many years, I hope you'll see it someday.

P.P.S. Here is the link, forgot to link it, it contains all game theory and gtlive intros as well as every thumbnail from start till driving a tank.

Thank you



MatPat I have been watching you since 2016 and I want to say thank you. for the good laughs and most importantly. The FANTASTIC theories. my favorite video of yours is the video when you explained how Luigi is RICH RICH! All jokes aside I think you were a great YouTuber. Not only that but just a great guy in general we will miss you dearly as if you were our father... Piece Man! May we meet again...


Goodbye Matpat, thank you for everything. I was always excited to see a new video of yours and I'm sad I will never feel that again. Thank you for getting me into theorys with your og fnaf videos. Thank you for being the best youtuber ever. Thanky ou



Goodbye matpat, thank you so much for all your videos snd commitment. I can't say 'i watched you since the start' but i'm still pretty sure you were my favourite youtuber. I literally cried, watching the goodbyes internet video. You still are my childhood and i watch your videos every day while painting. I'm still happy for you that you're finally getting a vacation from all this, as you explained in goodbye internet. Despite being sad that you're leaving, i'm sure the people who worked outside of the spotlight, deserve this too and i'm excited for the new era of game/film/food/style theory. Thank you matpat.



Goodbye Matpat. I will miss you a lot, but I am very happy with the people that will continue your legacy and I have come to accept and get excited, but you will always have a special place in my heart.


Hey Mat! I wanted to thank you for the huge impact you've made in my life. I found your channel I believe in late 2018 - early 2019, when I was about to enter high school, through one of your FNAF theories. Back then I was still terrified to death of FNAF (being 13, after all), and barely knew any English (born and raised in Argentina), but I gathered the courage and watched the video nonetheless. That small moment of inane bravery changed my life forever. I continued watching your theories, which led to a developing love for themes in storytelling, media analysis, and creating stories with meaning. I now love horror as a genre and what it can provoke, what it can mean (yet I never stopped being a wuss). I want to study animation, with the dream of working on tv shows. I want to make a videogame at some point in my life, to tell my own stories. And, when reflecting on my life up to this point, I see the immense influence you had in crafting these dreams. I'm 18 now. I've been a theorist for the better part of 5 years. And all I have to say now is thank you, to you and Steph and the team in general, for making me who I am today. And now, that I'm about to step into the world as (somewhat) of an adult, I say goodbye to the person that shaped me in large part. With you I learnt English. With you I grew into an adult. Thank you, Mat Pat. May you walk off towards the sunset, into what really is not an ending but the beginning of a new journey, alongside those who love you and who you love back. Clap and a half for the Internet Legend.



Absolute legend, sad that we most likely Wont see a poppy playtime chapter three theory since they truly hit the nail on the head with the horror of it, either way, you have been here for so long with us and you deserve to take a lifelong break o7



Hello there Mr. Matthew Patrick. I just wanted to give a thank you for helping me realize something. It was to help me realize how much I enjoy stories. When I was watching one of your videos explain the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE of something(I believe it was one of your fnaf timelines) that helped me realize I enjoy stories and decided to start making one of my own. When I did I found it that I had a knack for it considering people enjoyed reading them. So thank you Matpat for not only helping share a part of myself but for realizing I had a skill. I hope your days are long,prosperous,and happy. You helped a lot of us be happy and as one of your fans I hope you’ll be happy when retired. Sayonara you fantastic creator.



Goodbye, MatPat. You are truly inspirational for a whole generation and inspired me to question and theorize about the content I have an interest in, and my childhood. thank you for 13 years of wacky theories. I hope you and Steph have fun raising Ollie and that he knows that his dad is loved by many and so is he. -Oliver



I cried for hours when I saw the video that you were retiring. I'm an og I've been subscribed since the low quality intro days. And I just wanna say thank you so much, I have grown up with you and I will never forget you. And I love how relatable you are. You are my idol and I look up too you. I will make sure they play the little theorizing song at my funeral. So goodbye matpat I'm gonna miss you so much.



You've been there for my whole life and ill really miss you. Your the only reason I passed multiple of my grades I will miss you matpat and thats not a theory its a fact your the reason I made my channel,my videos and you even inspired me to make videos about escape the backrooms all of this led me to 168 subs so for that im super thankfull its been my dream to work for the theorists and now I get to say goodbye in honor I will make an ARG but this isnt about self promoting. Ill miss you matpat and you'll probably have no idea I exist but hey thats just a theory A Game theory thanks for watching. YT channel Agent,VR When my gaming pc broke I thought it was the end of the world but it was just the end of an amazing channel.



Dear Matthew Patthew, My mind honestly still hasn't fully processed that you're actually retiring, especially on a high note. I personally discovered your channel(s) through FNaF. My friends and I used to be pretty young theorists, so you and Markiplier were a huge part of our childhoods with your videos. We were never really good at theorizing, but you inspired us to atleast try at the time. When we evntually gave up, we just watched you solve the new games far better than us and giving Scott Cawthon all the smoke lol. Nostalgia aside, I'd like to thank you for making all of those iconic videos and just starting this awesome format of theorist, applicable to basically anything. You are a legend to all of us, you impacted our lives so much, you helped us get through tough times, you also look genuinely great for 37 lol. Wish you and all of Team Theorist the best for the future. Buh-Bye Matt, see you hopefully at events!



Matpat, you have been the high low of my childhood. Its very sad to see you go but you have a life to attend to. You have a wife a kid and a community who supports you. You made life worth living in very tough times. Thank you so very much. Goodbye matpat!



Goodbye Matpat… I’ve been watching your theories for a long while and I hope you do great things 💗



Making my childhood since 2011, I may not have the best of memory, but your impact in my life has been unforgettable. I once hoped now that I am 22, I would get to showcase all that I have become to the people around me. Your videos led to to a path were I feel successful in my life amd furfilled, maybe calculate the probability of that but I believe the butterfly effect is a strong thing. Thank you MatPat, I hope to meet you one day by passing.



Bye Matthew, My first video I watched was probably the Companion Cube video from Portal. I think I was around 9 or 10 when I subscribed and continued watching through out. I am about to turn 21 this year, around the same time you are retiring from YT. I guess its gonna be a new chapter for both of us. I wish you well for both you and your family and also your future. I definitely was a fnaf kid, I mean I still am and with your videos you absolutely turn me into a theorist with coming up with my own theories for the third game and talking about it with friends with similar interests. Just thank you for the entertainment and the knowledge I've taken from your videos, I mean I still use your LA Noire video and thinking about where your eyes go when telling a lie or remembering. Can't wait to see you show up out of nowhere sometimes like your doing side quest haha


When I was 10 I found Game Theory because of the DYKG Portal video. At the time I wasn’t in school (I wouldn’t be until 7th grade), and like many other kids at the time had unrestricted internet access.

Game Theory and Film Theory had taught me elements of science and critical thinking which helped my eventual transition to school much easier. Throughout my school career you and Steph were role models for me as up till then I didn’t have many good adult role models in my life.

Prior to you announcing retirement I hadn’t kept up with the channels in recent years, but your guys impact on me has lasted beyond that. I want to become an art teacher because I believe that learning about art in all of its forms can teach us so much about critical thinking, history, empathy and culture among many other things; something which the Theorists channels helped to instill in me.

It’s a bit surreal seeing you retire as host after so many years but I wish you the best. Thank you to both Matt and Steph for all you have taught me.



Goodbye Matpat, i always have loved your theories. they were always very entertaining to watch and i will miss you very much. You have made my life so much more enjoyable. Thanks for the theories.



Goodbye Matpat, we will always hold you dear to our hearts ever since I watched you for the first time (the chicken nugget episode) I loved you instantly and I don't think anyone can attest to that.


Goodbye Matpat, your channels have brought a small light into my life that I never knew I needed, keeping me up in the saddest of times, every time I saw a new video come out, I got excited, knowing that it was going to be another video full of interesting ways to introduce me to topics I never understood beforehand, do hope that your life goes well and that you can enjoy it fully, stay safe, sincerely, Jellyloops



Hey, MatPat.

I just wanted to say thank you for the 12 years of fun and learning. For the 12 years of education and always feeding my growing curiosities. I won't forget when I first found your channel back when the barrel roll episode came out. I was sitting on the floor of my living room, laptop on a foot rest when I was playing an old flash based n64 emulators. I ended up playing StarFox and looked it up on YouTube after my SMOSH binge, and scrolled until I found what sparked an over 10 year love for thinking outside the box, and questioning what I saw. Your weekly uploads and new shows, like culture shock and digressing and side questing. I always LOVED what you and your charismatic energy had cooking, and loved that you gave those around you a platform when they had good ideas too. You are and will always be one of my favorite people on this platform, and I fully blame you and Steph for my unhealthy love of Cheerwine :P. You are a beacon of hope in not only my life, but many others in this growing community.

I hope to get to meet you some day so I can give you a hug and a very heart felt thank you. Thank you for making an entire generation pursue their goals and hunt for info, and possibly the final piece to their puzzle of life

While I'm sad to see you take a step down as the face of Team Theory, I believe EVERYONE you have to take your mantle will be just as good as you.

Thanks for the 12 years of good videos, and deep thinking

With a grateful heart, J



I watched maptat's theory videos about 4 months ago and now he is retiring. I should have known him earlier. I will miss you matpat :(




Dear MatPat, I am writing this letter knowing it make never reach you but i just wanna say... Thank you so much!! For everything you have done for all of us!! I started watching you during lockdown [Your gravity falls theory was my first one and been hooked ever since!!]. Watching you videos taught me a whole lot of things I could have never learned in school.. using real life science to answer the most bizarre questions know to humanity!! Man, the chaos.. And yesterday when i say your video about retirement.. It came as a shock.. and all I kept thinking about was how hard it was gonna be to say good bye to an old friend. But slowly I came to accept the fact that.. yeah of all the people in this world, you deserve to have the best life and I am so happy for you dude.. And I wish you all the best for your future!!

In the end, Thank you GrandpaPat, for being such an awesome person and teaching all of us so many things and opening our minds to all your wildest theories. Goodbye.. and we all love you!!



You will always be favourite conspiracy theor- I mean youtuber. Thank you for blessing us with so many theories and lore discussions over the past 14 years. Farewell Matpat.



There aren’t enough words to thank you for this goofy, fun channel you created, and the love of learning and critical thinking you helped foster in millions of people. Even at their wackiest every theory has been a treat, and it’s no exaggeration for me to say that for that past 12 years I’ve genuinely looked forward to when a new one would drop each week. It’s gonna be weird not hearing that classic ‘hello Internet’ soon, but I wish you nothing but the best as you step away and enjoy your retirement from all of the hosting duties involved in 4 fantastic channels. Thanks for both the memories and memes, and I hope we’ll get to hear from you again real soon. ^~^ It’s not much, but I did a little art piece as my way of saying thanks.


For MatPat: Thank you for all these years, the 12 years of gaming lore, science, math and history. You are the one for such an amazing channel, I hope you will see all of these messages and retire with hope. Thank you, Matthew Patrick.



I hope that you have more time to do other things and that you have fun with everything! You brought me, and lots of others into theorizing, and for me, into a lot of new games and tv shows/movies. Every time I would see one of your new videos, I would be happy for two reasons. 1, it's a new take and new perspective on something. And 2, you having so much fun making the theories and videos. You inspire me to make everything fun and interesting. I wish you a great life and hope that you know how much you impacted so many people! Goodbye MatPat, enjoy life to the fullest!



Dear MatPat, Thank you for making everyone's days just that much better. Coming home and watching the newest theories each week is so fun and entertaining. Without you, it won't be the same. Your positive impact on the internet, and at large the world, is immeasurable and everlasting. You will forever hold a place in the hearts and souls of the kids whose childhoods you've ruined over your long and honorable 13 years as GT host. We thank you for everything! -Sincerely, Sammy from the Gogurte Empire Channel!!!



its sad to see my childhood leave



Hey, Matt! This might be the only and last time you get to notice my existence - Right alongside you getting prepared just before the Streamy Awards. Time does fly fast, doesn't it? By the way, to this day Mark is being stolen of a godamn win. You know, it's funny. It's really not much the time that I've been seeing your videos religiously; there was a time before where I saw theories that other people made that, GET THIS, got them out of you. For a long time I thought the "Frozen and Tangled are connected" theory was an internet myth - hell I thought Sans is Ness made some sort of sense! Good days. These days I look on those videos fondly; not as a steal of your work (which they probably are), but also as a show of how much Game - and the rest - Theory have influenced YouTube as a whole. They thought your theories were so smart that EVEN with the language barrier they used them. (It makes my heart warm that you went trending for 1.5 full days here even if almost nobody knows you.) But enough about me. Thank you, thank you, and I will say it a million times over, Matthew, for thinking before doing, for trying, and for your enormous heart. Your videos have lighten up my darkest days, helped me push to a better path in life and just made me happier in general. You were there when I couldn't bother anymore. You were there when I didn't understand the world. So thank you; I'm sure many people that either can or cannot write that down would like to say those words. I hope Stephanie and Oliver are having a great time, send them my best wishes! Good luck with your new projects - I'm really intrigued about the TV show you guys have going on (try not to stress yourselves over release dates!)

And remember... be safe and away from diabetes :)



Dang, it really has been a long while, huh? Well, I want to say that WE WISH YOU WELL, MATPAT! It's been amazing watching your theories, and while you're going to still stay on the Theorist Team, it's like you've disappeared from our lives. Stay strong, Mathew. And remember, IT'S JUST A THEORY!



One of the Greatest OG's of youtube.

bye bye legend



Goodbye matpat, i hope you have a good rest of your life. you will be missed by everyone, and no one despises you.i started watching you when i was little, and now seeing you move on with life has made me simultaneously sad and happy. matpat i wish you all the best, but mat, you are the most inspirational person in the internet. and i want you to know that , you have earned a special place in my heart, and that i will never forget you.



I’ve been watching since I was just a young girl and it had made me the person I am today, Matpat has helped me at my lowest points in life which saved me. I don’t know where I’d be today without him. Thank you for everything Matpat, we shall never forget you.



me crying every night bcause matpats leaving. [i,along with others will miss you]



I allways loved your videos. Whenever a new video was out I was really happy.You were a big part of my childhood I hope you are happy for the decision that you made.also I have to say that I always will always remember you and you and your FNAF theories will stay in my heart forever. Hope you can spend time with your family and have Fun. Goodbye



Good by MatPat you have always been a role model for me it was you who inspired me to start theorizing. And now that you are leaving the internet is saddens that both you and stampy are leaving because you were the ones to inspire our young selves into what we do know you will always have a place In our hearts. Know that you are permanently cemented into the internet hall of fame have a long and glorious life God Bless you we'll miss you. Thanks tor giving me and all of the internet a great Child Hood👌.



Thank you for all the memories throughout the years, Mat. You were a part of my childhood for pretty much forever and every theory no matter how outlandish or wild was always a joy to watch. You and Steph and Amy and Austin and all of the crew always cheered me up on a bad day or brightened up a horrible time, and it was always a joy to listen to the theories and mistakes and skits.

Anytime i had a depressing day or awful day, id turn to a theory just to listen and escape, or any awful events happened in my life i always had a food theory or game theory (and recently style!).

Thank you, all of you, so much, and Mat i wish you fair winds and clear skies. Stay safe, and stay hydrated.



MatPat, thank you so mutch for 13 years of entertainment. You've earned your retirement and I hope we will hear anything about you in the future ; )



Goodbye MatPat English wasnt my first language but your videos taught me how the normal english speech is You were the main source of me learning in general But hey thats just a goodbye message A MATPAT GOODBYE MESSAGE



You’ve made a huge impact on millions of people’s lives. Thank you for everything! You will be deeply missed but I’m glad to hear you’ll be doing small side projects we still get to experience as your community. Goodbye matpat 👑 -MyCayla B.



It has been one hell of a ride, hasn't it? Matpat, I know I'm one of the many people here who will miss you, but what you and your content has helped me through has become a part of who I am. I'm glad to have been able to have witness these channels grow along side myself. You always gripped my attention and made learning fun. And now that you're leaving the channels, it feels like I'm losing a grandfather. I know that you're still going to be there, maybe not as the face of the Theorists and more like a guiding hand, but it does little to dull my pain. I'm glad to have been here to witness the rise of the Theorists. Thank you for being a part of my childhood rather than ruining it. But hey, that's just a theory, A GAME THEORY! Thanks for being there when I needed you.



Thank you MattPatt for raising me and millions of others. I will miss you greatly.



I have been following GT since I was like 12 or so, and now as an adult I remember to those nice (and cringy) times with a lot of love, goodbye and goodspeed MathiasPathias



Hey MatPat,

Words cannot describe how thankful I am for the last decade (and then some). As I watched many YouTubers throughout the years, you were one of 3 that I never stopped watching uploads on. You were there almost every week as middle school became high school, and high school became college. You got me into FNAF (even if I (read: my older cousin via my nagging) voted for for Slender those many years ago) and man. 10 years. Wow.

I remember watching that video and I had so many things to say but now I can't think of it. You made my childhood so much better. You helped spark my curiosity in things I didn't even think about before, which led to rabbit holes upon rabbit holes and now I just have so much knowledge in my head.

If only you taught us about taxes before you left, then we'd really be ready for whatever the world threw at us.

I'll really miss you MatPat. I'm already looking forward to all the Style, Film, Food, and especially Game Theory cameos post-host transition. I also can't for you to play Into the Pit.

See you next time.

That's not a theory.



Thank you for everything you have done. You made millions of childhoods. You are the reason the FNAF lore is so much easier to explain. You are the reason so many people know the origins of fiction's most mysterious characters. Thank you.



When the video first came out I wasn't very sad, more just thinking. I always just start thinking whenever an "end" to something happens like gravity falls and the end of the Cypher Hunt. I remember joining into the theorist community around FNAF 4-ish and I've always been a spectator when it comes to all of the ARGs until recently for when I joined the discord for the tally mark problem (I'm convinced it's going to be the modern equivalent to the foxy chart lol) and I realized after interacting with the discord that I enjoy this, getting to collaborate on this massive puzzle, it's a feeling I've missed out on for too long now. And I'm probably gonna be way more involved with these (I know it's not gonna be official but Lore-Fi hype!) Then the Stupendium song dropped and it honestly got me crying a little bit when I first listened to it, it just felt "final" and I didn't know why...But I have my answer now. Thank you Mat, we will all remember this legacy you are leaving us with. And thank you for all the memories. -Lad



Dear Matpat, Since i first had my hands on my own device, and access to youtube, i have watched your videos. I remember when I was really into minecraft (still am!) and i would come home from school and watch your minecraft videos. then when i got into fnaf, i would watch every single video religiously (and i had the psychic friend fredbear intro memorized) and got really into the game. i would get bullied for my "weird" interests and for being "nerdy" (because being smart is nerdy to people apparently), but all that mattered is that i liked what i was into. thats how it had been for about 7-8 years now (i lost count by fourth grade). your videos helped me through so much, and they always managed to make me smile at my worst. your energetic voice and your iconic png bouncing around the screen connecting the things i learned in science class to five nights at freddys was all i needed to make my day better, and not even mentioning that those videos taught me a lot more than school could ever even try to teach me. i recently presented a whole slideshow about HPP based off of the film theory video (and yes, i did use JJ as my prime example). when i tell you i screamed when i saw you in the fnaf movie is an understatement. i was so happy and i loved your cameo, it was honestly the best part of the movie, and the part that connected with my childhood so much. even though i cried for about a week after the announcement, i am so happy for you that you gets to spend time with your family now, after coming so far with the channel. you and steph are both such good parents, and i am so happy for whatever is next for your family. you deserves everything for raising a whole generation of people who didnt quite seem to fit in. so heres to thirteen years of theories, matpat. Thank you, for everything.



Started watching your channels before Food Theory was a thing, and have been loving every second of it ever since. Cheers from Brazil and the rest of your international audience. Have a happy retirement, you truly deserve it.



Thankyou Matpat for being a part of my childhood, and making going home fun just to watch your videos, thank you for everything Matpat, we all will miss you.. Love you and take care of yourself. (Here a cat pic)



Thank you matpat, for everything. I had no friends when I found game theory, and through it I met some of the most awesome people I know. I also relate to matpat and his story in some ways, and am infinitely grateful to him for teaching me how to GTLive, GTLaugh, and GTLove. He is an awesomazing person and his goodbye will be tearful, but I'm happy for him because he deserves it in every way.



MatPat- Thank you for creating content that makes the world a better, more interesting place.



hey matthew patrick game theory, thank you matpat for all the fun memories i made watching the game theorist videos. when help wanted 2 came out, i eagerishly waiting for each episode of gtlive to come out because i was unable to play the game, and i had a ton of time watching it. i almost always watch each new gtlive episode because it feels like we are experiencing it together. - still waiting for the 3rd piggy episode..

i wish matpat be successful in his future projects, and i will be there to experience them all, cya matpat 🥹🥹🥹


Hello internet, or whomever is reading this, anyway. I hope all of the people whose childhoods Matpat shaped remember him fondly, because I do, everyone here does. He was, and still is, a YouTube legend, who never strayed from his path and no hurdle was too big, someone whose retirement signifies a new era of YouTube, or even internet as a whole. Even if Matthew won't be the leading creative force behind the theories, I'm sure that in those times when he makes short appearances, or does something from behind the scenes, we will make many more memories. For him, and for ourselves.

But hey…

That's just a theory.

A game theory.

Thanks for everything.



Thank you for all the years of memories you gave us. We will all miss you and just know that you deserve some time with your family.



You were probably the best theorist and the best youtuber I've ever seen We will all miss you Matpat



Goodbye matpat you will be missed..



You're so cool. Hope you have lots of fun with your family :)



You helped me get through so much these past 11 years. You always brightened up my week and honestly it's gonna be hard to see you go but it's on a good note. And just remember it's just a theory a game theory. Andddd cut



Hey MatPat... I've seen your theories ever since I was 6... It was fun... But now, all good things must come to an end.... We've had fun... But hey! "That's just a theory, A GAME THEORIST!!!" Thanks for ruining our childhoods!!!



Thank you so much for the insight, education, community and entertainment you've given all of us. Your channels defined my childhood for over a decade, and I'll never forget the kind of joy these channels have shown me. The way I think, act and play have been changed by you forever, and I hope you have a wonderful retirement. Thanks for reading, goodbye Matpat. <3



I first discovered MatPat for a school project. I was researching the Mario Evil theory for a magazine I was making and found his video. I started watching his other theories and when COVID hit I watched him all the time. Since then he inspired me to learn FNAF, develop my own theories and even start working on my own lore filled horror game. It is great to see you retiring and that's not just a theory.


I started watching GameTheory back in 2012/2013, my freshman year of college. I loved learning new things through your videos through the lens of gaming. You lore videos helped me develop a passion for storytelling, and I consider you one of my inspirations for putting out my own content, even though it's just fanfics and fanart in the Sonic community currently. But thank you all the same. You will be missed. And honestly your theory about Neo not being the One in the Matrix series is still my headcanon. For now, while it was made for general and not necessarily for you, have an uplifting fanart with my Sonic OC.



Matpat. I and so many others will miss you a lot. I was essentially raised by you, watching theories from the tender age of 8 all the way until now. I will always cherish you and your content. It holds so many memories for me. I wish I could go back and discover you and your channels for the first time again. Just know, that, even now: as you leave to focus on other things- we will always support you. Wish you the very best. Thanks, dad. x



I've cried an embarrassing number of tears over this retirement. That being said, I'm so proud of Matt and so thankful for the years and years of content. I have watched in some form almost since the beginning, but this last handful of years I have been a very dedicated viewer. GTLive is one of my comfort shows. My four year old sings and dances with the openings of the Theorist shows.

I treasure what Matpat created. This community is something so incredibly special. Matpat is why I didn't just watch FNAF, but came to care about it. It's so special to me, and I have Matt to thank for that.

I could thank Matt for a lot, honestly. I could go on and on. So I'll end it here, with a sincere and heartfelt thank you.

Thank you.



If not for MatPat, I wouldn't have become interesting in all these different games and likely wouldn't have been into gaming nearly as much as I am now. I wouldn't have the same sort of conversations with my friends, and I wouldn't be so interesting in the inner working of all the fictional worlds I love. I find myself feeling sad at things ending recently, with Amphibia, The Owl House, Ash leaving the Pokemon anime. And now MatPat. But I'm glad that his legacy will continue throughout all the Theorist channels.

Goodbye MatPat And Thank You



Thank you MatPat for helping me through one of the hardest times in my life!



I didn’t discover Matpat until a few years ago, so I’m not a long time viewer as many other people are. But I still enjoy watching Matpats content more than you could ever imagine. I still remember the first video I watched, it was the Video about Portal 2 asking the question if Chell should have died at the end. Since then, I’ve been Watching his content. It always brought a smile on my face, even in darker times. And even though I didn’t watch him that long, he still helped me grow.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is: Thank you. Thank you for all the years of entertainment you brought me and many other people. I hope you have a great life outside of YouTube. You will always hold a special place in my heart.



I am very grateful to have found matpat very young. He helped me learn English easily. When i started to learn English it was wery hard but then came matpat sent from the heavens to help me. i love all the theories and personally think that they're awesome. matpat's theories helped me like games i never thought i would like. For example fnaf. he just makes any game sound interesting. Not only games movies too. Thanks to him i found so much interesting stuff i wanted to watch. Food aswell. i never could've guessed that someone could find lore in food :) there matpat was coming to prove me wrong. Don't get me started on style like how can you look at a piece of clothing and just say '' yup there's lore here'' it's just mind blowing for me and i am fascinated. Matpat is how i grew up and now even i am destroying my friend's game experience :) they always keep begging me to stop looking for lore but i never do. Once again i am very grateful for matpat's theories. they helped me with pretty much everything. Even survivng. when i had a traumatic time at school i would just watch a theory or 2 and i would be better instantly. Matpat's sense of humor could never disappoint :) I understand and respect his decision and actually think that is one of the bravest things he could've ever done



Thank you for everything you have done for the Internet MatPat. I can't wait for you to be like Bill nye and come back in a few year to yell at us for destroying the world of gaming for new players or something. I'm only joking but it would be funny. Any way I have enjoyed the theory content for years now and all I can wish is that you have fun and spend more time with your family. I can't wait to see the new faces of the channel fully take over.



Hey Matpat, we all love you're Theorie's and i am Happy that you can finally Rest, Play games with Ollie and spending more time being a Dad that you ever Dreamed off and to be honest althrough i am sad about it.. through at least you don't need to Theorie's about like the Genshin Lore or any other Compilcated Games Lore, like Monster Hunter and all of that Jazz either way, Rest, have a Wonderful day, and just enjoy what much time is left because hell Time is Faster then Freddy Fazbear but i might be Wrong haha, either way sweet time of Relaxation to you! and for now Peace out. - Undertale Fan and Theory Fan ^^



Thank you so much for all you do. You deserve to retire.

Also, thanks for helping me out of a severe depression many years ago.



Goodbye MatPat!

Been watching you since the first Luigi's mansion video. Thanks for all the videos and good times over the years, hopefully we will see you around.





Well I've been around since like 2016/2017 and surprisingly I started off watching Film Theory with the first video being The Location of The Simpsons. Since then I have seen hundreds of the Game, Film, Food, Style (was there the first day haha), and the GTLive videos and they will all be in my heart as the first generation of hosts. Have a great time making your game and with Lore-fi and a great farewell as the host of these amazing channels.



Matpat, when I watched your video I was saying, “Please say it’s just a theory” but in the end, part of my childhood disappeared. I understand why you want to retire, but I still will miss you. After all the theories you’ve made over the years this one has been proven true. I’ll miss you, Matpat.❤️😢



you've been a huge part of my childhood, and still make me happy to this day. i wish you well!



I'm gonna miss watching your theories. I know we don't know each other but I'm bummed regardless. Your videos got me through some pretty dark times; they helped me manage my depression and fear when moving to a new place and taking a job I was completely inexperienced with. They also helped me manage when my ex wife cheated on me twice (once in 2016 and again in 2019) where I was contemplating suicide. Aside from that your videos also got me through some of the darkest periods of COVID we all faced.

During the pandemic, not only was I scared to death for my family, I was pretty messed up when I saw all the death it brought, and on top of that I was going through an explosive life shattering divorce during lockdown with my ex who I was forced to live with. Your videos got me through it all, man.They made me smile and provided a very needed distraction from my dark thoughts. You don't know me, but you unwittingly helped me stay strong for me and my kids. Your retirement stings but I know you deserve it to be with your own family and for that I salute you. Thank you for everything MatPat; my only regret is I'll never be able to say this to you in person, but that's ok. You're a real one dude. I'm so happy you made it this far...its crazy to me that I was able to watch you (in the earliest days of your channel) evolve and grow the theory channel into the successful monster it is today. I'll miss you, dude.


while I am very sad that the games I wished to create with lore packed to the brim won't be able to be reviewed by matpat, I am so happy that this channel ever happened and it was really my go to place in any situation. Thank you so much and I am so glad that you are now able to have more time for you and your family



Love you mat pat you made my childhood I will miss u


I met you the day before my 15th birthday at Hamilton. You were so kind, you took the time out of your evening with Steph. They say never meet your heroes, but as I get older and older, the more I appreciate getting to meet MatPat.



For almost my entire life I have enjoyed your theories, no words can contain my gratitude. so I'll keep it simple Thank you, MatPat



I am an 13 year old who has listened to your theories since the dream theory days and you have been a part of my childhood for such a long time and I am usually someone who doesn't cry but you leaving left me sobbing. Thank you for the many hours of entertainment and education, Good bye 😭



I remember consuming so much (quite honestly ridiculous amounts for a 10-12 year old) Game Theory back when FNAF was beginning to take off; I recall watching Sans is Ness (and enjoying it), and now I'm almost 20 and getting a real career. This was one of the stable things throughout my childhood, and while I'm sad to see the old way go, it's just another part of life. Goodbye and good luck on your ventures, MatPat. Thanks for everything.



Hi MatPat!

Just saying goodbye underwhelms me, considering how you have impacted my life thus far. I discovered your channel in 7th grade (a better part of 2017), and one of the very first videos I watched from you was the Spongebob Genetics one. Since then, your videos have been a constant company that prevented me from spiraling when I study or do projects late into the night. I would put you in the background, and suddenly, I have a nerdy uncle who was telling me things about games, films, and shows I would probably know nothing of (because I don't watch or play often) if I didn't find your channel. Your way of doing videos has amazed me so much, as well as your method of finding answers to the different questions you pose each time (to the point that I have been inspired to do extensive research for the things I am passionate about). Your way of speaking has also been incredibly impactful to me because I applied the spirit you have whenever you talk about something to a few hosting gigs I did during my Senior Year. You helped me get closer to my little sister, who games often, as well as learn a lot of random scientific things (which in the end proved useful for my Junior High School days (Grades 7-10))

You are an amazing human being, and although I will miss you hosting the Theory Channels, I hope you get a lot of rest and a very much-deserved relaxation. Goodbye, MatPat... thank you for being you. ^^



Farewell great theorist! While I will be sad, I'll also get over it no matter what. You inspire me and all of my friends. Just know, you will be missed.



I’ve been watching you since 2014 when I was only 10 years old and I’ve loved every crazy theory you’ve made. This year I’ll be turning 20 and with you leaving it feels like an official end to my childhood years. I want to thank you for making these past 10 years some of the best experiences in my life. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you and your theories inspiring me each and everyday. It’s sad knowing you’ll no longer host but I hope you and Steph have a great time working behind the scenes and being an awesome family. Forever a Theorist, I look forward to seeing what Tom and the other new hosts will bring to the channels! We’ll miss you so much!!! And who knows? Maybe you’ll make little surprise appearances in the future.



Hey Mat, Steph, and everyone who works on the theory channels! I've been an avid viewer for 9 or so years now, and have literally grown up through my teens and into my 20s with you as my go to channels on YouTube. I remember the days of being so hyped about the next Sister Location theories, and watching the Impossible Quiz streams over in archive-land. To this day I still love to go back and re-watch old streams for comfort. The days when I finally was able to catch your streams before going to dinner, desperately hoping sprinkler time would happen before I had to go. Through all the clap and a halfs and weekly waiting on theories.. it was amazing. I realize after typing this a lot of my memories are tied to GTLive primarily.. but in the same way going through Steph leaving the couch felt like it was gonna be impossible to stop crying about, so the same will be for this. I'm so thankful for everything you've done, and I can't wait to see what the future holds in this new era of Theorist!



Thank you Matpat! Thank you for building my childhood and making me more curious and fascinated about things around me, looking deeper into things, other people and most importantly myself.



Thank you for all the great theories over the years Matpat! I loved watching the fnaf lore for what, over five years straight now? Around there? You raised a whole generation pretty much with your content from not just game theory but the other channels as well and we hope your doing great 💚💛



Goodbye Matpat, I've been watching your channel ever since you uploaded the first few FNAF theories and I've continued to watch from Doki Doki literature club to Poppy playtime, if I were to have favorite theories it would the Warframe episode, Splatoon episode, and the duck season theories. These past 10 years watching your content and growing up with this channel have changed the way I view games, movies, fashion and food for the better. I just wanna say thank you Matpat for making content for this long and continuing to find ways of making it entertaining during your youtube career the amount of time and research that goes into each episode of a theory is amazing. I hope you, your family and friends have safe and nice lives.



I will miss you matpat thanks for all of the wonderful game theory you made me understand what the games are about before I watched you I didn't know about the lore of games but thanks to you you made me filled with lore especially fnaf



Hi Matpat. i started watching in around 2020,but it was so addicting, I watched all episodes during quarantine. Your videos are so much fun. I tried to get all my friends and family to watch them. I loved all your works and events you created and hosted. Your chemistry with Steph is just perfect. These channels have been a big part of my life in these last few years. It won't be the same. Goodbye Matpat. Enjoy your hard earned happiness



Goodbye Mat. You gave me my childhood at a time when I had none, you provided entertainment in times of stress, and I join the thousands, maybe millions that will miss you long after you're gone. Thank you so much. Enjoy life with peace and joy in knowing you provided countless people with happiness, and you now get to experience that. We will miss you Matpat!



From being introduced to theorist side of youtube, to further enjoyment of it in the later adult now life, i thank you for everything you have done both on youtube and other places. I am happy that i was here to experience it, be a part of it. Now that you move on i wish you the best in life and hope you are happy. Thank you for making my life brighter.



I've been watching since 2014/2015 and while i mainly joined via the fnaf theories the first theory i ever saw was the fear toad one. Matpat has been a part of my life for almost a decade at this point...and while i am sad he's quitting...i know he'll never be truly gone.

Thank you mat...for everything. I know that whatever you do after the theory channels will be great. We'll miss you man.



I found this channel 4–5 years ago. and I loved every bit of MatPat content. I think everyone will agree that it’s extremely, and I mean extremely, sad to see him go! But hey, as the man himself says, But hey, that’s just a theory, a game theory! Thank you. Thank you for watching! We will miss you! You started making videos the year I was born. so you will always have a special place in my heart. Gooddbye Matpat



Hi Matpat, thank you for the hours of joy you brought me and so many others as a kid. You played such huge role in my childhood and even though you're retiring, I will never forget you. I watched GT Live, Game Theory, and Film Theory almost daily and probably will still continue to. It's sad to see you go, but you really deserve this time to take to enjoy yourself with your family after sacrificing so much to just bring a smile to our faces. We'll miss you (a lot). - aixelotl



Hi, Mat.

You don't really know me. I honestly tend to avoid social media as much as possible and I don't really interact with this community as much. However, I am one of the millions of subscribers you got out there. I've been watching game theory since the FNAF era and ever since then, you never left my subscription feed. Something I prefer to control. All your channels are in there: game, film, food, style, and GT Live. Part of my daily routine is to watch every new upload on my subscription feed, and let my mind absorb information like a sponge. Mat, your content is everything I look for in a YouTube channel and more. Food theory and style theory especially, are the channels I've never missed an upload from.

I couldn't help but smile and cry a little when the announcement video came out. I'm not good at dealing with change personally, but this one for some reason didn't sway me as much. I knew you deserved the world, and that you'd find some way to carry on the mission of edu-tainment and media and such. And hey, to the four new hosts of the channels, I'll be sure to keep watching and open my mind to whatever you have cooked up!

Over the years, I've watched you grow on the one platform I check every single day. And I promise you, I'll be one of the millions of people who will keep seeking you out and what you have in store moving forward. Again, you don't know me.

But thank you.

Goodbye, MatPat. Take care, always.



When i was around 7 i watched my first game theorist video ( is mario communist ) and that video was really funny and i loved the nitpicking into tiny details , thats also coincidentally when i was becoming a crazy fanf kid and wondered if he had done anything on fnaf and to my shock he did , from then on i was hooked anytime a game theorist video appeared in my feed i watched it and i tuned into the occasional GT live , when film food and style theory releases i was hyped and enjoyed all of them.

When i first heard the news it was actually my birthday (17 now ) i had come home after me my mum , step dad and grandparents went bowling when i saw the notification on my phone i knew what was happening almost instantly. When i went to bed that night i watched it and it was devastating , i cried for a while a looong while.

Matpat taught me to see the smaller details in video games and life how it all adds up to make a bigger picture , he was there for me when my parents weren’t he comforted me when they fought, for a while he was my father figure when my dad wasn’t with me.

He never failed to make me laugh and help me get back on my feet and great each day with enthusiasm and determination.

I hope one day i will be granted the opportunity to thank him in person but if not , thank you matpat you are amazing and thats not a theory thats a fact ❤️.



Hey MatPat

For me and many other of your fans we were shocked to hear that you were quitting YouTube, because you brought me and so many others so much theories. At first I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears but facing reality I finally understood it was real. Have a great time of YouTube with Ollie and Stephanie! Thank you for making a my childhood like it was❤️🫡